The problems I had with the writers framing Izzy and the werewolves scene as being a badass moment. I would like to add that Izzy is pretty badass, but that werewolf scene raised a lot of flags for me:

1. Izzy basically using a slur to address the wolves, because take it as you will, but her saying “stay” and “good doggy” wasn’t a badass moment, it was her speaking from the position of highly respected shadowhunter and using a slur on a downworlder, and when you consider that Shadowhunters uses the relationship between shadowhunters and downworlders as a racial allegory, then yes, it is exactly as bad as you think it is.

2. Izzy not giving Luke the chance to take control of his pack. Her having that shadowhunter moment of stepping into the situation to ‘save the day’ when Luke as Pack leader should have been given that chance speaks a lot. It’s an implied message that Luke doesn’t have control over his pack and a shadowhunter can instead beat them into submission, further perpetuating Valentine’s belief that downworlders cannot be ‘reasoned with’ because sooner rather than later, they ‘give in to their demonic side’.

3. Izzy using her whip on the wolf that was charging at Jace. When we consider the fact that Maia didn’t move, and the second wolf didn’t move either, then we realize that there’s a huge chance that the wolf charging at Jace is Gretel’s godfather (which explains why he didn’t listen to his alpha, he’s distraught). Which would mean that Izzy basically used her whip to subdue a man grieving the loss of a girl who’s basically his daughter, a girl who Jace kidnapped and practically handed over to Valentine. So not only was a shadowhunter responsible for taking his goddaughter away from him, but another shadowhunter basically beat him into submission by using ‘force’ against him.