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The Misunderstanding Part Two
  • Prompt 41: Katniss and Peeta are strangers/or enemies at a theme park. They end up sitting next to each other on a ride before it breaks down and they can’t get off. [submitted by @peetaspikelets]
  • Special Thanks to @lovesbiggerthanpride for betaing this story and for making better.

Prompt 41: by @mega-aulover

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Ralph 124C 41+. A Romance of the Year 2660. Hugo Gernsback. Illustrated with 11 plates by Frank R. Paul. Boston: The Stratford Company, 1925. First edition. Original dust jacket.

By the year 2660, science has transformed and conquered the world, rescuing humanity from itself. Spectacular inventions from the farthest reaches of space and deep beneath the earth are available to meet every need, providing antidotes to individual troubles and social ills.