I was scrolling through the Columbine tag and i came across some post that I didn’t necessarily agree with, because to what it seems to me some blogs are glorifying these killers making them sound or look cool. Today is not a day to remember them but to remember the innocent lives that were lost today and cant ever be regained. it sickens me how some people can look at what the ‘killers’ did and find it amusing or delightful; there is nothing to be proud of they did no contribution to society other than make an awareness that mass shootings at schools is possible. being a student from Colorado and a Student from Jefferson county at the time that Columbine happened 14 years ago, this hits home Columbine is not so far from my high school and just imagining that ever happening makes my stomach turn. no other state in the country can feel the pain that was once felt here many can be empathetic towards it but none can imagine was it was like being in lockdown while innocent lives were being taken. ( always remembering the innocent lives lost 4/20/1999