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What is the source for the utterly ridiculous Jeff Davis quote you posted re: Liam and co being seniors all of a sudden?

Oh it’s here. I hope your brain cells don’t die reading this. Its THAT bad. It’s unrealistic, Im not from the US but I think you can only skip if you are really smart, like Lydia smart. Not even Alison could be in her own grade, she was held back.

Grade Skip Explained

It appeared that Mason and Liam had skipped a year in school. They were Sophomores during the last school year (Season 5 and Season 6a), but, when school resumes this time, they’ll be Seniors. This revelation came with no on-screen explanation, but, after some investigation, we managed to get to the bottom of the missing Junior year.

After checking our Teen Wolf Wikia archives, we found the very first reference to Liam’s school-class status. In Season 4, Episode 403 (Muted), Garrett says that Liam could be Beacon Hill’s first ever “Freshman captain.”

Then, throughout Season 5, students in their class are repeatedly referenced as “Sophomores.”

For them to be rising seniors in the school year ahead conflicts with established canon (also it’s just plain nutty).

Rather than just point out the problem, we decided to ask Teen Wolf creator and executive producer Jeff Davis if this was a mistake or was the grade skipping poetically-licensed?

“Yes, more poetic. It was decided that, as principal, Natalie Martin pushed them for early graduation after the events of the Beast (in order) to get them the hell out of Beacon Hills High School a little faster.”

Jeff and the writers laid the groundwork that Lydia’s mom is trying to cover up everything supernatural back in the Season 6a episode Superposition. Natalie declared the school a “dedicated safe space” and explained how she tried to convince 23 students that The Beast they saw in the library was just a large bear and that Scott’s fangs were the result of “Acute Teenage Hallucination Syndrome.”

Now we know just how far she’s willing to go to keep supernatural shenanigans out of the classroom. I can’t even guess what this level of “social promotion” means for the quality of education at Beacon Hills High School. That’ll be something for the superintendent to worry about.