Strike a Pose…create instability…strengthen!

RAISED-LEG PLANK (RESPECT!): 1-MIN Hold, is a static hold which strengthens shoulders, delta, biceps, and #CORE360°!

Assume position & FOCUS…

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So, today I completed Day#19 of the ABS Challenge (12o CRUNCHES;  50 LEG RAISES;  2:56 PLANK!!!);  MY SQUAT Challenge = 350!!! Walking Lunges:  32 no wts;  16 with 20lbs;  and Jumping Squats = 40!  THIGHS ARE BURNING!

I have begun Instagram, FB, and tumblr –ing my fitness journey…and love how people reach out…I am propelled …a new form of accountability. 

Aside from the public, I am very proud of myself, I am pushing through this season of my life IN SPITE of the challenges I AM FACING;  and there are many…

WE do not have a lot of food, so weight loss is no problem…I believe that as long as I keep pushing, the weight will come off, I will get stronger, more toned, sleeker and more lean…

I look forward to  RE-incorporating MORE healthier and raw options, once I become able to buy foods in great quantities again.  But we are able to eat healthily, though in smaller portions.  GRATEFUL!

Do I think this is accidental…? No!  Do I think this part of God’s plan?  YES!

As much of a ‘go-getter’ I am, I can be too focused on my way.  I believe that the LORD is teaching me, THROUGH my life now, HIS way…so I CHOOSE to submit.

I do not want to go back.  I accept the LOWER calorie eating;  I accept the extended stay hotel, the unemployment…they are facts, not truth…things will change, because I am changing.

I am living the truth that exercise is a CHOICE to do in the midst of whatever…everything does not have to be perfect… your health and wellness IS your life, and exercise is one way to maintain them.  NO EXCUSES.

Though it costs, I am LIVING THROUGH the BURN…and LOVING the Results.

How are you Living Through the BURN?

Hello, Everyone!  Been away for a little while!  …so much has gone one - so much to update you one.  

As you can see, I have graduated - earned my Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the College of St. Scholastic (rigorous, but GREAT graduate program;  intense, while intimate).

Relocated to Texas - amazing 22-hr road trip - life CHANGED with every mile south.

Settling in…in a hotel with my 4 children and our dog.  Job-hunting is testing my patience - but I am undaunted - I have got MAD skills ready to contribute!

Looking Forward and Embracing

Karla Petersen

WEIGHTED SQUATS! INTENSIFYING your exercise with WEIGHTS increases the WORKLOAD, makes exercises MORE CHALLENGING when they get “easy,” forcing muscles to work harder = DEFINITION…RIPPED! QUADS are composed of 4 separate muscles = LARGE muscle group = INCREASED calorie expenditure when WORKED (they SHOULD burn)! Do not fear challenging yourself…push…push again…you will get IT & THERE!!
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Meeting the Challenges

I HAVE OFFICIALLY COMPLETED MY ABS CHALLENGE presented by Black Women Do Workout!!! 

At the end of 24 days, I completed:  1,215 CRUNCHES, 617 LEG RAISES, and held the PLANK for 26.58 MINUTES!!!  

I competed against and OUTDID myself, meeting AND EXCEEDING the challenge I took on!  I ENCOURAGE you to take on this challenge!

This was as much mental as it was physical:  it was challenging physically, there days when I thought of excuses, times when I had to pause during the workout because muscles BURNED so badly…OUCH!!! 

I learned VALUABLE lessons about me - ONE:  I can set goals and meet them in the midst of things not being “right” or “perfect;"  CHALLENGES merely tests my resolve to push back and move forward - YEAH, I AM THAT WOMAN!   

But I PUSHED, thinking of the RESULTS I sought, and of YOU!  How can I tell you you can do it if I don’t…?!!??  My SUFFERING will ENABLE YOU to overcome your won challenges…I KNOW what it takes, and if I see it IN you, I will push to get it OUT of you, enabling you to OVERCOME your own challenges! 

You know this is also metaphorical, right?  I am also taking on LIFE’S challenges, meeting  and EXCEEDING them…I am Living Through the BURN!

I was just reading [your] blog and got motivated all over again. I did not know [the] story [of] [your] present situation. My baby sister just got the news of being diabetic. I have been sharing with her what [you] have shared with me[,] so now we both are on this journey together. Thank [you] so so much for [your] encouragement. [I will] be praying that our Lord [opens] the door [as] to where [He] wants [you] to work at to touch those lives as [you] have touched [mine].
—  Cindy - Client