40th show

I thought everyone’s morning could use a little rainbow rhino cutie! I named him “Albinow Rhino” 🦏🌈 and I painted him specially for the Copro Gallery ’s “Heavy Metal Magazine 40th Anniversary Show”. It’s still up at the gallery if you’re interested in seeing it person along with all of the other amazing pieces in the show too! 😄 It’s still available and looking for it’s forever home so if you’re interested you can contact copronason@msn.com 😊 Have a great morning lovelies 😘❤


1968 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst by Greg Gjerdingen
Via Flickr:
Auto Restorers Club of Southern Minnesota 40th Annual Car Show & Swap Meet Nicollet County Fairgrounds St. Peter, Minnesota September 2016 Click here for more car pictures at my Flickr site.


Queer As FolkTed’s Birthday

Good morning lovelies! I made it to San Diego! 😄 I wanted to show you all a painting I was working on before my big trip down to California! 🎨 I painted this cool guy for the “Heavy Metal Magazine 40th Anniversary Group Show” now showing at the Copro Gallery 🦏🌈 He was a lot of fun to paint! What do you cuties think? 😁 If you like this big fella and want to take him home you can contact copronason@msn.com 😊 Now I’m off to explore downtown . 


Freddie Mercury.  Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)  //  Live Aid (1985)  //  Living On My Own  (1985) // The Great Pretender  (1987)


August 14th 1975: Rocky Horror Picture Show debuts

On this day in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show premiered in the United Kingdom, followed by a US release in September. The film, directed by Jim Sharman, was based on the 1973 musical The Rocky Horror Show, written by Richard O’Brien, and opened exactly two years after the premiere of the musical in London. It is a parody and tribute to science fiction and horror B movies, starring Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick as a young engaged couple whose car breaks down and are forced to seek help at a mysterious castle occupied by an alien transvestite scientist named Dr. Frank N. Furter (Tim Curry). Iconic songs of the film include ‘Science Fiction, Double Feature’, ‘The Time Warp’, and ‘Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul’ (which featured an appearance from Meatloaf). Despite not being a success upon its initial release, Rocky Horror has since gained a cult following, with fans attending screenings of the film and performances of the musical in costume, and frequently shouting callback lines during the show. It remains the longest-running film release in history, as it has never stopped screening since 1975.

40 years ago today


RHPS INSPIRED LINE! Coming October 2014

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Happy Birthday to the wonderful Dakota Mayi Johnson {October, 4th, 1989}