41 weeks pregnant

No reblogs pleaseeee

Fun Facts :
I’m 10 moths pregnant lol … Officially 41 weeks today
My doula tells me that babies don’t have deadlines and I’m trying veryyyyy hard to stay patient and positive …
Only about 5% of women deliver on their due date .
Everyone else falls before or after. They just don’t tell you this until the very end. Some women choose to carry close to 44 weeks if their health permits . I’m not one of them .
Camille sent a text saying she is still getting dressed & doing her hair, and that’s what’s taking so long …
Back to the OB tomorrow to check on little miss rebellious and then schedule an induction !
As long as Cam cooperates I’m still going for an unmedicated water birth … !

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Saw my midwife today

Got my membranes stripped for the second time… ouch! I don’t remember it hurting so much the last time, it was just uncomfortable. I am still 2 cm dilated :( (a “loose” 2 according to my midwife. It’s always nice to hear something having to do with your vagina referred to as loose, right?) I am a little more effaced, about 80%. I’ve been having loads of strong contractions, but they haven’t been regular at all. Since my first sweep I’ve lost 3 giant, nasty globs of my plug. After this sweep I’ve lost lots of pretty big chunks of it, and now they’re pinkish! Hopefully that’s a good sign, I’ve heard it can be. I’ve also noticed a lot more lower back pain with my contractions.. maybe they’re real?! 

Maybe next time I post it’ll be to announce Arlo’s arrival! (I doubt it, though.. I’m not that lucky)

4th of June, 2014 - 1:15 am

I’m starting to feel really impatient. As much as I want to wait for baby to come on it’s own time, I worry about the risks involved and to be complete honest, I selfishly just want my baby here as soon as possible. My midwife is coming over on Thursday, and then I’m pretty sure that I’m meant to be going into the birth centre on Sunday to check on how the baby is going. I’m so freaking tempted to give into induction when I go in, it’s all I can think about and I feel terrible about it. I know that the reasons why I wanted to fight induction are still very legit, but my heart is aching and I’m desperately longing for my little one. Ugh. I really didn’t think that it’d be this hard to wait.

12 days over.

My midwife just came over and told me that I have 2 days to go into labour (or be induced into labour) to be in the birth centre. If not, I have to go through the normal labour ward which I’ve never even seen before. I feel really comfortable in the birth centre and I never knew that I had a set deadline where they would refuse me if I didn’t deliver before then. I don’t know what to do. I have a feeling that if they were to induce me, then I would end up in the labour ward anyway because I would be having “unnatural” contractions which apparently often leads to pain relief being needed and the birth centre don’t offer much and tend to transfer women who need more relief to the labour ward. So yeah, I really think that if I don’t go into labour within 48 hours then my entire birth plan is going to be thrown out the window in one way or another. Great. Awesome.

Oh, and I was only /just/ told that I actually fractured my ankle and no one even told me how to take care of it. A+ job, hospital.