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Andrew and Aaron pretending to be eachother for @sirandking

“Wear this.”

Aaron stares blankly at the clothes that have been thrust into his chest, then up at his brother. “Why the fuck would I wear that? Not all of us have to dress like we’re stuck in our ‘rawr means I love you in dinosaur’ stage.”

Andrew’s perpetual smile twitches, his only sign of anger. “Just fucking wear it. I’m going to pick up the runner today instead of you.”

Aaron glares, but Andrew always wins any staring contest between the two of them. “Fine,” he bites out finally. “But don’t make this a habit, okay?”

“No promises,” Andrew says, and leaves Aaron to change in peace.”

“Take my German test for me.”

Andrew doesn’t look away from the TV and the re-run of some stupid sit-com playing on it. “Why?”

Aaron frowns. “You’re better than I am. All that practice with your boyfriend.” He spits the word out, hoping to garner a reaction, but Andrew doesn’t even blink.


Aaron grits his teeth, takes a breath. “Please.”

Andrew flicks a cool look in his direction. “What did you just say?”

“I said please.” The repetition keeps Andrew’s eyes on him, although his expression is more murderous than agreeable. “Andrew, I’m going to fail this class if I don’t do well on this test.”

“Why are you doing so badly? Skipping class to meet up with Katelyn?” Andrew, too, spits the word out.

Aaron says nothing.

Andrew turns his gaze back to the TV. “No.”

Frustrated, Aaron storms off.

The day of the test, his hoodie is missing. Aaron smiles to himself. He gets a B+ on the test, which is worse than Andrew could have gotten, but better than Aaron could have. He takes it.

Talking to Bee helps, supposedly. Aaron isn’t sure; sometimes when he looks at Andrew he still feels pointless anger simmering beneath his skin, a frustration he can never scratch out. But maybe it helps, because when Andrew shows up on the day the freshman are supposed to arrive with a matching outfit for Aaron, he takes it wordlessly.

It is, he admits, if only to himself, kind of fun to mess with people at his brother’s side.

excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D

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A certain exy junkie ghost haunts the foxhole court

“I know you’re new here,” Matt explained on the way from the locker room to the court, “and your cousin looks ready to take on the world, but there’s some things we don’t mess with.”

Glancing back from his cousin (but no, he wasn’t taking on the world, he was just smiling creepily at the more outspokenly homophobic fifth years, great) Nicky side-eyed Matt.

“Some things like… salt on the windowsills.”

“It seems to help.”

“And the holy water by the doors that, uh, what’s her name–”


“– Yeah, her - the ones she manages.”

“Those definitely help. She learned from a professional.”


“I know what you’re thinking–”

“You keep saying it helps, but with what?

Matt cut a hand through the air, struggled for words, and finally, shrugged.

“At first, I didn’t believe it either. But, it’s. Well. Take my word for it: the court’s haunted.”

Nicky laughed.

Matt did not.

Nicky stopped laughing.

“Sorry,” Nicky said, smile strained, “I don’t usually ask this before we at least have a dinner, but: come again?”

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video game challenge [2/5] soundtracks  → telltale’s the walking dead (season 1)