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Do you think Pewds will do another video when he hits 40M Bros, like he did now or not? ^^

40M is hella big number, he might do something special


Leo Messi’s school in Rosario honour the Barca star with giant hand-painted tribute

The Escuela Nº 66 General Las Heras in Rosario, Argentina has celebrated the fact that Messi attended their school by having his image painted on a wall outside the school building.

It occupied 40m² and 1,500 litres of paint were needed for it to be completed, with Messi wearing the Argentina shirt in the mural.

Paulo Consentino was in charge of the painting; he has also done similar work on Neymar in Brazil and Luis Suarez in Uruguay.

The creation was supported by The Lionel Messi Foundation.


Frilled Nudibranch (Leminda millecra)

…an amazing species of Metarminid nudibranch that is endemic to the South African coast, where it is found from the Atlantic coast of the Cape Peninsula to Port Elizabeth. Frilled nudibranchs are typically found in shallow waters of depths of 10-40m, but deep water specimens have been collected as well. Not much is known about the biology/ecology of Leminda millecra, but it is reported to feed on the soft coral Alcyonium fauri.


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Heterobranchia-Euthyneura-Nudipleura-Nudibranchia-Dexiarchia-Cladobranchia-Metarminoidea-Charcotiidae-Leminda-L. millecra

Image(s): Seascapeza


Mechanical Clown

Music & Lyrics by :40㍍P
illustration by: yamako (ヤマコ)
Movie by :√Effect

【初音ミク(40㍍)】 からくりピエロ 【オリジナルPV】
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“Karakuri Pierrot” by 40meter (40m)

Singable Translyrics:

I stand here and wait – you’re two hours late
I guess you just don’t care about me or our date

The people passing by, the very clouds and sky
Are laughing at the girl stupid enough to try

It’s an easy thing to do, but a difficult one too
Accepting the truth and moving from the past into the now
I cannot believe it; I don’t want to believe it
Inside your mind, I’m just a clown, and my act won’t please the crowd

 Ah, I’m spinning, I’m spinning, and I’m getting dizzy
Ah, I’m running, I’m running out of breath
Yeah, surely this won’t be the last that you see of me
I’ll keep reaching in vain for you until my death

 The Earth is unaware, pushing me here and there
Spinning me ‘round and ‘round, and it just isn’t fair

 For a second, time blurs – I’m at a loss for words
I’m still too in shock to realize I’ve been hurt

 It was a coincidence that was fated to happen
I wish I didn’t try to see if your feelings matched mine
I feel the warmth of your skin that used to make me glow within
But now that gentle touch, that sad smile – they’re driving the knife deeper inside

Ah, I’m spinning, I’m spinning, and I’m getting dizzy
Ah, I’m spinning, I’m spinning, and I’m getting dizzy
Ah, I’m running, I’m running, I’m running out of breath
Ah, I’m running, I’m running, I’m running out of breath

Ah, things are chang-, things are chang-, things are changing all around
Ah, I’m so scared of what it means for my heart
I’ve had enough; I can’t wait for you anymore now
Or I’ll surely shatter and fall apart

Ah, I’m spinning, I’m spinning, and I’m really sick of it
Ah, the air is sticking in my windpipe
Yeah, all I am is your faithful little broken puppet
I’ve always been yours to command, so do with me what you like