Perfect - Scott McCall

warnings: swearing
word count: 4138

“No Stiles, it’s not happening” Scott muttered into the phone pressed between his ear and shoulder.

“Oh come on!” Stiles groaned.  “You just gotta let her know somehow, just tell her, just say it”

“Yeah? Says the guy who had a ten year plan to make Lydia fall in love with him!” Scott retorted, opening the fridge in search of something to eat.

“Nice try.  But don’t take the focus off of you” Stiles said.  “You’ve had this crush on y/n since we met her in sophomore year” Scott sighed, settling on a can of soda before closing the fridge and leaning against the counter.  “You gotta do something about it” Stiles finished.

“And ruin her relationship with Theo?” Scott asked, taking a long drink.

“You’re not ruining anything!” Stiles exclaimed.  “He’s a jackass anyways, I’m still convinced that he’s the spawn of satan-”

“No- no Stiles we can’t say that she… she loves him” Scott sighed, slumping against the counter.

“Yeah.  Okay.  Because I care” Stiles scoffed.  Scott rolled his eyes.

“Seriously, I can’t ruin that for her.  She’s totally head over heels for him” He said.

“And you’re head over heels for her.  Your point is?” Stiles asked sarcastically.

My point is, I’m not going to take that happiness away from her I… I care about her too much for that”

“She’s known him six months! She’s known you for three years!” Stiles argued.  Scott shrugged a shoulder, though Stiles couldn’t see.

“I can’t do that to her” He said blatantly.  “That’s all it comes down to, I’m not ruining our friendship like that”

“Fine.  Be a loser.  Be a single loser” Stiles said and Scott chuckled.

“I can handle it” He said, lying through his teeth.  Before he could tell Stiles again how you were too important to him to ruin everything, there was quick knocks on the door.  “Someone’s here, I gotta go” Scott said.

“Okay then, I’ll talk to you later Scotty” Stiles said.

“Bye” Scott hung up and slipped his phone into his pocket before heading to the door just as there was more knocking.  “Coming!” He called.  He opened the door, and almost gasped aloud out of surprise.

You were standing there, looking exceptionally gorgeous, an elegant short black dress with stockings that had white bows at the top of them with your short heeled boots underneath your long coat.  Your hair was down and curled softly at the ends and you-

You were crying.  Full on shaking as you sobbed.

“y/n!” Scott reached to pull you in and you reached for him too, but took his can out of his hand before he could hug you.  You took it and swallowed down multiple gulps before handing the can back to him.  Scott’s hands wrapped around your arms as he pulled you inside.  “What’re you doing here, what happened to your date with Theo?” He asked worriedly.  You sniffled.

“H-he-he couldn’t make it” You stuttered, and Scott could hear the extra beat of your heart.  You were lying.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly, rubbing his palms over your arms.

“H-he can-canceled last minute I ha-had reservations and p-plans and so m-many things planned for the n-night it was g-gonna be perfect” Scott frowned, and pulled you closer to hug you tightly.

“I’m sorry y/n” He said, rubbing his hands over your back.  “Say, you said you made reservations?” You nodded into his shoulder.  “Where to?”

“That new Italian place” You sniffled, and Scott pulled away from you.

“Well then I’m going to go put on something nice, and then you and I are going to out to dinner and whatever else it was you had planned for the evening okay?” You smiled big at him, your round doe eyes gleaming.

“Really?” You asked quietly, and Scott grinned his crooked grin.

“Of course.  I’ll be right back” He said, before heading upstairs.

“O-okay” You said, but you were already standing alone in his living room.

Scott scrambled around his closet, throwing out everything he had, but nothing seemed to be good enough.  You were dressed so beautifully, and he didn’t have anything that looked nice enough to go out with you.

Not that he was going out with you, or that this was a date, he wasn’t suddenly your boyfriend or anything-

“Scott?” You called, catching him off guard.  “You okay up there?”

“Y-yeah! Be down in a sec!” He said, and frantically ran his hands through his hair before finally picking something to wear.

You were standing by the door, unbuttoning your coat and hanging it up in the hall closet when Scott came back downstairs.  You smiled at his hid long sleeved shirt with a few buttons open at the top, under his brown denim jacket at dark jeans.

“Is- is this okay? Is it not dressy enough?” You grinned and shook your head, your eyes watering at the sentiment.

“No, you look great” You told him sincerely, to which Scott flustered under the compliment.

“Well alright miss l/n, are you ready for an evening of romance and perfection/” Scott asked in a fake posh accent as e held out his arm to her.  You giggled, and hooked your arm through his.

“I very much am” You told him, and he opened the door for you both to head out.

You walked to the restaurant, and he made sure to keep conversation light and you laughing.  Trying to get your mind off whatever happened earlier with Theo.  And every time you laughed, or smiled over at him, or squeezed onto his arm, a warm feeling would fill up his chest and he’d be a stuttering mess.

When you arrived at the restaurant, the waiter led you both to your table and gave you your menus.  You and Scott spent some time laughing at how fancy it was, seeing that you usually just ordered a pizza or chinese takeout when you ate together.

“Alright, had the lovely pair of you decided in what you’d like to order?” The man asked, pulling out his pad of paper and pen as he came over to your table.

“Yes” You smiled, and proceeded to tell him what sounded the best to you.  He took Scott’s order next then tucked the paper and pen back into his apron.  He took Your menu, then moved to take Scott’s and gave him a knowing smile.

“You seem like a lucky man” He said, standing up as he held the menus in his arms.  You blushed and looked down at your lap to hide your smile, but Scott just went with it.

“I sure am” The werewolf said before their waiter left.  You giggled quietly and gave him a shy glance before taking a drink of your glass of water.

The dinner went perfectly, the food was perfect, you and Scott had a great time, and he even paid for the meals, much to your protest.  When you left, walking outside in the night and just walking together, your realized how great of a night it really turned out to be.

“You know, I think I enjoyed myself more tonight than I would’ve with Theo” You said, wrapping your arm around Scott’s again because you liked the feeling it gave you when you did.

“Really?” Scott asked, a grin growing on his face.  You nodded, looking up at him, and wrapping your other arm around his one as well, both clinging onto his bicep as you leaned your head on his shoulder.

“You wanna see what I had in store for the rest of the evening?” You asked him, and Scott grinned.

“I would love to see what you had in store for the rest of the evening” He replied happily, and you skipped slightly before pulling him down a different sidewalk, heading towards the park.

You told him excitedly how much thought you’d put into the night.  That when dinner ended, you had so much more arranged afterwards.

“We’d walk to the park, under the stars, and I’d hold onto him like this” You slid one of your hands that was on Scott’s arm down to link your fingers together, which made Scott’s face heat up.  “And I’d tell him how handsome he’d look, and he’d tell me how beautiful I looked, and I’d say ‘oh this? It’s nothing’ even though I spent an hour piecing everything together” You sighed dreamily at the idea in your head.

“You look beautiful tonight y/n” Scott told you, taking you by surprise.  You looked up at him, a small smile tugging on your lips.

“Oh this? It’s nothing” You replied, earning a light chuckle out of him.  “And you look so handsome” You added.

“Why thank you, I’d try my hardest for you my dear” He said, which made you laugh, but it softened as a thought dawned on you.  Scott tried very hard for you tonight, and Theo… “Now, where in the park did you plan on taking him to?” Scott asked as you entered the large empty place.

It was a nice park in town, during the day it was sunny and the fields of grass always looked fresh and green.  A few trees, benches, but your favorite part was the path.  A cobblestone path that wove all through the area, there was even an extravagant but small bridge which was built over a creek that flowed through an expanse of the park.

“I figured we’d walk along here” You said, looking down to where you were guiding him on the path.  Scott nodded, and continued along with you.

“You’re quite the romantic you know” He told you, and you chuckled bitterly.  “What else had you thought out for the night?” You hummed.

“We’d… walk around here a bit, talk about where we’re going with life and past stuff and… probably about how Stiles wants to kill him but it’d all be light hearted and sweet” You told him.  Scott hummed in amusement of your words.

“You come up with visions like Stiles does” He said, making you laugh.

“Well I hope I don’t sound as crazy”

“Nah, you only sound crazy when you talk about whatever new band you’re into” Scott said.

“Hey! (favorite band) is amazing do not discredit them!” You yelled, jabbing an accusatory finger towards him.  Scott gave you a look.

“Uh huh” Was all he said on the subject.

“Alright well, we’ve got the light hearted banter for the night out of the way” You said with a playful eye roll.  Scott smiled crookedly at you.

“And what’s next?” He asked.

“The best part” You grinned, and pulled away from him, before running up the path.  Scott laughed to himself, hanging his head down slightly before jogging after you.

You’d made it onto the bridge, and was able to admire the moonlight shining down on the water and darkened park.  After a little bit you turned and squinted to see Scott.

“Hey what’s taking you so long?” You called, and could faintly see him run up to you.

“I got you a flower” He said, grinning widely and holding out a daisy he’d picked.  You smiled and giggled like you were a six year old that just heard she was pretty from a cute boy.

“Aww, thank you” You said, reaching out and taking the flower from him gently.  Your fingers brushed together momentarily, making you fluster and stare down at the daisy as you twirled it between your fingertips.  “I love it” You said, smiling bashfully back at him before turning around to lean over the edge of the bridge, looking down at the water.

“You picked a beautiful spot” Scott told you, walking over to stand next to you, his arms sitting on the railing as he leaned over to watch the water with you.  “You’ve been here before, haven’t you?” He pondered aloud.

“Yeah… a lot actually” You said with a nervous laugh.  “During the day sometimes I… I come here to read, or sit and people watch, walk with music in and just enjoy the scenery” You told him.  “But I used to come here a lot at night, when I couldn’t sleep we had all these crazy problems.  Doctors turning teenagers into weapons, assassins, alphas- and before you tell me how dangerous it is, I already know” Scott chuckled.

“Yeah well I’d prefer it when their aren’t crazy people running around trying to kill us” He said.  “But why didn’t you just call one of us and ask us to come? You know I would’ve in a heartbeat” You smiled over at him at the kind thought.

“I know but… It was always like, three in the morning-”

“Waking me up is worth you not dying” Scott chuckled, and you did too.

“I know I just… I’m out of excuses” You decided.

“Yeah well, next time, call me” He said, and you nodded, biting at your lip as your eyes flickered from the creek to your flower.

“I will” You said softly, twirling it around in your gers again, watching it spin.  “Thanks for spending the night with me Scott, it really means a lot” You said, and he looked over at you, even though you wouldn’t look away from the flower.

“Yeah I… I just wanted you to have your perfect night” He told you honestly.  You smiled down at your flower again.

“Well, I did” You said.  “We would’ve been standing right here too, still talking of course and I’d…” You moved over slightly, leaning against Scott, and taking his arm, wrapping it around yourself.  Your hand stayed clasped around his wrist as you kept your body tucked against his.  You relished for a moment in the feeling his being in Scott’s arms, feeling his heart beating just slightly against your back.  “I’d stand like this” You finally finished quietly.  “And we’d watch the moon”

Scott set his chin on the top of your head, holding you in both of his arms now, wrapped around your front.

“It’s just be quiet… like this” You murmured, and closed your eyes.

He wasn’t sure how long the two of you stood there silently, but he wasn’t about to move or speak to ruin it now.  Scott was sure that this was the only time he’d ever be able to hold onto you like this, to be close to you like this.  And as much as he didn’t want it to end, he knew it would at some point.

“She took my kiss” You whispered, and if he wasn’t a werewolf, he was sure he wouldn’t have heard it.  “I walked over to his place… ready to go” You continued in a small voice.  “And he was there, and so was Tracy” You didn’t need to say anything else for him to understand what had happened.

“You want me to kill him?” Scott asked, and you chuckled, shaking your head, then leaning more against him.

“No” You said.  “I just wish she didn’t ruin the night, take what I had perfectly planned” You sighed, and closed your eyes again as you held back the tears again that night.  “It’d be the perfect kiss in the moonlight” You breathed out.  “But all he wanted was a tongue shoved down his throat” Scott turned you around and held you tightly in his arms, cradling the back of your head in his hand.

“I want you to know that he’s an asshole who didn’t deserve your time, or the time that we spent tonight.  And that he doesn’t deserve an ounce of the happiness that you bring people naturally, okay?” You were staring down at the flower in your hand, your other hand still holding onto his wrist.

“Thank you, Scott” You said.

“Alright, now come on!” He said excitedly, and before you could question, he let go of you and ran away.  You laughed softly, wiping away the tears from under your eyes before following after him.  You watched as he awkwardly skidded down the hill to the creek, pulling off his shoes and then peeling off his socks.  Your interest peaked, you kept watching as he rolled up his jeans and turned to look at you.  “Well come on!” He called, holding his hand out to you as you made your way down towards him.

“What are… what are you doing?” You asked as you went down the hill towards him.

“Adding something fun to your night” Scott said with a boyish smile.  “Take off your shoes” You gave him a strange look, but slipped off your boots anyways, then rolled down your stockings before pulling them off your feet as well.  You carefully set your daisy down in the grass by your shoes, to keep it safe.

“Alright now wh-”

“Now we go in!” Scott said, before jumping into the shallow water.  You shrieked just slightly out of reaction to some of it splashing on you.  But then you instantly followed after him, wading around in the cool water of the creek.  You giggled and pranced a little bit, enjoying the feeling it gave you.  Something like freedom, carefree freedom.  SKipping through the water and kicking it slightly at Scott.

“Sorry!” You laughed, covering your mouth with your hand.

“Oh so that’s what we’re playing?” Scott asked mischievously.  Your jaw dropped open, realizing what he meant by that.  Before you could move, he kicked water at you, splashing over your legs.

“Scott!” You squealed, jumping back while splashing him at the same time.  He just ran after you as you went towards the bridge again.  You kept turning around to splash him, only to be splashed back and you’d run awkwardly away from him.  You stopped when you were under the bridge, the water sloshing around your ankles as you stood there.  You were looking up at the cement arc of the underside of the bridge.  The moonlit water reflected against it, casting light all over it.  You grinned, then looked at Scott.

He wanted to walk over to you, swing you off of your feet, give you some big romantic gesture to end the night.  But he let you have your moment.

Besides, you looked beautiful in this light.

When you were both finished playing in the water you got out and stood in the grass for a bit to dry off, that way you didn’t have to put shoes and socks on wet feet.  You brushed your hands over the skirt of your dress, flattening out the nonexistent wrinkles.

“Thank you again, Scott” You told him, smiling nervously up at him.  He could instantly smell the anxiety coming off of you, and hear the rapid beating of your heart.

“Yeah no problem” He replied as he began to pull on his socks and shoes.  You did the same, picking up your daisy and skittishly began to twirl it around in your fingertips again.  “y/n you reek of anxiety what’s going on? What’re you thinking about?” He asked you, and you bit the inside of your cheek for a moment.

“Do-do me a favor?” You asked.  Scott’s brows furrowed momentarily, but he nodded anyways.  “Will you close your eyes for me, for a sec?” He chuckled slightly but nodded again, letting his eyes slip shut.  You hesitantly stepped forward, closer to you.

“Is this the part where you murder me?” You laughed at the question, your tension easing up.

“No, no” You murmured, and rose your hands up, watching them tremble as you placed them against his jaw.  Though your fingers merely brushed up against his skin.  It took everything in his power not to open his eyes as he felt you coming closer.

He could tell from the way the toes of your shoes bumped into his, and your cool breath ghosted over his lips.  He could hear you taking in small shaky breaths as your hands slid up further to frame around his face.

Your eyes scanned all over his face, trying to read his expression but he was surprisingly calm looking.  (You didn’t know that he was freaking out on the inside).

“Okay” You whispered aloud, mostly to reassure yourself.  “Just… just keep them closed” You told him, and he nodded, his face still held in your hands.

“Alright” He responded in a murmur.

You took in a small breath, before leaning forward more, the tip of your nose pressed against his.  He pushed forward slightly, and when the top of your lip brushed against his, he froze, and you shrunk back just enough so the contact was no longer there.  Before he could mentally curse himself and apologize to you, you leaned up all the way onto the tips of your toes, and pressed your lips against his completely.

Your eyes fluttered shut as you breathed in through your nose sharply, inhaling his scent of coffee and aftershave.  His hands laid themselves on your waist, tugging you just slightly towards him.  When you both pulled away to take in a short breath of air, you didn’t even open your eyes before kissing again, a soft, and sweet kiss.

Scott’s eyes opened before yours when you parted , and he studied you carefully, your own eyes still squeezed shut.  Your hands were still laying on his jaw, and you had barely moved an inch away from him.  When you did open your eyes, you looked straight up to his eyes.

“I…” Your voice almost instantly failed you.  “I needed to kiss… to end the night” You said softly, voice cracking a little.  Scott nodded, looking down for a second before reaching up to take your hand in his, the one practically holding the stem of your flower against his face.  He kept his gaze on your hands, both of his wrapped around your one, the daisy being held onto carefully.  You were staring at him while he was staring at the flower, and all you could think about was how warm he was.

“Well, Theo really missed out on something special tonight” He said, and your heart dropped to your stomach.

“Yeah” Was all you could manage to say.  You couldn’t even look away from your flower.

Stupid stupid flower.

You pulled your hands out of his, took one last look at the flower before throwing it on the ground.

“y/n are you-”

“I like you Scott” You seriously, and he looked at you in pure shock.

“You- you what?” He stuttered.

“I..” You paused trying to think of what to say next that didn’t sound totally bat shit crazy.  I’ve been in love with you since I first saw you when I moved here, you thought to yourself.  You looked down at the discarded flower.  “Ilikeyou” You muttered so low and so fast Scott blinked trying to catch exactly just what you had told him.

“What was that?” Scott asked with a growing smile.

“Don’t make me say it again” You groaned, closing your eyes and rubbing them with your hands out of embarrassment.

“Come on I didn’t quite catch it-”

“Scott!” You whined, shoving on his chest with a laugh because of course he heard it.  “You have the ears of a werewolf I’m sure you heard it” You said, staring at him with worry in your eyes.  Fear of rejection.

“Yeah, I did” He said, and before you could blink, his hand cupped around your cheek, and pulled his lips down to yours.  A small sound died in the back of your throat in surprise by his action, but you sank into the kiss with ease.  Your hands slid up his chest, gripping his shoulders slightly before tangling up in his hair.  You pulled him impossibly closer to you.  The kisses were long, and hard, and passionate.  It made your heart beat faster and swoon for the boy that had held you in his arms.  Even when you broke the kiss, you stayed close to him, your noses and foreheads staying pressed together, lips brushing over each other just barely.

“I love you” You whispered out after a few silent moments.  Your eyes still shut again.  Scott smiled, and hooked his finger under your chin for a moment before sliding his hand up to lay against your cheek.  You leaned into the touch of his palm.

“You know I love you too” Scott replied, kissing the dip of your nose between your eyes.  “I’ve always loved you y/n, since we met in freshman year” He let out a small airy laugh of relief, your eyes fluttering open to see him smiling down at you.  “And it’s never gonna change, it’s never gonna go away”

With that you pressed a quick kiss to his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck and hugging him close.

You closed your eyes, allowing yourself to bask in the moment as long as possible.

i feel like i haven’t posted in a while so i’m sorry, i was up all night and morning writing this heheh… 

xoxo ~ jordie

There’s the outfit for tomorrow if you’ll be out spectating. Track me with bib # 4138 on the app or website starting at 7:30.

I’ve trained all summer with 2:45 in mind, but I would be thrilled if I can beat my PR of 2:47:40 from two years ago. Even sub 2:50 would be good. I wish I was more confident in my ability right now, but it’s been tough to get everything in between work and weather.

I’m going to hook up with my old high school teammate who’s shooting for 2:49 and run with him for a while. There’s also a mutual friend who’s offered to pace us for the first 17. Hopefully I’ve got the juice from there to pick up the pace and crush this thing!

A Heart Big Enough

Title: A Heart Big Enough
Pairings: KageHinaYachi
Warnings: OT3? In case poly love upsets you…
Length: 4138 words
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When Hinata receives two confessions, he’s determined to find a way to make it work so that no-one gets hurt.

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White Collar AU: A Deal

Summary: White Collar AU where Gabriel “Trickster” Novak is a con-man turned FBI consultant, who works with Y/N Y/L/N to solve white collar crimes in New York.

Warnings: Con-artist!Gabriel, FBI!Reader, GabrielxKali but future GabrielxReader, prison

Word Count: 4138…….yep you read that correctly

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

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Originally posted by thisisanarchivesara

The razor was unfamiliar in his hands as he worked the blade across his thick beard. It had been months since he’d shaven and now it was finally time. He worked quickly, washing off any leftover hair with some water before slicking back his honey brown hair.

Honey colored eyes stared back at him in the mirror as he looked into it. “Hello handsome.” He smiled as he returned to his former self. After a moment of checking for any missed spots, he leaned down and opened the plastic bags by his feet. One contained a guard uniform and the other held the keycard to get out of this place.

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4138) My 8 year old brother just said something to me that made me really happy. I know he's only 8, but he's mature for his age and I came out to him and he seems to understand. Well he said: You are the most horrible sister in the world. He paused then said, you're the most horrible BROTHER in the world