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Today I reached 100,000 followers on Instagram! 

That’s INSANE, you guys! I would’ve never guessed I’d get so much love and support from everyone. 

Not long ago I made a post on how excited and unworthy I was feeling for reaching 400 followers…so now imagine how overwhelmed with excitement I am feeling right now! :)

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone here on Tumblr that looks, likes and comments on my art as well. I don’t take any follower for granted- You guys mean the world to me!

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Thanks everyone!


I’m sorry to all the people who thought I was a guy/male. Yes, the moles on my face (there are 7 of them) form a constellation lol.

Sorry for not inking it either. I usually like to write light and fast but I tried to make it readable and darker for you all. Sorry for the shitty phone camera quality.

Wooo! I reached 400 followers!

Thank you porn bots for raising my follower count, without you, I’d still be in 5


First of all, thank you guys so so much for 400 followers!! And now onto our leader, my lowkey spirit animal, Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka god of destruction

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of two, a lil girl and a lil boy
  • His princess is a couple of years older than lil prince
  • They both have the adorable eye smile and DIMPLES and lil prince is basically a carbon copy of Joon
  • He didn’t fully cry when they were born but he definitely had watery eyes both times around
  • When he held his lil girl in his arms for the first time, she was s o small
  • He couldn’t get over how tiny she was and he honestly still isn’t over how lil she is compared to him
  • When lil prince was born, he was slightly bigger than his sister had been but he still felt so small and fragile in his arms
  • Joon’s biggest fear was dropping them bc he can be quite clumsy and is known as the “God of destruction”
  • He spent the first month of lil princess’s life holding her as if she was made of glass and would break if he held her too tightly
  • But like princess would be such a giggler and it’d always make his day
  • He could’ve had the shittiest day of his life but the second he heard her lil laugh and saw her face lighting up, he couldn’t help but smile
  • They spend every second of the day together tbh
  • If he has work, he brings her with him (lil prince is still a bit too lil to come to the studio with him) and she just sits on his lap or Uncle Yoongi’s lap and she just watches her father rap and is so amazed
  • Lil prince is still working on speaking so she likes to practice her raps with him bc he always just smiles at her and nods his head along with her
  • She doesn’t really know what her father is saying bc he speaks too quick and she’s still learning so she just speaks in gibberish
  • Joon catches them one day and she’s sat in front of his crib with one of his songs playing in the background and she’s just mumbling along and saying the few words she does know and lil prince is clapping his hands to cheer her on and joon is just so in love and proud at the same time
  • I will bring this up every single time Namjoon and children are mentioned but #minikimdaily
  • Okay okay but picture this
  • Lil princess is forever in her father’s Kim daily pictures and she sometimes has matching outfits with him and her hair’s always done up and you can see just how small she is when she stands next to him bc he’s literally five times her size
  • Once lil prince is standing, he joins the pictures
  • #triplekimdaily
  • His favorite thing to do is have his princess curled up against his side, his lil prince rested on his chest and his laptop in his lap so he can write his raps
  • They have a habit of using him as a pillow and he has a habit of letting them
  • Like literally princess will just let herself into his office and climb into his lap and just fall asleep with her head on his shoulder like no “hello” no “can I take a nap here?” nothing
  • He grows used to it and literally just keeps a blanket in his office so when she comes in for her nightly cuddle he can keep her warm even though he’s basically her personal heater
  • Lil prince’s first word is “music” bc he was chilling there munching on his snack and listening to his parents talk and he hears joon say it a lot so he just figures it means something important
  • Tbh these kids are raised up around music
  • Like even when they’re not even born yet, he’s playing his favorite songs and telling them why he loves it and why he thinks they’ll love it too
  • They’re forever curious about what he’s doing
  • He could be sitting there working on his music and he’ll just hear these not-so-silent footsteps behind him and he looks down to see both of them peering around his chair with their eyes that they both got from him and he just has to laugh and show them bc they won’t leave until they know
  • Like once lil prince is walking, princess is showing him all the ropes and she shows him Joon’s office and he’s just so whoa
  • He likes to spend his free time pressing all the cool buttons on appa’s laptop and joon comes in to a word document with nothing but “zzhguhgusig” written on it
  • Whenever he has a day off, they always play hide and seek and every single time, they beat him
  • It gets to a point where he isn’t even letting them win anymore and he’s so ??? bc honestly where the hell did lil prince go
  • You’ve gotten a few calls from him with a “babe, don’t be mad but I think I lost lil prince”
  • But then the second he says that, he hears his son’s laugh and he just turns around to see him climbing out of the cupboard that’s literally nowhere near the ground and it’s just like “how did you even get up there you’re not even three feet tall yet I can barely reach the top shelf”
  • He makes sure to teach them English as they grow up so they’re constantly switching back and forth between Korean and English
  • He’s basically just a really amazing father with really smart kids who love music
I live!

Hey everyone, Misha here.

I’ve been dealing with a bad head cold, and just when I thought I was getting better, it got worse. I’ve started coughing now and my congestion is worse. I’ve also been dealing with congestion-based headaches. Ugh.

But hopefully I’ll be able to push through it and get some answers done soon. I feel just awful I haven’t been able to draw anything in 3 weeks. ;-;

On another note, I may also start posting some D&D art of my character and her party members if that’s something you’d like to see. Otherwise, I’ll just post it to my main/art blog. ^^

Thanks for being so patient, and I’d also like to say thank you for my 400+ followers now! Welcome to my blog! I’ll try to start posting regularly again soon.

I want to follow your blog!

I only follow 400 blogs right now and I think many of those are inactive, so my dash is kind of empty and my sources of material are kind of limited.

Please like, reblog, or chat me if your blog is primarily:

Rape fantasy
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Starvation/food control fantasy

Bonus points if you’re one of these and also DD/bg.


[Event] Info ALL 

“Well taking care of my siblings is one thing but I do have a part-time job as a waiter. Bonjour mademoiselle, que désirez-vous?… I wonder if I said it correctly… The waiters on TV keep speaking french….

AU where Karamatsu is working in a coffee shop as a waiter….

START!・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

(You have until next Tuesday (August 30th) to send asks for this event! I won’t answer any asks for this event after so be careful.)


((In alphabetical order, save for the special solo panels. If you want your pone as a separate vector submitted to you, tell me and I’ll submit it to you.))

Panel 1:


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Fairy Tale

Summary=It ignited when young, and it kept fueling as they grew up until the smoke intoxicated them both. [Childhood Love AU] Nalu.

Pairing= Nalu.

Rate= T.

Chapters= One-shot.

Word Count= 7090.

Guys! In commemoration of reaching 400 followers (415 now) I wrote this extremely one-shot only for you guys! I loved each one of you, your kind words always motivates me to write and work harder, so thank you! You guys mean a lot to me! Never stop being so awesome~

It took a near-death experience for Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel to meet.

In a public pool in the middle of the hot summer, full of families with little children, Lucy found herself playing alone with her doll. Her mother had just gone to go grab her towel and her father had stayed in his office, working. He was always working, but Lucy, the little four years old, wasn’t mad. She was happy because her mommy said they were a happy family.

“Mommy says I should be happy, so I am happy.” Lucy murmured to her doll. When it didn’t respond, she puffed her big, red cheeks in annoyance. Normally, a maid or her mother would answer back to her.

“Lucy, come here!” She heard her mom, so she smiled brightly at her and made her way over the stairs of the pool. There were so many people. She couldn’t even count them! So many happy families were there… And in all of them, there was a daddy.

“I’m going!” she shouted back, pushing softly some kids to make her way. So many people…

Near the stairs, Lucy felt her foot slip. Her mother had told her to be careful, since sometimes pools could be very tricky and make her fall. She wished she’d been more alert. The part she was on wasn’t deep, and she was near the stairs… But she fell before she could reach them, and her head hit with the floor.

Her vision turned black and she couldn’t breath. Lucy didn’t understand what was happening. Where was the superfici and where was the floor? What happened with her doll? Was Michelle okay?

She thought she heard some shouts, her mom’s scared voice. But she wasn’t sure. Everything felt dizzy.

And when she couldn’t anymore, when she was going to close her eyes because she suddenly wanted to take a nap, someone lifted her.

Suddenly, she was coughing and fighting for air. Her head was spinning. She opened her eyes and saw a kid with big eyes and… pink hair? How unfair, she always dreamed of having pink hair.

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Minific #4

Yes, I am in fact writing more minifics! This one is to celebrate 400 followers. Plus 509, now. :PPPP I will be catching up on these in the coming days, so stay tuned!

By popular demand, this fic is a continuation of the very first. Be sure to read it before you read this one!


Just ten more pounds…and I’ll be thirty away from 300.

So they’d told themselves, thirty-nine pounds ago. Their home scale was now creaking slightly underneath them, and they knew they were getting close to its weight limit. But it still stubbornly read 299, no matter how they shifted their thickened thighs from left to right. But chances were after breakfast they’d have a little more weight on them, and even if it was just the bulk of a finished meal, the scale would still have to read 300, or above.

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ahHH it’s about time I made one of these, isn’t it? I hit 400 followers just now (thank you sweeties~!) and I’m so happy, thank you all!! These are all the totally rad people on here that I love a lot of course >v< If you don’t see your name on here keep in mind I follow over 550 people, and I got kinda confused by my own list haha.. 

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Since I have over 400 followers now, I figure I should do one of those "follow these people" thingies


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