ID # 41623

Name: Ingeborg
Age: 16 (17 this year)
Country: Norway

Hi Im Ingeborg and I’m interested in getting to know new people. I have lately become more introvert than before and I figured I’d take a chance. Here are som things about me:
- I love traveling! All things world related and even some politics.
- I am a cat person.
- I looove tv and movies.
- I really appreciate soundtracks and music in general.
- I don’t really know who I am.
- I love talking about deeper stuff.
- I am a type 6 in the enneagram; I don’t know what says more about me, that I’m a type 6, or that I took the test online.
- I am super loyal, but I can be unreliable. (I only say this because I need someone who will take the first step and who understands if I can’t keep up, I might want to change over to texting in the future, or Idk. what I’m trying to say is I’m super motivated rn, but it might change)
- I read YA, and other stuff.
- I’m a Leo (and yes I believe in that stuff)
- I’m am a Gryffindor.
- Totally LGTBQ+++ friendly (I’m straight tho)
- Accept everyone 16 and + but maybe no older than 18/19.

Preferences: N/A