let me share my own story from today:

i went to the grocery store down the street earlier today. i wasnt wearing any makeup, i was in a hoodie and sweats, tired as fuck, and thinking “hey, im not going to see anybody i know. i’m fine”

i get what i need and go to checkout but there was only one cashier working and it was one i had never seen before since this is the only grocery store i ever go to

i walk up to the cashier and i swear, i dont know why i decided today was the day i wanted to look like shit, because it was this guy i was friends with back in sixth grade (about seven years ago) and i s2g, puberty hit him like a freight truck

i have never seen a more attractive person

and here i was…standing in front of this literal god of sunlight…. wearing no makeup in sweats and a hoodie buying two bags of cat food and tampons

Kirk Douglas Born

December 9 1916, Amsterdam, NY–Conditions for Jews in Russia were infamous in the years before the war; their right of free movement was limited and pogroms were increasingly frequent, especially in the Ukraine.  Herschel Danielovich and his wife Bryna immigrated to Amsterdam in upstate New York from Chavusy, in modern-day Belarus, in 1910.  Their home town was well behind the front line still, but high inflation (often blamed on “Jewish speculation”) made conditions difficult for their remaining relatives there.

On December 9, Herschel and Bryna had their first and only son, Izzy.  He would grow up speaking Yiddish at home, worked his way through his youth and college years, and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  He legally changed his name from Izzy Danielovich to his stage name of Kirk Douglas shortly before entering the Navy in World War II.

After World War II, Kirk Douglas would have a wildly successful career in Hollywood, including a starring appearance in Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory.  He played Colonel Dax, a French regimental commander who reluctantly leads his men into an attack he opposed, then defends three of them in a drumhead court martial when they are charged for cowardice as representatives of a second wave that refused to join the attack after the first were cut down.

The film was based on a similar incident which occurred at the very end of the battles in Champagne in early 1915, in which four corporals were executed by firing squad for refusing to leave their trenches into uninterfered-with German machine gun fire after being inadvertently shelled by their own artillery.

Kirk Douglas lives in Beverly Hills, California.

Today in 1915: Fire in Virginia Munitions Boomtown
Today in 1914: German Consul in Sunderland Convicted of High Treason

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Act 2 Scene 2 (Part 1)

After long hours, Puck comes across the sleeping Lysander and Hermia, and being the first Athenians he has encountered, the Faery… makes an error.

Enter the scene our other set of disgruntled lovers. Demetrius, still trailing Helena through the forest.

Helena: Stop! Demetrius, stop even if it’s to kill me, please!

Helena: You’re going to leave me?

Helena:Oh, I’m out of breath from this foolish chase. The more I pray, the less I get out of it. Hermia is lucky, wherever she is, because she has beautiful eyes. 

How did her eyes get so bright?

 Not from crying. If that’s the case, tears wash my eyes more than hers. No, no, I’m as ugly as a bear, since animals that see me run away in terror. So it’s no surprise that Demetrius runs away from me as if I were a monster. What evil and deceitful mirror made me think I could rival Hermia’s starry eyes? (she sees LYSANDER)But who’s this here? 

Lysander, on the ground? Is he…

 or sleeping? I don’t see any blood or injuries—

 wake up!

(to be continued in part 2)

Jet Black Camaro by thedaughterofkings

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 3080

Derek is totally going to do something about his crush on the cute guy with the moles manning the register of Beacon Hill’s super market. As soon as his family stops embarrassing him right in front of him.