LBD’s 400+ Follower Blog Recommendation List

Well, everyone, this past weekend I just past another follower milestone! On the 4th of July, my blog reached 400 followers. In celebration, I’m doing another list. Instead of a follow forever this time though, I’m doing this is a slightly different format. I’m going to give a list of blogs I think are worth following, listed by the main fandom I follow them for. Now, I’m not listing all the blogs I follow and these are far from all the blogs I like, but these are those that I consider to be on the top of my list in terms of suggesting blogs to other people.

Fire Emblem (Mostly Awakening/Fates):

ticcytx, maidenofghosts, nohr-family, nohrtrash, random-senpai, demure-inquisition, littlenohrprincess, little-kamui-sama, emiliasfescribbles, ellenwithart

warriorlucina, marxryouma, dornishsphinx, teaandtopor, goddess-poet

Dragon Age:

juliannos, the-gold-finch, fuckyeahcullen, singergurl91, marthas-adventures-in-the-fade, misspiggy385, klc-journei, pillowymanbosoms, greendelle, loonyloopy

mellorianj, hurricaneginger, bloomingcnidarians, dragonagefics, thepaganjew, reellifejaneway2, shecanbeheroes, cassandras-cheekbones, willobea, kingalistairtheiriin, voodoobuddha, tinyatheeena, mydadisindianajones, momochanners

Persona ¾:

mintypotato, disco-agidyne, potatocrisp, askthedeatharcana, milky-strawberries, hellyeahp3 (For some reason the mention function didn’t work on this one so I had to link it manually.)

Other Blogs Worth Your Time:

hinoe-0, joannalannister, thewritingcafe, fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment, outofcontextdnd, faithinhumanityr, tobiasandguy, markiplier, pokemon-subspecies, wei723, fuckyeahpacificrim

Lastly, Some People I’d like to Promote for being my Awesome Friends or Awesome People I’ve Met IRL that I haven’t listed above:

amewthefox, curiousobsession101, fairytailfemalefreed, witchelbi, undead-dragon-posts, literarythieves-13, tobiornottobithatisthequestion