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California bar sells $15 40-oz Colt 45 in a brown paper bag

  • The owner of St. Felix, the Hollywood bar offering the pricey Colt 45, said they’re not playing into gentrification.
  • “We’re not gentrifying anything — that’s not even the right word,” John Arakaki, owner of St. Felix, told the publication. 
  • “When I was a kid growing up in Cleveland and going to Ohio State, we loved Colt 45 because of the Billy Dee Williams commercials.”
  • Arakaki claimed the “forty” was not overpriced. Read more

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Portrait of soprano Carlotta Franzell. Printed on front: “J. Abresch, N.Y.” Stamped on back: “Kindly give credit to James Abresch, 200 West 57th St., N.Y.C.” Label on back: “Carlotta Franzell, who originated the demure little Cindy Lou in the Broadway production of Carmen Jones returns in the role when Civic’s final offering opens at Masonic, Monday, February 28.” 1949.

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

Detroit and the industrial region surrounding it, was plunged into semi-darkness as all except street lights and in war factories went out for fifteen minutes during a blackout drill on May 4, 1942. AP


Forty (40) questions you're free to ask!

1 How old are you?
2 What’s your eye color?
3 Which country do you come from?
4 Favourite season?
5 Do you paint your nails? (what color?)
6 What’s your favourite eye shadow (color?)
7 Which (brand) kind of shoes do you usually wear?
8 Carpe Diem or Carpe Noctem?
9 Would you rather wake up early or late?
10 Where do you want to go for vacation?
11 Do / did you have a pet?
12 Can you fold an origami?
13 Have you learned how to knit?
14 What’s your favourite book (recommendations?)?
15 What’s your favourite movie (recommendations?)?
16 What’s your favourite show (recommendations?)?
17 Do you cook often (what kind of meals?)?
18 Do you bake often?
19 Do you often think of outer space?
20 Do you like to watch shooting stars?
21 What’s your favourite kind of weather?
22 What’s your favourite fruit?
23 Are there posters put up in your bedroom?
24 Do you have patience?
25 Which one do you prefer: card or board games?
26 Which one do you prefer: cake or muffins?
27 Which one do you prefer: taking a bath or showering?
28 Which one do you prefer: candles or christmas lights?
29 Which one do you prefer: raspberries or strawberries
30 Which one do you prefer: cats or dogs?
31 What’s your MBTI?
32 Which kind of magical creature would you choose to be: a) zentaur b) fairy c) mermaid d) witch
33 What’s your zodiac sign?
34 Which one would you choose (sports) : a) soccer b) basketball c) badminton d) ice hockey
35 Which one would you choose (school subjects): a) english b) history c) maths d) PE
36 Which one would you choose (plants): a) cactus b) apple tree c) orchid d) daisy
37 Which one would you choose (animals): a) dog b) peacock c) tortoise d) zebra
38 Which kind of magical pet would you choose: a) dragon b) unicorn c) hippogriff
39 Name a fandom you’re in (it doesn’t have to be a book/series/movie fandom - bands etc. is possible, too)
40 What’s your hogwarts house?


Christians commemorate on March 9th the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, or the Holy Forty, (a group of Roman soldiers from the Legio XII Fulminata - Armed with Lightning - whose martyrdom, in 320, for the Christian faith is recounted in traditional martyrologies).

They were killed near the city of Sebaste (present-day Sivas in Turkey), in Lesser Armenia, victims of the persecutions of Licinius, who after 316, persecuted the Christians of the East

The earliest account of their existence and martyrdom is given by Bishop Basil of Caesarea (370–379). According to Basil, forty soldiers who had openly confessed themselves Christians were condemned by the prefect to be exposed naked upon a frozen pond near Sebaste on a bitterly cold night, that they might freeze to death

Among the confessors, one yielded and, leaving his companions, sought the warm baths near the lake which had been prepared for any who might prove inconstant. 

One of the guards set to keep watch over the martyrs beheld at that moment a supernatural brilliancy overshadowing them, and, at once proclaimed himself a Christian, threw off his garments, and joined the remaining thirty-nine. Thus the number of forty remained complete. 

At daybreak, the stiffened bodies of the confessors, which still showed signs of life, were burned and the ashes cast into a river. Christians, however, collected the remains, and the relics were distributed throughout many cities; in this way, veneration of the Forty Martyrs became widespread, and numerous churches were built in their honour.

In Romania, for this day, which coincides, as well, with the start of the agricultural year, a special sweet dish is prepared, called Mucenici (Martyrs), or Sfinţişori (Saints), depending on the region. 

In Muntenia and Dobrogea (regions of Romania), small circles of dough are boiled in water with sugar, cinnamon and crushed nuts, symbolizing the lake where the Martyrs were cast.

In Moldavia region, the dough, in a large shape of the figure 8 is baked, then smeared with honey and walnuts.

View of a woman worker taking a test for manual dexterity at the AC Spark Plug Division plant. Man’s hand holding stopwatch in foreground. Label on back: “Skill in turning the pegs a full turn helps select those girls with better manual dexterity.” Handwritten on back: “AC Spark Plug Div. Women workers.” 1942-45

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library