Born in Lohr am Main, Germany, Nadja Frank lives and works in New York and Berlin. Her work operates on the boundary between painting, sculpture and environmental interventions. She engages with natural elements that acknowledge their own temporality and evolutional change to explore how light and color can determine and create space. Nadja received her MFA from Columbia University. She was awarded the Emerging Artist Fellowship Residency at Socrates Sculpture Park in 2011. Her most recent solo exhibition, Low Dry Hot, was held at 401contemporary in Berlin.

Nadja FrankApuane Alps, 2010. Inkjetprint, 29.5 x 41.7". Image courtesy the artist.


“Tearing Shadows is a new projection sculpture by Berlin-based artist Robert Seidel. Fragments of projection, sculpture and sounds perfoliate the gallery space, allowing the viewer to create endlessly varied audio-visual compositions by wandering around, essentially becoming a part of the artwork itself.”

“Tearing Shadow” by Robert Seidel is on show from 23rd of February to 13th of April 2013 at the 401contemporary gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Robert Seidel