SHINEE REACT: When you’re angry and refuse to sleep in the same room as them

Scene: He did something stupid, and you having had a bad day already made things worse. Angry with him you refused to sleep together and took the couch giving him the silent treatment.

Onew: Knows you can’t stay mad at him for long so he wouldn’t be too worried but he’d try speeding up the process with some aegyo.

“Y/N-ah! It’s cold, let’s cuddle!”

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Jonghyun: Would turn up the air conditioning and keep all the blankets in the bedroom. It was already a cold night and even though you had turned the AC off it was still freezing cold.

Let’s see how long she can hold out in the cold. (This little devil.)

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Minho: Still doesn’t understand why you aren’t in bed with him already.

“Wait…are you angry or something?”

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Key: Can’t really believe you just said you were sleeping outside. He doesn’t like sleeping without you beside him so he was obviously a little hurt but he knows you well so he’d just quietly go to the bedroom and wait.

Later when you thought he was asleep you’d creep back into the room only to find him waiting for you. Without a word he’d wave you over and the argument would have been forgotten because you would be happily asleep in his arms.

Taemin: He thought he’d be fine with just letting you cool off but after a few hours he was starting to worry about how serious this was since you hadn’t even come into the room to get a pillow or some blankets. Tired, he’d sleepily make his way out into the living room where he’d find you curled up on the couch still awake but cold and uncomfortable.

“You are so stubborn. Come on, it’s cold out here.” he would sigh and drag you back into the room with him.

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[161025] Onew willl be on KBS new tv show ‘Trick and True’

KBS’s new science variety show, ‘Trick and True’ aired back in September as a pilot holiday special show but since it received a lot of positive feedback, it is now a permanent show. (cr)

On this show :   Magic like science! Science like magic! If you can do it by yourself, that would be science. If you can’t? That would be a trick. Two entertainers, one magician and the other scientist, will discover some new truths! (cr)


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