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Sugar Baby Checklist

 As a sugar baby, I personally think it’s always important to list the things that I want to do or use, with the money I acquire via sugaring. I’ll admit, I have a bad habit when it comes to spending money, but budgeting and organizing a list for purchasing things that I need versus want is pivotal. Everyone should be able to make rent or bills on time.
* Monthly Allowance of 4K 
   - 300 for rent
   - 70 for phone bill 
   - 200 for makeup
   - 500 for clothing 
   - 700~2000 for updated headshots 
   - 900~2000 left over to save in a bank account 

* Brand new furniture for my room including:
   - A bed 600~800
   - A new mattress ???
   - A vanity table and chair 300~400
   - A side table <100
* Other accessories for my room including:
   - Paint <100
   - Mirror 30~130
   - Sheets, Shams, etc., <300

* A minimum of 5K in the bank at all times, hopefully it will be 10K instead. 

* Luxury items that I will not buy myself 
   - Bamboo Classic Blooms Top Handle ( Gucci; $2,490)
   - Soul Rockstud Sandal ( Valentino; $945)
   - Mike Sandal ( Chloe; $795)
   - Crystal- Embellished Satin Sandals ( Gianvitto Rossi $1,195)
   - Lauren leather D’orsay flats ( Chloe; $590)
   - Satin ankle-tie flats ( Gianvitto Rossi; $695)
   - Astro Couture Ankle Boots ( Valentino; $2,145)                                                    - Padlock Metallic Shoulder Bag ( Gucci; $1,750)
   - Pigalle pump( Louboutin; $675)
   -  Baroque Pump ( Ralph&Russo; $1,390)
   - Padlock Python Shoulder Bag (Gucci; $3,800)
   - Lowland Boot ( Stuart Weitzman; $875)
   - Lilith leather Top Handle Bag ( Gucci; $3,500)
   - Sylvie embroidered leather top handle bag ( Gucci; $3,500)
   - Dionysus Arabesque shoulder bag ( Gucci; $3,290)

* An  international vacation for 3-7 days at least once a year

Of course, the last half of this checklist is a goal I aim to work toward in eventually acquiring; It’s a new year, and hopefully I can accomplish all of these things. 

Hopefully everyone in the sugar community can too with their own personal goals or checklists. 

The Proper Names of Columbo - Season 7

1 “Try and Catch Me”

Proper name - “Columbo Sits in a 400-Year-Old Chair. He Doesn’t Look Comfortable.”

Or - “Columbo Takes a Yellow Rose for Mrs Columbo.”

Or - “Columbo Gets Made to Do a Speech About His Job. He Says He Likes His Job and Isn’t Depressed By It, And That Sometimes He Likes and Respects the Murderers. There’s Something Nice in Everyone.”

Or - “Columbo Goes to Belly Dancing Class and He is Not Embarrassed.”

Or - “Dog Likes to Watch the Boats.”

2 “Murder Under Glass”

Proper name - “Columbo Gets Given a Lot of Fancy Dishes by Chefs Who Were Friends of the Victim.”

Or - “Columbo Eats Globefish.”

Or - “Columbo Probably Ate More Egg Rolls than Cannelloni When He Was Little.”

Or - “Columbo Eats Cake at the Bank With the Bankers and It’s the Best Cake They’ve Ever Eaten.”

Or - “Columbo Makes a Meal, His Pop’s Recipe - Scallopini.”

Or - “Columbo Shouts in Italian at the Italian Chef Who is Helping Him Out On the Case.”

3 “Make Me a Perfect Murder”

Proper name - “The Projectionist Shows Columbo His Model Boat.”

Or- “Columbo’s Rearview Mirror is Broken.”

Or- “Columbo is a Reckless Driver.”

Or - “Columbo Goes to the Chairopractor.”

Or - Columbo Has a Neck Brace.”

Or - Columbo is Wearing Someone Else’s Glasses.”

Or - “Columbo Thinks He’s Becoming a Button Freak - He Likes Buttons and Switches.”

Or - “Columbo’s Good Friend Sergeant George Kramer Who is on the Police Force With Him is Suddenly a TV Repair Man and They Act As If He’s Someone Else, No Mention of Knowing Each Other.”

Or - “Columbo Lies On a Couch and Reads a Script, Smoking a Cigar, Wearing a Neck Brace and Someone Else’s Glasses.”

4 “How to Dial a Murder”

Proper name - “The Episode Where Blaise Thought the Dogs Were a Floating Table.”

Or - “Columbo Plays Ball With the Attack Dogs.”

Or - “Columbo Tries to Do A W.C. Fields Impression.”

Or - “Columbo’s Dad Taught Him How to Play Pool.”

Or - “Columbo Gets Cuddled By the Attack Dogs.”

5 “The Conspirators”

Proper name - “Columbo Plays on a Pinball Machine But He Tilts it.”

Or - “I Couldn’t Resist Trying Your Pinball Machine. I Guess I Tried a Little Too Hard, But That’s An Old Problem With Me, Sir, The Way I Keep Steering and Pushing and Pulling At Things, Someday the Whole Sky is Gonna Light Up and It’s Gonna Say ‘Tilt’ and That’s Gonna Be the End of the World.” 

Or - “Columbo Goes Into a Bookshop and Looks At A New History Of Erotic Art. Another Customer Looks at Him. He Puts It Down. Then He Goes Back to Look At It. He’s Just Browsing.”

Or - “This Man Has a Terrible Irish Accent. This Is About As Bad As The London Episode.”

This 3D-Printed cast uses ultrasound to heal bones 40% faster

An x-ray image of a cat pregnant with six kittens

Present day Manhattan versus what it would have looked like 400 years ago

The chair that Abraham Lincoln was shot in

Sand bar off the Bermuda Triangle that caught 16 ships

Bismuth is a chemical element with an amazing iridescent oxide surface

Bridge over icy water

A cabinet carved to look like a digital glitch

Human vision (top) vs. cat vision (bottom)

A child’s skull before losing baby teeth

anonymous asked:

Which one is correct in Spanish cientos de personas or cientas de persornas and why? I thought that cientas de personas would be correct because personas is femenine, however I have seen also cientos de personas in articles in newspaper. Thank you.

It's cientos de personas.

The numbers only start agreeing with subjects after 200.

  • doscientos libros = 200 books / doscientas sillas = 200 chairs
  • trescientos libros = 300 books / trescientas sillas = 300 chairs
  • cuatrocientos libros = 400 books / cuatrocientas sillas = 400 chairs
  • quinientos libros = 500 books / quinientas sillas = 500 chairs
  • seiscientos libros = 600 books / seiscientas sillas = 600 chairs
  • setecientos libros = 700 books / setecientas sillas = 700 chairs
  • ochocientos libros = 800 books / ochocientas sillas = 800 chairs
  • novecientos libros = 900 books / novecientas sillas = 900 chairs

Partly it’s because cientos here means “hundreds” while cien is “100”… the other part is the de.

cientos de personas = hundreds OF people

Not cien personas = 100 people / cien libros = 100 books

Because people don’t count by 200s or 300s, you don’t see doscientos / trescientos de personas.

For the same reason, you see…

  • miles de personas = thousands of people
  • millones de personas = millions of people
  • mil millones de personas = billions of people

The gender agreement only really applies for numbers 200-999.