400 games!

Oh boy. Storm Atronach Crates have arrived. I’ve never much cared for random chance loot, but I suppose I’ll have to buy one. For science.

Oooh, but hey, it’s Pacrooti! I’ve missed you, man. You never write me anymore. Seriously, it’s been years.

Ah well. Just give me something shiny and we’ll call it -

Right. That’s… certainly a lot of stuff I have no use for.

…Thanks, Pacrooti. You charlatan.


building up speed for 12 hours was already intense, now imagine hammering a block for 4 centuries just to crash paper mario



We haven’t even been here and year and yet we’re getting so much support from all of you! We’re so glad you’re looking forward to this game and decided to follow and keep track of it’s progress!

In return, here is some official references for some some of the characters in the game, may want to keep any eye out for these three. This is the last time any important refs (we may post some refs for npc’s though a bit later) will be put on this blog, so we do hope you enjoy them!

(A little info on the newest character “Ace”)

1. He’s trash

2. That’s all we can say

(Also we are very aware of the fact we missed the 300 follower milestone, due to this fact we will post another little gift tomorrow, so stay tuned!~)