ॐWhen the fifth chakra is balanced and centered, we are able to speak with confidence and truth because we are grounded in a belief of Self. If our will chakra is open, then we no longer need to enforce our opinions on others. We can speak gently and lovingly, with compassion and truth of conviction, so that others will hear us from their hearts and not feel threatened by our beliefs. With a balanced 5th chakra, we can communicate without fear of being judged by others and we also can speak without a voice of judgment.The fifth chakra, as stated above, also is associated with the ears as well as the throat. In this chakra we are able to hear our own inner voice; the voice of wisdom, of compassion, of knowledge. We also can hear the Divine voice, the higher source of wisdom and truth that the upper chakras connect us to. When we combine the Divine voice with our own inner voice, and follow the path it leads us down, then we are truly living our Truth. ॐ #achakraaday #namaste #plur #plurvibes #rave #edc2013 #tattoos #headliner #insomniac #420honey #bongbeauties #tattooedgirls #me #girl #ink #love #om #aum

I'm so excited! I got the job!

I got the job I spontaneously QUIT my job for 2 weeks ago!
I have a new medicinal marijuana dispensary to call home.
This is amazing! My new employer is 100% legal, this is a huge deal! I was involved in a police raid in July for working at an illegal dispensary. I DID NOT KNOW my job was illegal. LAPD swat teams came in with riffles pointed at me. It was scary. I think I have PTSD when I see police now. I’m not exaggerating when I say I was traumatized by the raid. We were treated like animals.

In California mmj is legally a gray area. Most places are illegal and get shut down. If you work at one of these places and are caught you can face criminal charges if you get caught. My old manager is facing a felony for just being a “manager”.

Yesterday I went on a job interview (and got hired) at a place I knew was illegal but went anyway because it’s to the point that I need money I can’t keep living of my little bit of savings. This place was being run by local Russian gangsters. I left contemplating all my options heavily.
I couldn’t be happier right this second.