42 tonight

1D Hiatus: Day 42

* Ashley (Briana’s cousin) posts a picture of a baby on Instagram/someone photoshopped it, it’s deleted after a while, TMZ tweets that picture with caption: “Louis Tomlinson – Newborn Son … Ridiculously Cute (PHOTO)” with a link to an article about it, but later deletes it; it’s weird because if you search “newborn baby tumblr” on Google this picture is the first to pop out

* The Sun and Daily Mail post articles about Louis’ child’s name being Sydney Rain

* A fake Daisy Tomlinson account tweets that Louis’ child’s name is neither Sydney Rain nor Jacob, Ashley retweets it (probably doesn’t know it’s a fake account)

* Liam is in LA

* Louis’ mum is in LA, she replies to a fan’s DM on Twitter

* Harry, Anne and Robin attend Jeff Azoff’s birthday party

* RBB’s Twitter account posts two pictures taken at the Heathrow airport in London

* The band Baaba Maal tweets a picture of RBB at their concert

* An unseen picture of Louis in Chicago from December is posted on Twitter

It’s Jan 24th, 2016.

“We are the very best of friends, and we always have been. Our divorce came about, not because of another man or another woman, but because of the cirqumstances involving my career. I was traveling too much, I was gone too much, and it was just an agreement. I didn’t think it was fair to her, ‘cause i was gone so much and everything. So therefore, as decently you could do that type of thing, we made an agreement to always be friends and close and care 'cause we have a daughter to raise, and for her to have whatever she wants as a settlement. After that i got her a mink coat and she got me, listen to this, tonight a 42 000 $ white Rolls Royce. That’s the type of relationship we have”

- Elvis talking about his and Priscillas relationship and divorce