407 dark flight


407 Dark Flight 3D (2012) ★★☆☆☆

The one thing Dark Flight has going on for it is that it is very aesthetically pleasing. There were many creepy moments, though nothing that hasn’t been seen before. The characters were unlikeable and the story unoriginal. I would recommend watching this while multi-tasking, since you won’t be missing anything story-wise anyway.

Don't Turn Out the Lights Movie Week: 407 Dark Flight

Movie: 407 Dark Flight (or just Dark Flight - 2012)

Country: Thailand

Starring: Marsha Wattanapanich, Peter Knight, Paramej Noiam, & Patcharee Tubthong.

Synopsis: People on a plane start to see creepy stuff. They start to die. I think you all know where this is going…

Admin B’s Rating: 4/5

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