The description for Know Your Enemies is out!!!

Commissar Ciaphas Cain and the Valhallan 597th are in the thick of it again, putting down an uprising of Chaos cultists on an Imperial mining world. Though their mission is a success, they find evidence that the corruption might have spread to other planets, and that the forge world of Ironfound could now be at risk. The munitions Ironfound produces are vital to the Imperial war effort in the subsector; its safety must be assured at all costs. As battle explodes across the planet, Ciaphas Cain and his regiment come up against allies and enemies old and new in their fight for victory against the forces of Chaos.

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh

I hope Emeli makes a reappearance! Slaanesh feelings! Or the Reclaimers and his techmarine friend Drumon, that would be just incredible. He did disappear so sadly ;_;

I’m not sure what time this is set in, and I’m slightly disappointed that it’s not about something grander. BUT I’m so thrilled to be hearing more about this! Cain is how I got into 40k in the first place, and I’m feeling some major nostalgia. I can’t believe The Greater Good came out in 2013 good god.

when my friend found out her boyfriend of three years was cheating on her she went through his phone, took pictures of every interaction he had with another girl, printed them out, wrote down where she had been at every instance and what lies he had told her about where he would be, and put them in a folder. when she confronted him and he denied everything she pulled out this big ass folder and just said “lets review” and Honestly, that is the most iconic thing anyone has ever done.


this is a call out post for my little trash man who wont let me go anywhere

tbh the worst thing about being a self aware mentally ill person is that people assume that because you understand your illness you’re automatically able to actually apply your knowledge to your life and cure yourself