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date me ive been blown off by a guy rip

he is nothing…. ur a precious gem
u know why i’m poly? because there’s BILLIONS of people, if it takes me forever there’s at least 40000 compatible people
i’m not saying i want to date 40000 people, what i’m saying is if i have the chance to love and care for someone who means a lot to me i’ll do it, everyone deserves to be loved, everyone needs someone and i don’t mind being that person for some people, i don’t always get romantic feelings bc im aroflux, but i can experience them. i actually enjoy online dating and then meeting irl afterwards, i find it easier to connect with people through technology
i have time to think about what to say, i have time to analyze situations and work out the best possible outcome
it’s hard for me to be around people so much, but i do want to meet the people i care about
even if i don’t tho that’s like?? not even a thing like it doesn’t matter if we can’t meet i’ll still care about you bc to me physical relations can mean everything to nothing
lots of people do things they Think will make them happy But Actually Make Them Sad
this includes shopping, dating someone you don’t love/ care for. taking the better job,
it’s all so curious to me
did you ever think of how special you are? you know every personality that has ever existed competes in the theater of your mind for the main role, but you. you made it, you did it and that alone makes you unique to this world
learn to love any aspect about yourself that you can, this is the life you will live. 300000 days, remember some of them
(i tell this to lamb a lot, also sorru for rambling anon!!)

edit: this was also the answer to another anon i got that said “really neat that u’d date someone thru tumblr! ur so cute but i’m So Embarrassed to say anything but ily”