41 years of choice

Mayim Bialik is a faux-feminist and believes women who dress modestly and/or look frumpy will less likely be sexually harassed/assaulted

“And yet I have also experienced the upside of not being a “perfect ten.” As a proud feminist with little desire to diet, get plastic surgery or hire a personal trainer, I have almost no personal experience with men asking me to meetings in their hotel rooms. Those of us in Hollywood who don’t represent an impossible standard of beauty have the “luxury” of being overlooked and, in many cases, ignored by men in power unless we can make them money.

I still make choices every day as a 41-year-old actress that I think of as self-protecting and wise. I have decided that my sexual self is best reserved for private situations with those I am most intimate with. I dress modestly. 

I don’t act flirtatiously with men as a policy.”

 Therefore she is trash 

Today’s the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade - the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion and gave women the right to decide whether and when to have a family. Support for these rights is at a historic high, but the promise of Roe is fading further from view for far too many women.
We put together this graphic because the vast majority of Americans support the principles of Roe, and we need to show these politicians we won’t be silent.

floregonva  asked:

If there was anything you could go back and change in regards to your personal life or career, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change anything, even the things I regret, or the things that were painful, because I am proud of the person I am, and grateful for the life I have. I know that I am this person, and that I have this life, because of all the choices I’ve made over 41 years, and if I changed one thing, it would unravel the tapestry of my life.