4077th mash

So my husband and I have this fantheory about MASH...

You know how it’s a huge joke that the Korean conflict only lasted a few years, while MASH lasted for eleven? Well, I made a crack to my husband that it, like so many other stupid fantheories, was purgatory. the actual 4077th really was destroyed in a bombing, no survivors, fairly early on in the conflict. And the staff just never knew.

When the casualties came in, they were soldiers and occasionally civilians who had died in battle. The ones who died at the unit were near-death experiences, waking up in a hospital in reality later with strange stories of a really hairy nurse and a doctor in Groucho Marx glasses. Those 98% or so who survived and were sent on to Seoul for recovery? And the people who got their orders and were sent home? They were just sent on to the afterlife. We almost never heard back from them.

And when the “war” was over and the unit closed, well, that was the staff being sent on too. Maybe Hawkeye’s breakdown over the not-chicken at the end had something to do with finally being able to let go of the horrors and move on. Margaret’s failed marriage was her finally coping with the fact that she’d never managed to have a husband in life… and maybe that this wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe Sidney Freedman was secretly an angel, sent to help them deal with their fates.

My husband went quiet when I made that joke. Then he suggested that the unit was destroyed by Five-O-Clock Charlie. Headcanon accepted.


Okay, so I’ve had a silly little project over these past few months, and it’s been rather addictive. It’s also been needlessly complicated, very long-winded, and the whole thing sort of broke one time and had to be retrieved and rescued from the depths of my hard drive, but here is my Sims 3 MASH 4077th project.

Screenshots, from top to bottom, are:

Henry in a meeting with his two favourite Majors.
Frank and Margaret having an emotional moment in pre-op.
Henry at home (left) with Molly, and Trapper (right) with Kathy.
Henry (left) and Trapper (right) leaving their families to go to Korea.
Frank (left) says goodbye to his wife, and Hawkeye (right) to his dad.
An aerial shot of the camp with the personnel heading to work.
Margaret briefs Kellye in the O.R. while Henry dreams of fishing.

More Sim geekery under the cut…

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The beauty of the MASH (family) Fandom.

We respect each other.

We respect that some folks like the early seasons and some folks like the later seasons and some folks like both.

That some folks love Trapper and some folks love BJ and some folks love both.

That some folks like Burns over Winchester and vice verse.

We have Blake lovers. Potter lovers.
Fans of both Colonels.

Radar lovers. Klinger enthusiasts.
Those who love both Corporals the same…

Sidney lovers. Flagg lovers. Kellye lovers.
Father Mulcahy lovers.

We’re just one big family unit.

No judgment or harsh criticism.
Just unity and love and togetherness.
Agree to disagree. Kindness.

I love you all so much.
Long live our vintage fandom. (Family)

One year ago I woke up and found out the news that you’d left us. Not a day goes by, Wayne, that I don’t think of you and smile. Everyone has their time. But in my heart, you’re still on earth. You’re still here. You’re still our Trapper. You always will be. Watch over us, Captain.
We love you.
Wayne Rogers
April 7, 1933-December 31, 2015

“You made it bearable, Trap. I couldn’t have made it without you. Not the war, not the wounded. Nothing. I’m gonna miss you. ”
- Hawkeye Pierce