Compiled results for all previous YowaPeda character popularity polls to celebrate 9 years of serialization.

1st Poll (2010)
1 - Onoda (1253 votes)
2 - Naruko (825 votes)
3 - Imaizumi (698 votes)
4 - Makishima (658 votes)
5 - Tadokoro (326 votes)
6 - Kinjou (274 votes)
7 - Manami (213 votes)
8 - Midousuji (162 votes)
9 - Kanzaki Miki (158 votes)
10 - Toudou (138 votes)
11 - Izumida (114 votes)
12 - Teshima (99 votes)
13 - Fukutomi (73 votes)
14 - Aoyagi (50 votes)
15 - Kanzaki Tooji (36 votes)

2nd Poll (2011)
1 - Onoda (1224 votes)
2 - Midousuji (1052 votes)
3 - Makishima (796 votes)
4 - Shinkai Hayato (744 votes)
5 - Toudou (525 votes)
6 - Naruko (303 votes)
7 - Imaizumi (276 votes)
8 - Kinjou (198 votes)
9 - Fukutomi (152 votes)
10 - Tadoroko (121 votes)
11 - Kanzaki Miki (105 votes)
12 - Ishigaki (95 votes)
13 - Arakita (72 votes)
14 - Manami (55 votes)
15 - Teshima (49 votes)
16 - Izumida (33 votes)
17 - Aoyagi (27 votes)
18 - Kanzaki Tooji (20 votes)
19 - Mizuta (12 votes)
20 - Miyahara (10 votes)

3rd Poll (2012)
1 - Onoda (1112 votes)
2 - Makishima (1027 votes)
3 - Arakita (856 votes)
4 - Naruko (747 votes)
5 - Midousuji (604 votes)
6 - Imaizumi (423 votes)
7 - Toudou (335 votes)
8 - Shinkai Hayato (267 votes)
9 - Manami (183 votes)
10 - Ishigaki (141 votes)
11 - Tadoroko (108 votes)
12 - Kinjou (83 votes)
13 - Fukutomi (65 votes)
14 - Izumida (49 votes)
15 - Aoyagi (21 votes)
16 - Machimiya (15 votes)
17 - Teshima (12 votes)
18 - Mizuta (8 votes)
Team totals: Souhoku (3533); Hakogaku (1755)

4th Poll (2014) [After the anime started airing]
1 - Makishima (3576 votes)
2 - Onoda (2418 votes)
3 - Teshima (1911 votes)
4 - Naruko (1897 votes)
5 - Toudou (1845 votes)
6 - Arakita (1762 votes)
7 - Imaizumi (1207 votes)
8 - Aoyagi  (1135 votes)
9 - Manami (1115 votes)
10 - Watanabe-sensei (1053 votes)
11 - Midousuji (991 votes)
12 - Shinkai Hayato  (836 votes)
13 - Koga  (725 votes)
14 - Sugimoto Terufumi (603 votes)
15 - Kuroda (506 votes)
16 - Kinjou (351 votes)
17 - Tadoroko (346 votes)
18 - Ishigaki (324 votes)
19 - Ashikiba (322 votes)
20 - Kaburagi (316 votes)
21 - Fukutomi (254 votes)
22 - Izumida (230 votes)
23 - Kishigami (196 votes)
24 - Machimiya (110 votes)
25 - Kanzaki Tooji (108 votes)
*It should be noted that the anime contributed significantly to YowaPeda’s popularity as seen by the difference in the number of votes before and after the anime started.

5th Poll (2015)
1 - Makishima (4146 votes)
2 - Teshima (3932 votes)
3 - Toudou (2738 votes)
4 - Arakita (2495 votes)
5 - Midousuji (2273 votes)
6 - Onoda (2025 votes)
7 - Naruko (1662 votes)
8 - Shinkai Hayato (1479 votes)
9 - Aoyagi (1240 votes)
10 - Watanabe-sensei (1122 votes)
11 - Manami (1037 votes)
12 - Izumida (929 votes)
13 - Imaizumi (878 votes)
14 - Kuroda (812 votes)
15 - Ashikiba (728 votes)
16 - Kinjou (672 votes)
17 - Ishigaki (570 votes)
18 - Fukutomi (498 votes)
19 - Shinkai Yuuto (469 votes)
20 - Tadoroko (388 votes)
21 - Kaburagi (321 votes)
22 - Sugimoto Terufumi (307 votes)
23 - Kishigami (302 votes)
24 - Koga (286 votes)
25 - Doubashi (268 votes)

6th Poll (2016)
1 - Teshima (3599 votes)
2 - Naruko (3041 votes)
3 - Makishima  (2760 votes)
4 - Aoyagi  (2442 votes)
5 - Imaizumi (2030 votes)
6 - Onoda (1877 votes)
7 - Toudou (1768 votes)
8 - Manami (1551 votes)
9 - Arakita (1490 votes)
10 - Midousuji (1328 votes)
11 - Kuroda (1225 votes)
12 - Watanabe-sensei (1055 votes)
13 - Izumida (884 votes)
14 - Kaburagi (822 votes)
15 - Shinkai Hayato  (775 votes)
16 - Shinkai Yuuto (764 votes)
17 - Ishigaki (687 votes)
18 - Kishigami (605 votes)
19 - Ashikiba (595 votes)
20 - Doubashi (489 votes)

Source: Public raws (digital) for Shounen Champion Issue 12


samotność bardzo dobija , w moim życiu jest jej aż nadto , znajomi ? brak , mój dzień ? głownie pod kocem w łózku , zanim ktoś pomyśli że sam sobie jestem winny to uprzedzam że kryje się za tym trochę… historii , szukam kogoś na stałe a nie 2-3 dni i krocej jak juz tu bywało , podtrzymywanie rozmowy nie jest moją mocną stroną aczkolwiek sie staram. Nieśmiały chłopak ( określenie przegryw też pasuje ) lat 18 , jeżeli chcesz poznać mnie i moją historię zostaw po sobie jakiś ślad a się odezwę

Want to add a little something extra to your event or wedding? “Hire” the Farclouds to hand out flower hairpins (or just flowers are an option!)

* Does it cost gil? No, I do this for fun above all. Tips are lovely, but not needed.

* If certain colors and/or kind are desired, I will need notice. Keep in mind certain colors such as white, black, rainbow and pink are rng'ed based so those can vary in amount. Outfits can be worn upon request if there is a certain theme. We currently have a kimono, two different maid and eastern dress attire sets.

* How would my character hear about them? Flyers in the Goblet or Ul'dah. As well as word of mouth, they have been seen a few times at various functions.

* When are we free? Chi is more open time wise, depending on work 1pm est - 10pm est. All three? Best bet is to catch us 5/6 pm est - 10pm est Monday thru Wednesday. Thrusday are out due to our FC event. Friday 5 - 11/12 est and Saturday - Sunday more open. Feel free to get in touch via here, in-game or discord. Ritsu_Knoltros#4146

* Lastly, these girls do not go to adult themed events. So no 18+!

8 Days Contdown - Fic Edition- 8 CS Stories

No time to start from ten like a nomal person, here are 8 stories you should make time for. I put the author’s summary in each one, tell me in the tags if you prefer this or my thoughts on each story. 


The Nicest Thing by @lovethatshit   Emma and Killian are new writing recruits for the TV show Heroes & Villains and become close when they work on a script together (4146 words, T).

All i Want is Us by @high-seas-swan   A little holiday themed CS AU for you. Emma has convinced herself a smile from across the parking lot from Killian every morning is enough – it’s probably not. Especially if you ask Killian. Also, SNOWBALL FIGHT!

CS+“How can you think there’s anything I won’t love about you by @saviourspirate

Black Swan by @hopelessasalways    Emma the ballerina and Killian the choreographer, breaking down each other’s walls.  (17,462 words, M)

Love In Éire by @iamshenanigans2814  Emma goes to Ireland to help her (foster) brother August on a movie set. She meets the dashing lead actor, Killian Jones, and her life will never be the same.

The Invitation by @kat2609​  When Emma Swan was feeling the pressure from her family about her single status, her friend Killian seems like the perfect solution to a Christmas invitation.

reunited (and it feels so good) by @captainmeerkat​  Emma and Killian pre-relationship AUs, Emma super secretly pining over Killian

Hat Trick by @bookstoreromantic​  When Killian Jones, the Rangers’ star right-winger, breaks his hand after blocking a shot, Emma is tapped to get him healed and back on the ice. ~6100 words.

anonymous asked:

Could you guys rec some of your cs au week faves? Thanks so much and lovely blog!

We sure can! And thank you for your kind words!

*untitled by killians-dimples

MATURE. [ONESHOT]. College best friends AU. Killian and Emma go to their favorite bar one night after class to blow off steam.

Why I love this: Holy hell Batman, someone pour a bucket of icy water on my head. The steam and sexual tension is off the roof and so on-point you just want to knock their heads together and yell at them to “just kiss already”. And then some. Yeah, way more than kissing.

*The Nicest Thing by lovethatshit

T. [4146 words; ONESHOT]. Emma and Killian are new writing recruits for the TV show Heroes & Villains and become close when they work on a script together

Why I love this: The dialogue is so perfect and made me laugh at loud so many times I couldn’t keep track. I love all the interactions in this fic, not just the ones between Emma and Killian (though, ofc, those are my absolute faves). And the ending was perfect. Such a fun premise and great execution.

*The Logbook by bookstoreromantic

G. [ ONESHOT]. Henry’s struggling with his job as the Author, and Hook offers to help.

Why I love this: Although Emma isn’t exactly present, you can still feel her in Killian and Henry’s interactions and that makes this possible (plausible) divergence truly painful. And I love seeing them support each other and Killian share a piece of his past with Henry.

*Forged in Iron by ripplestichskein

T. [2998 words; ONESHOT]. Killian uses a new set of skills gifted to him by the Author’s AU to fashion a present….of sorts.

Why I love this: An interesting headcanon that’s developed so well that I kind of wish this is what happened in show. The way everyone supports each other throughout this really tugged at my heart and the moments of their weakness, Killian’s especially, hit me hard.

*Red-eye to Incheon by InitialA

T. [6,859 words; ONESHOT]. She called him Pennsylvania for the Pirates hat he always wore. He called her Boston because he claimed that Massachusetts was too much of a mouthful. It’s their thing. It’s comfortable.

Why I love this: I really need to come up with other descriptors for fics besides “cute” and “adorable”, but oh my goodness this fic was so sweet I think I lost teeth. Their banter and dynamic is so well-written and it’s hard not to smile while reading this fic. I also love the background relationships - Emma and Ingrid’s, for one - in this fic.

* Oyer and Terminer by ohmyohpioneer

G. [1,767 words; ONESHOT]. 1693, Massachusetts Bay Colony (A Salem-esque AU)

Why I love this: This fic is a definitely historical, The Crucible slash Scarlet Letter esque piece. I didn’t really care for The Crucible or The Scarlet Letter, but this fic was honestly enjoyable. Killian’s dialouge to Emma is so, so in character and lovely. Emma’s walls - which definitely have a reason for being there, given the circumstances - also mirror canon in the way that she lets them down for him.

*Pies and Secrets by jncar

G. [4,212 words; ONESHOT]. Killian Jones could bake pies and wake the dead. Emma Swan was a down on her luck P.I. with a penchant for knitting. A CS/Pushing Daisies AU.

Why I love this: I realize admitting this is like committing sacrilege but…I have never seen Pushing Daisies? I will fix this one day, I swear! I think that goes to prove, though, that even if you haven’t this fic is enjoyable. It explains the universe really well and, of course, Emma and Killian’s relationship in this is really well-written. I love the pacing and style of this fic, too.

*Baby, I’m a Monster Too by seastarved

M. [DRABBLE]. It happens to him when he’s been alive for nigh on three hundred years. He’s lost his love and the only semblance of family he had ever had, since his father had left him aboard that ship all those years ago.

Why I love this: A very (realistic would sound hilarious when said about a demons au) plausible look at how they could become one of the soulless and god the ending, the hopefulness and the pain is just !!!! everything to me. (Plus the beautiful graphics)

*still a princess by literatiruinedme

G. [DRABBLE]. She had royal blood, a fact she couldn’t deny, no matter how hard she tried.

WARNINGS/KINKS/TRIGGERS (IF ANY):  mention of terminal illness/character death

Why I love this: This is so bittersweet that it left my nose a little itchy. It has everything: healthy Captain Duckling, flawless writing for Emma’s relationship with her parents, and bonus Captain Snowing moment. An adorable little drabble that deserves more notes.


Brzydzę się ludźmi. Kiedy stoję na ulicy i patrzę na przechodzących obok ludzi ogarnia mnie obrzydzenie, myśl o tym jak potrafimy siebie krzywdzić, jak nienawidzimy inności, jak nie potrafimy docenić drugiego człowieka sprawia, że nie mogę patrzeć na innych. Nie mogę patrzeć na siebie w lustrze, nie chcę się z nikim spotykać bo ciągle słyszę tylko “ta zrobiła tamto, co za suka”, “patrz jaka szpetna”, “patrz jakiego brzydkiego ma faceta”. Chce mi się wymiotować kiedy tego słucham.

Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) say: “If you were to rely upon Allah with the reliance He is due, you would be given provision like the birds: They go out hungry in the morning and come back with full bellies in the evening.”
[Ibn Majah, Chapters on Asceticism, Hadith: 4146]