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dazai/atsushi domestic headcanons because we all deserve it

- dazai wakes up first but he doesn’t go to bathroom or anything, no. he stares at atsushi. until atsushi wakes up and he pretends he’s asleep then atsushi will proceed to drag him out bed but – “no, atsushi-kun, the warmth of our bed is too good to waste!”

- atsushi can cook decent meals. let’s say, he’s good at following google’s instructions. dazai can fry and boil water but that’s it. leave the both of them in the kitchen and they wont be out until everyone is dying out of starvation. just ask kunikida, he’s still scarred as hell.

- atsushi helps dazai to put his bandages on. actually, atsushi thinks of it as a task and its cute when atsushi gets all focus on making everything perfect for dazai, according to the man himself. kunikida doesn’t want to know, though. so does ranpo.

- they go to work together and dazai likes to hold atsushi’s hand when they walk. atsushi is embarrassed, not because everyone is looking at them but – “dazai-san is holDING MY HAND PAGE 404 ERROR”

- dazai likes to kiss atsushi’s forehead. because he’s taller and its something he can do before he shoves atsushi’s face in his chest and hugs him tight.

- atsushi talks about dazai when he’s with other people. it’s more of a conversation kind of thing, like: “so i heard this donut” and atsushi will go, “yes, dazai-san is –” and there he go. expect a full conversation about this amazing, bandage, man who likes suicide when you’re talking about donuts.

- dazai compliments atsushi, and its easier for him to do so because it feels right in his tongue. but his compliments are vague. “you have a wonderful look today, atsushi-kun” translation: you are beautiful and i am only a mere human looking at God’s creation.

- dazai is a proud significant other. i’m telling you, he sounds like a proud dad who cheers for his son in a baseball game when atsushi does stuff. kunikida thinks dazai is a embarrassing individual, so much, he could die.

- atsushi doesn’t call dazai in his first name. neither did he dropped the honorifics. he calls him dazai-san and dazai calls him atsushi-kun. dazai doesn’t like it at first, but meh. maybe dazai could complain about it again when they are married.

- speaking of marriage, dazai makes very vague proposal. from “wanna die with me?” to “please make me more average breakfast for the rest of our lives” and atsushi knows shit about it. kunikida wanna die.

Hey random cool hc bout erik

What if his deformity was a curse and he looked normal in the day on certain days but looked dead the rest of the time. Just to antogonize him. But also whar if even when he looked normal, when he looked in the mirror all he could see was his cursed face and loved half of his life thinking he looked like that 24/7 until nadir came along and saw the chande and told him and erik is like [error 404 page not found]

And so he keep nadir arpund just to tell him when he looks normal until they figure out the pattern.

Just makes you wonder what he would have done on those days.

chirrut would 100% be that cheeky ass bf/husband that’s always teasing baze and asking for kisses and cuddles in public, but whenever baze complies and DOES give him a smooch, chirrut gets all Error 404 Page Not Found and goes red faced and baze tries real hard to only use this power for Good and not evil

Last year (was it last year?) a bunch of Sherlock fans decided there was a secret message being sent to them by the producers, both in the show and in the show’s promotion, that there was going to be a surprise episode after the garbage fest that was 4.03. It is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a fandom do. It literally involved a 404 error page on the BBC website for a different show.

Various factions of Once fandom are rapidly approaching this level of stupid with the insistence that costumes have special meaning and the toys on Adam Horowitz’s TV console signal something other than his kids leave stuff around the house.

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anonymous asked:

hii, i was looking through your fic rec masterpost and under the ghost section i noticed that the link for 'as he that sleeps here swims' (the description of the story is about louis being a director at the theatre and harry is a ghost) doesn't work. i was wondering if that fic had been taken down or something ?

Heya love !

Little tips if a link in my fic rec doesn’t work anymore : if it’s going to a blank page with some weird coding shit, it’s because the link i used doesn’t work anymore (thank you Tumblr for messing up once again,) so let me know and I’ll fix it. If the link goes to a 404 error page on AO3 : the fic was deleted.

So in this case : you’re right ! it was deleted !

Is there someone who got the file though ? @silentlarryshipper maybe ?