Ice Age is a movie based in pre-historic era. The main characters in this movie are Sid (a sloth),Manny (a mammoth) and Diego(a Sabre-tooth tiger) who tries to return a human baby to his right place. The central theme of this movie is friendship and care. From the beginning to the end of the movie ,it shows how even different species or characters with different personalities can be friends.For example friendship between a lazy sloth , a large mammoth,and a sabre-tooth tiger.Even though Diego is a natural predator for Sid and Manny,he eventually cares for them.Amazingly he even cares for a human baby ,whereas he was sent from his pack to lure Sid,Manny and human baby to a trap.In my view their  friendship gets stronger because of the human baby as in the start of the movie ,they wouldnot get along pretty well but after they find the baby and start their baby-sitting journey ,their bond of friendship grows stronger and stronger. This movie gives a clear education for all viewers that nomatter how different we all are,it doesnot matter from which race,how our color is ,we can all be friends.

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An #4086 ich wsr in der selben situation und hab mich auf den jungen eingelassen. Jetzt bereu ich es. Mein tipp an dich: lass die finger von dem anderen kerl und find erst heraus was du wirklich willst