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… So uh, I’m surfing the Steam Powered Giraffe tag for giggles and I saw this post bouncing around with this spontaneous comic collaboration, and I got to I think page four and I got some ideas and then I kind of blocked them out, but then I just started having fun drawing Rabbit and The Jon’s faces, because, um, like that other drawing, the lines and stuff on their faces make them more fun and interesting to draw?

Anyway this isn’t a serious shot at continuation, 1) because someone else has already continued it, 2) because it’s awful sketches right now, and 3) because the tone totally clashes anyway because I can’t do serious to save my life. :c

If you can read my horrible writing, congratulations! If you can’t, too bad, you’re going to have to wait for me to do this digital (if that ever happens ever >.>).

also posting this ‘cause I’m vain and i like seeing the rough thumbnail vs the expressions and fsfh i’m going away now goodnight