#tbt & #40daysofbarrio - One of my favorite memories was when @mstorisaurus and I dressed up for the midnight premiere for Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!! Definitely one of the best days/nights of my life! Our costumes were too legit. 😏 Extra points if you know what we are!!! ⚡ #harrypotter #midnightpremiere #itallends #always #everyonewantedourpicture #freekisses (at Century at Tanforan and XD)

Day 16: Dance | Been dancing since I was four years old and I’m still in love! Ballet + Jazz + Tap Dancing. From WSPA to SI. From recitals to fashion shows. From photoshoots to music videos. I LOVE DANCE! 💃#40daysofbarrio #hiddentalentperhaps

| Day 2: Kasamahan | Last year, my photo was featured on the front page of USF’s newspaper! This was also how I was nominated to run for Historian. And if it wasn’t for this, I never would have made all the beautiful friendships and met all you beautiful people in Kasamahan this year! 😊 #kasamafam #40daysofbarrio

| Day 1: Dream | I dream of one day becoming a teacher and I’m slowly starting to make that dream a reality thanks to USF’s amazing Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program. 😊 #40DaysOfBarrio