40000 notes

  • Me: you should watch this show.
  • Them: let's watch the show.
  • Me: okay but wait you have to like, commit okay you have to pay attention and appreciate the details and the plots and not hate it and- I know the beginning starts out silly and it's like a silly show but I PROMISE I just love it a lot just listen and love it too but you might not actually maybe don't watch it never watch it
If BTS actually had tumbr:
  • Seokjin: Food blog. Writes really funny yet helpful recipes that get almost no attention, but whenever he posts a selfie, it hits 40000 notes and he receives 20 anonymous messages begging for him to "make me a salad, daddy~"
  • Yoongi: half of his blog is just aesthetic photography and the other half are shitposts about his depression. "follow my soundcloud 4 more #relatable #suffering guys!!!1!" Talks shit about tumblr irl but secretly has 24k followers.
  • Hoseok: doesnt really understand how blogging works but tries to post lots of fun selfies and pictures of his dog for all 8 of his followers to enjoy. Unironically comments "Love this! XD" and "Hilarious!!! :D" in the posts he reblogs. Pure. Too good for this wretched hellsite.
  • Namjoon: Overshares about his personal life in sappy poetry and under read mores. Reviews books movies and T.V shows in long text posts you have to scroll through endlessly to get past. makes otp gifsets of Ross/Rachel from Friends and gets into internet fights with ppl who hate The Catcher in the Rye
  • Jimin: Reblogs black and white pictures of people making out with tags like "god i wish that were me". Posts risque bathroom selfies at 3 am that he later regrets and mass deletes the next day. usually posts cute cat gifs and pictures of desserts when he isnt being thirsty.
  • Taehyung: Posts weird stories about his encounters with cryptids and supernatural beings during walks through the forest. His followers cant tell if hes joking or not in his posts about meeting the Mothman, but they obsessively create conspiracy theories about his life and gush over how adorable he looks in his blurry selfies.
  • Jungkook: Certified Tumblr Famous™. always on top of the latest memes. posts roughly 500 times a day. once when he didnt post for a week, "#JUNGKOOKISDEAD" began trending on tumblr, until he posted: "sorry about the hiatus, guys! my mom took away my laptop because i was playing too much Overwatch 😢😢😢"