420 shirt

Vilde: Lazy femme, doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, hates heels, has 50+ headbands, master of window shopping, ultimate style icon Blair Waldorf

Eva: Soft butch, her flannels always smell of flowers, has a hundred low cut tank tops (mostly in grey and dark green), BEANIESSSSSSSSS, tried to cut her hair with blunt scissors when she was little

Chris: Style icon butch, every piece she owns she is in love with, can’t leave the house without at least five statement pieces, owns 17432 SnapBacks, has lots of weed/420 t-shirts, doesn’t like makeup

Sana: Highkey femme, her makeup is always on POINT, thinks black is a femme color, owns 13 hijabs in different shades of black and textures she insists they are all different, loves Sephora

Noora: FUTCH

Jamilla: Femme, has a signature necklace she wears everywhere, has hijabs in all the shades in the world, LOVES JACKETS, also loves putting pins in those jackets

Sonja: Butch, wants everyone to see she is gay, PURSES, ripped jeans, never wears dresses

Emma: Femme, never leaves the house without makeup and at least five pieces of jewelry, loves cozy knitted sweaters,