40s sunglasses


My biggest one yet 💋💋💋

True glue 12$
Love roses mist 16$
Lip tint 14$
Fig blossom perfume 18$
Minted rose lip balm 8$
Lip scrub 22$
Brow gel 16$

Tartelette palette 46$
Smashbox Spotlight palette 35$
UD naked heat palette 54$

UD Naked skin foundation 40$
UD eyeshadow primer 13$
Earrings 30$
Sunglasses 40$

Viktorîæ Sékrêtt
12.50 x2
14.50 x2

Angels on bare skin 17$

Friii Ppl
Necklace 38$

Grand total- 500$

(I bought everything, this is role playing)

I’m so happy with this one! I already wrote about how I got these in each store but my post deleted itself somehow :/ if you wanna know my technique or which stores were difficult, just comment and I’ll reply :)

Modern Varric Aesthetics:

-lovingly cared for laptop, no longer any recognizable brand but an amalgam of new and improved parts
-starts wearing his fall jacket too early, doesn’t switch to his winter one until he risks losing fingers
-likes every picture his friends ever post on Facebook, Instagram.
-always carries a deck of cards
-window down, arm out the side of the car, sleeves rolled up radio blaring
-170, 638 unread emails, replies to text messages 5 min later or less
-raucous laughter at bars, always orders nachos for the table, knows every bar with a karaoke night in the city
-profile picture showing just his jawline and chest hair
-40% tipper
-sunglasses tucked into his shirt or pushed up onto his forehead, constantly using his hand to shade his eyes
-orders cheapest beer on the menu by the pitcher, complains about it all night
-YouTube channel on which he reads trashy romance novels in increasingly overdramatic voices
-wears/displays gag gifts proudly, owns 5+ ‘my best friend went to _____ and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’ shirts.
-books strewn over every horizon lay surface in his house, propping up furniture, uses a hardcover as a doorstop
-sprawls over entire table at coffee shops, pages of manuscript everywhere and red ink on his fingers
-sends ‘I love you man’ texts when drunk


All of this was like over the course of 3 days and i took most of the packaging bc i forgot i was gonna post pictures. And these are canadian prices and some i had to guess bc i forgot what the original prices were soz

Urban Outfitters

booties 30$

sunglasses x2 40$ (one pair not shown)


Mini brush set 10$

Olay face brightening cream 10$

Clear Nailpolish 8$ (not shown)


Fibre 1 bars 3$

Essie Top Coat 7$

Essie Fast Drying 7$

Nail Polish Remover 6$

Victoria’s Secret

lace thongs x3 31.50$

sports bras x3 49.50$

black sweater 30.50$

Chapters (it’s a bookstore)

Yes Please by Amy Poehler 20$ (not shown)

Egghead by Bo Burnham 17$

It by Alexa Chung 23$ (not shown)

Winners (kind of like marshalls or ross)

Black lace bra 18$

set of travel brushes 16$

converse socks 7$

knee high socks 9$


Interstellar palette 55$

semi sweet chocolate palette x2 118$ (one not shown)

makeup forever hd foundation x2 98$ (one not shown)

Nars concealer x2 70$ (one not shown)

YSL lipsticks x4 156$ (two not shown)

Urban Decay setting mist 36$

Urban Decay Shadow primer 24$

Nars pore primer 34$

black beauty blender 26$

BB hair powder 31$

Anastasia Brow pencil 30$

nars matte lip pencils x2 62$

kat von d liquid liner pen 18$

too faced melted lipstick 25$

lancome lipgloss 18$


Coco madam x2 180$

Face wipes 6$

Eye brightner thing 22$

Lipgloss stuff that makes ur lips big 22$

Maybelline Foundation 13$

Theyre Real Mascara 23$

l'oreal eye liners x2 20$

l'oreal liquid liner 11$

Earbuds 14$

cuticle clippers 11$

oil wipes 4$

Biore Nose Strips 8$

Biore heat masks 8$

Dior Mascara 30$

Porefessional 27$

Eye Contour kit 23$

Maybelline Eyeliner 7$

Maybelline Shadow Stick 8$

Essie Nailpolish 13$ (not shown)

Matte Nailpolish Coat 13$ (not shown)

Total Saved: 1,606.50$

If it says not shown that’s because i lifted that stuff for my best friend and she has it haha.