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  • 4138 words
  • 36 “Gabriel”s
  • “Jack”s
  • 1225 “m”s
  • 23957 characters
  • ~4000 spaces
  • 6 “gun”s
  • 1 “Big Mack”

widowmaker has a meeting with some of talon’s allies, gabriel proceeds with his mission

beta title: buenos dias cockbites

Scheduled for a Friday release!

A Heart Big Enough

Title: A Heart Big Enough
Pairings: KageHinaYachi
Warnings: OT3? In case poly love upsets you…
Length: 4138 words
AO3 Link: Here~

“It’s the nicest sucky thing ever, you know? Like, it’s like fwaaaah but like guuuuh at the same time.”

When Hinata receives two confessions, he’s determined to find a way to make it work so that no-one gets hurt.

(This is an entirely self-indulgent bit of KageHinaYachi fic, and I won’t apologise for it. This ship gives me strength ♥)

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White Collar AU: A Deal

Summary: White Collar AU where Gabriel “Trickster” Novak is a con-man turned FBI consultant, who works with Y/N Y/L/N to solve white collar crimes in New York.

Warnings: Con-artist!Gabriel, FBI!Reader, GabrielxKali but future GabrielxReader, prison

Word Count: 4138…….yep you read that correctly

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

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The razor was unfamiliar in his hands as he worked the blade across his thick beard. It had been months since he’d shaven and now it was finally time. He worked quickly, washing off any leftover hair with some water before slicking back his honey brown hair.

Honey colored eyes stared back at him in the mirror as he looked into it. “Hello handsome.” He smiled as he returned to his former self. After a moment of checking for any missed spots, he leaned down and opened the plastic bags by his feet. One contained a guard uniform and the other held the keycard to get out of this place.

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4138) My 8 year old brother just said something to me that made me really happy. I know he's only 8, but he's mature for his age and I came out to him and he seems to understand. Well he said: You are the most horrible sister in the world. He paused then said, you're the most horrible BROTHER in the world