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My top ten Lens

10. Magical Kitty Len Len

9. “I’m here for my late husband’s inheritance, shame he died a day after the wedding”

8. “Wanna see if I’m hung like one too?”

7. “They finally allowed me to wear full-length pants”

6. Literally stuck Neru’s head onto Len’s body

5. Sega is finally embracing the KaiLen

4. “Hey kids, wanna buy some real estate?”

3. Pants pants

2. Booty shorts

1. An actual stripper

The tragic thing about Drusilla is that she’s easily the most powerful vampire- or even demon- we ever see on screen. Really.

She’s the only vampire who- with absolutely no magical training whatsoever- can cast illusions. She’s the only vampire who can hypnotize people. She’s the only vampire we see who can predict the future. She’s the only vampire who can slay The Slayer herself using only her manicure. 

And yet, Drusilla is also easily the weakest vampire- or even demon- we ever see on screen as well. Because most of the time she isn’t lucid enough to use any of the aforementioned powers. Imagine having the potential to warp someone’s entire perceived reality to your whims, to command complete obedience over a person, to see vivid visions of fate and destiny years, decades, or centuries in advance…And to be too delusional to know how to make use of the power lying dormant within you.

In one episode, Drusilla has a premonition warning her that she will be set on fire and all she can take in is how pretty the flames are. And even when she is sane enough to make sense of what she sees, her visions are rarely taken seriously because everyone perceives her as “crazy”. 

Drusilla is wasted potential personified.