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  • Kaz: Hmmm, let's see... what's your bloodthirstiness on a scale of 1 to 5? 1 being "No thanks, I'm full," and 5 being "Unquenchable"?
  • Wylan: If I'm being honest... probably a 3?
  • Kaz: We can work on that.

There is, our party girls!

I’m not good drawing or doing big stuffs in photoshop, but i got this idea and in my head was so nice xD so I though that maybe you guys could like to make part of it. It’s like our cadies just left to have fun together in various types of parties. So that’s it, my edits for you guys! Hope you all liked it (all these songs are so good ;) you guys need to check out some of them). 

Our playlist will come under the cut:

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Oh! I can’t believe that I reached 400+ followers! Even tho I’m not that active today since school’s pretty tough today. Oppa’s actually at the higher section, looks like your Oppa is kinda smart, huh! Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH *MWAH* 😘 for keeping me on your watch! or not If only I could give all of you some gifts or something, but I couldn’t resist my happiness! even I’m dying from the inside

-Oppa MC 💖


i have reached 600 followers and i feel the most humbled person currently n i just want you guys to know how much i adore each and every one of u little stars, each of whom who shine with their own warm light n i just :^)))

for this occasion, i am going to be opening up my requests to everyone, not just mutuals but everyone who follows me, and for any group you would like me to write for you. 

i lov all of u n i hope u have the most beautiful days in life.

i am also going to tag here the people on here who make my experience here on this site so much more brighter and magical and who i would not trade as friends for the world.

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Yes, another WIP. I have issues, I know but I needed these soo….I’m just going to blame annachibisims & Orangemittens sims4studioofficial

I will probably upload these tomorrow because right now I feel like binge watching PLL with the other half. If you have any feedback on these before I upload then do let me know so I can make changes

Edit: I just realised these could  actually be my 400+ followers gift so that’s now obviously the reason I made them, not because I have issues. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it.

Alrighty kiddos so i have got 400 followers now and im so!!!! so grateful for each of u amazing lil beans and i want to say a thank you to some people who are just spectacualy sweet and incredible and i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also some people you might not know me but i just think you are real cool 2 lmao 

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BTS Reacts to You Wanting to Break Up Because You’re Insecure

Hey guys! I meant to post this yesterday but I actually went to go see the IT movies yesterday so I didn’t get back until way late. Anyway, this is the first of six reactions that are being written in celebration of the fact that I have 400 followers now! I’m so happy, you guys are so amazing! I really never expected there to be so many of you but I’m so thankful. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we?


     400 Follower Surprise: You want to break up because you feel insecure.

You approach them wanting to break up after you’ve been dating for quite a while because you feel like you’re not good enough for them. This is their immediate response after you say it. (Also, I am not at fault for any ARMY’s who are struck down by this post because I had a way hard time just writing this stuff. You guys asked for this, and I have a feeling that this may turn into one of my top posts cause this shit is intense…..)

1. Jin

     Jin would be shocked. It would take him a minute or two to be able to come up with a response to what you said because this was the last thing that he was expecting. For someone like Jin, no matter what his Jagiya looks like, he would think that she is beautiful and perfect so the fact that she didn’t think that she was good enough would upset him. If you tried to leave while he was still in his sort of shock phase, he would grab your hand and pull you back, refusing to let you go no matter how much you complain.
     "Jagiya, you are perfect. I didn’t pick someone else, I picked you. That means that you were the one that I wanted, flaws and all,“ Jin pulls you against his chest, hugging you tightly,” Please don’t leave me.“

2. Suga

     To say that Suga would be pissed would be an understatement. Suga isn’t a superficial person, he doesn’t care about looks. If he likes you, then he likes you and it won’t be easy to change his mind. His expression would be livid. At first, he would wonder if someone else had said something to you, but when he realized that it was just what you thought of yourself, he would have to try to hold back some of his anger.
     "You don’t get to tell me how I’m supposed to feel,” Suga’s voice is almost a growl as he speaks,“ I care about you and that’s that. The only time you’re allowed to leave me is if you truly don’t love me anymore. Until then, you’re stuck with me.”

3. J-Hope (Oh god, what have I done. Holy shit, this post is gonna slay me.)

     J-Hope would have an immediate physical response, pulling you into his lap and clutching you close. No matter how much you tried, you couldn’t disentangle yourself from him and it was only a matter of time before you gave up and just sank into him. He would be nearly shaking just at the thought of you trying to leave him. J-Hope is constantly bashed on for his looks but he thinks that you are beautiful and the fact that you didn’t crushed his heart.
     "Jagiya, please don’t go. I don’t wanna lose you. You matter too much,“ J-Hope’s voice is small,” How can I be ARMY’s sunshine if my sunshine is gone.“

4. Rapmon

     Rapmon would be in complete and utter disbelief at the words that left your mouth. He would just stare at you, trying to find the words that had escaped him in that moment. Finally, he swallows and asks you what brought this on. As you explained, he couldn’t help but almost feel angry at you for seeing yourself in that way. He doesn’t care about what people think when it comes to matters like beauty or fashion, he tends to do as he pleases in that regard, which is why his outfits can either be considered hits or misses. Since he doesn’t care about things like that, he wouldn’t let them affect how he views the girl that he loves.
     "I don’t give a shit how anyone else is going to view the two of us together,” Rapmon meets your eyes dead on, his expression unshakable,“ If I’m happy with you, that’s all that should matter. If you’re happy with me, then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Follow your own heart, not someone else’s.”

5. Jimin

    Jimin would be saddened by these words. These are the kinds of things that he’s heard that have made him upset in himself more than once so the fact that they were leaving your mouth nearly brought him to tears. He would clutch your hands in his, unable to meet your eyes as he tries to think of some way to respond that won’t sound false.
     "I know that this isn’t easy and that it hurts. That it feels nearly impossible. And maybe I’m being selfish when I say this,“ Jimin chokes on his words a little bit, swallowing thickly,” But, I don’t want you to leave. Please… stay.“

6. V

     V would think that you were joking at first, but his boxy smile would quickly fall when he realized that you were being serious. That smile would be replaced by an expression of pure panic as he falls to his knees in front of you, his head down cast. There are no signs of his alien behavior to be found anywhere, instead just a vulnerable boy kneeling in front of the one that he loves.
     "Please, don’t leave. Don’t do this. I don’t think I can take it,” V begs, his forehead pressed against he floor as his shoulders shake,“ I’m begging you. Please, don’t go.”

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook would stare at you, his expression confused as if he’s trying to put it all together in his head in an order that makes sense. He would wish more than anything that he was someone who is good at expressing his emotions to the ones that matter to him. He wonders if he did something wrong, like he didn’t tell you he loved you enough or he didn’t encourage you enough or you didn’t love him anymore. His expression would become heartbroken as all of these thoughts bombard him.
     "I’m sorry that I failed you,“ Jungkook can’t meet your eyes as he stares firmly at the floor at his feet so you don’t see the tears in his eyes,” You were hurting and I didn’t notice. I didn’t help you. I really don’t deserve you. I should have taken better care of you.“

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might have!


Idk how this blog has passed 400 followers already.  It’s grown so quickly and I feel like I hardly do anything here.  But thank you all for liking it!

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Thanks so much to all 402 of you! I genuinely never expected to get any followers on here, just wanted a place to obsess over Raul, but you all have given me so much more than that.

I wish I could make gifs or beautiful art or something to show my appreciation, but I lack those skills. So, as always, if you want an SVU drabble (I’ll try my hand at any ship you want), feel free to send a prompt!

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I made this story as a celebration of 400+ followers but now there’s 700+ of you!!!!!! That’s so amazing and it makes me elated to know 700+ cool kind people like to read my stories! I love you all! And as a thank you to show my gratitude, I hope with all my heart you enjoy this story. I’ll be updating it regularly. 

It’s about a merman and a sailor finding love!

Thank you so much. You guys mean a lot to me <3.

- Love, Red.