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     seattle grace mercy west is one of the most pristine hospitals in the country. and with a pristine hospital comes pristine staff. seattle grace’s doctors are the best of the best and everyone knows it, including them. and just like any work place, diverse people with diverse backgrounds and ways of thinking are thrown together for a common purpose… and in this case it’s to save lives. but being a surgeon isn’t as easy as it looks, and it isn’t cut out for everyone. will you get cut? or will you be the one doing the cutting?

  • the group verse tag is v; the face of medicine
  • takes place in seattle, based around the show grey’s anatomy however knowledge of the show isn’t necessary.
  • no face claim repeats! unless the character wants a twin, in that case it’ll have to be ok’d by them! 
  • a short bio will be necessary! no fancy graphic is needed by any means, either a full bio or a few bullet points, whatever works for you.
  • activity checks will be done every once and a while just to keep it active. but this will be a laid back verse.
  • all fandoms are welcome to join, though all characters will be human in this verse.
  • please try to check the tag and reply to open starters and stuff when you can :) :) so that everyone feels welcome.
  • your character will either be an intern, resident or an attending. however there will be one spot for chief of surgery and one for chief resident.
  • interns don’t have a specialty however they can definitely prefer one over the others. 
  • TO JOIN: for an intern just message in your characters name, age and face claim. for a resident please message in their name, age, face claim, # year resident and specialty and for an attending message in their name, age, face claim and their specialty.

the interns

the residents

the attendings