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M*A*S*H summed up

Hawkeye and Trapper: We’re doing a thing

Frank and Margaret: don’t do the thing or we’ll call the General

Henry: You have my permission to do the thing, but I did not give you my permission or know about the thing

Radar: Sirs I already ordered you the things you need to do the thing

Everyone else in the unit: We’re gonna help do the thing, because Frank sucks

I have this theory that after all the MASH characters went home and they hear helicopters, they have one of two reactions: they either start to mentally prepare themselves to do surgery before they remember they’re not in Korea anymore, or they get really happy that they don’t have to go through that anymore and get in a really good mood.

Except for Radar, who would instantly yell ‘choppers’ no matter where he was or who he was talking to. 

I want to know how this conversation went during filming. Was it “Hey Mike, we want you to do a totally sick barrel roll through the tent screen.” or was it his own idea like “Hey, how about instead of just running out of the tent like everyone else, I do a barrel roll out the side of it. It’ll be RAD.”