400 blankets

Accepted M!As

Selected from a Master List

I did not come up with these, I just picked ones out I could handle!

——- Physical M!As ——-

Equipment Change: Muse is suddenly a specified gender.

Odd Organism: Muse is turned into a specified animal.

Odder Organism: Muse is turned into a specified monster.

Spirit Door: Muse is turned into a ghost. If muse is normally a ghost, they are now alive.

Flutter: Muse now has wings of a specified size.

——- Personality M!As ——-

Hero Worship: Muse idolizes a specified person and thinks everything about them is amazing.

Constant Boners: Muse’s libido has gone wild and they can’t stop thinking about sex.

Rustled Jimmies: Muse is rebellious and easily angered.

Game Over Man: Muse is now terrified of a specified thing.

——- Abilities and Afflictions ——-

3D Motion: Muse can now fly.

Lights Out: Muse cannot see.

Muted Speakers: Muse cannot hear.

Muted Mic: Muse has no voice and can’t make a sound.

Heavy Chest: Muse suddenly has difficulty breathing.

Nerve Pain: Muse is struck by intense, constant pain which nothing can alleviate.

Sucky Symptoms: Muse becomes miserably ill with specified symptoms.

Woop Bang Crash: Muse has lost their depth perception and balance.

Twitchy Skin: Muse is extremely sensitive to touch.

Strip Party: One item of muse’s clothing disappears every time a specified thing occurs.

Pshhh Naw: Muse is now completely drunk.

Truth Obsession: Muse either cannot lie, or they cannot stop lying.

Dancing On The Ceiling: Muse is somehow unaffected by gravity.

400 Blankets: Muse is now freezing cold and can’t seem to get warm.

Shouldn’t Have Said That: Muse has lost their verbal filter and now blurts whatever comes to mind.

Just Not Your Day: A tiny storm cloud follows muse around and rains on them at specified times.

He Has A Point: Muse now has an angel and a demon, which only they can see and hear, perched on their shoulders and offering advice.

——- Interactive M!As ——-

Kiss Me Whole: Muse is slowly fading away and will only return to normal when kissed.

Song And A Kiss: Muse loses their voice and will only regain it when kissed.

Don’t Make It Creepy: Muse falls asleep and can only be awoken with a kiss.

I’ll Owe You: Muse turns into a frog and will only return to normal when kissed.

C’mere Babe: Muse is suddenly compelled to kiss anyone who sends them an ask.

Hey Whatcha Doin: Muse is compelled to follow a specified person around and can’t leave them alone.

TMI Warning: Muse is compelled to confess an opinion or feeling they have about anyone they speak to.

anonymous asked:

M!A 400 Blankets for three days

400 Blankets:Muse is now freezing cold and can’t seem to get warm.

*And at that moment Wilson started shivering and clapping his teeth.
He hugged himself but to now avail, his whole body was ice cold.
He could probably throw himself in his campfire and he’d feel nothing of the hot burning*