anonymous asked:

Can you talk about your solo backpacking adventure? I'm dying to do it after I graduate but I have no clue where to begin or how to be safe, etc.

Sure thing! :)

I travelled during 40 days around Western Europe.
I travelled by train, plane, bus, car, metro, tram, foot, bike…like almost any means of transport ^^

Friends and people around me were all worried about my safety, but I wasn’t. Anything can happen to you even if you stay at home..and I wasn’t going to Thirld World countries or similar, I didn’t even need to change currency (apart from one country).
I think that in order to be safe it is enough to follow common sense rules, that’s it. And not to be afraid: I strongly believe that (as with dogs and animals in general) the more you’re afraid the more you attract ‘scary’ things. So, be relaxed and enjoy your trip ;)

How did I plan where to go?
I didn’t want to pay for accomodation, at all, thus I first chose cities where friends of mine live(d), mostly friends I wanted to visit or cities I wanted to visit. Then for the few places where I didn’t have friends I wrote to couchsurfers and stayed at their place.

I went from my home town to Milan by train and stayed there at a friend’s for one night waiting for my plane.
The day after I flew to Edinburgh (Scotland). Then I flew to my “second hometown”, Cork (Ireland), where I was in Erasmus 2 ys ago.
Then flew to Paris and then went by train to Avignon.
From Avignon I went to Montpellier-Toulouse-Carcassonne-Toulose-Barcelona, all by carsharing (loved it).
And then by bus to a small village in Aragòn (Spain) and visited with a friend of mine from the Erasmus few small villages and countryside in that area. Then by car to Zaragoza.
And by plane once again to Milan, then by train to my hometown.

I wasn’t really alone all the time, wherever I stopped I had someone to share some of my time with. But I moved alone from one place to the other.
Not even once I felt at risk, not even once I felt like something bad could happen to me, I wasn’t afraid.

I don’t know if this can help you, but feel free to ask more, either on anonymous or not :)

P.S.: if you go here 40 Day Long Trip you’ll find some posts from the trip :)