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May I have a batboy ship please? I’m a female, about 5'2, and you can use my “my face” tag for what I look like. I’m shy but sweet,as stubborn as a person can be,bubbly,and sarcastic. I’m nerdy,like classic rock,painting,playing video games,and I sing when I’m alone. I’m very protective of loved ones and I’m to the point where I’m not letting anyone push me around anymore. My self esteem isn’t great and I have depression but since working on both I’m feeling

I ship you with…Jason Todd!

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  • Jason loves listening to you sing, and it gets to the point where you’re comfortable singing in front of him.
  • Since you’re both so stubborn, you often butt heads.
  • You never stay mad for long, and he always apologizes afterwards.
  • You totally challenge Jason to a video game tournament.
  • And kick his butt.
  • Jason loves that you’ve started standing up for yourself, it makes him feel so proud.

Hope you like it, love! ♥

Headcanon Ships-Closed!

When I worked in a tea shop, I actually got a few people coming in requesting jasmine tea. Why jasmine? Because that’s what Uncle Iroh would drink on Avatar: The Last Airbender.

So here’s something to think about:

Even though he was royalty, Uncle Iroh was a master of preparing his own tea– even after he left with Zuko, he could always be seen preparing it on his own, eventually opening a successful tea shop when the one he worked at turned out to be awful.

For a firebender, heating a pot of water wouldn’t be difficult– a few seconds of rage and you’d have it at a rolling boil– but a rolling boil would ruin the tea.

The secret to a good cup of tea is often in the temperature of water that you use.

Jasmine, green and white tea tends to need between 160-180* F (71-82*C)– go any higher than that, and you’ll scald the leaves and wind up with bitter tea. Let it steep for too long, and it’ll scald anyway. So you can’t just boil the hell out of it and walk away; to be really good, a cup of tea needs a lower temperature and a softer flame. It needs patience and attention. And that’s where Uncle Iroh excelled.

It was such a wonderful character detail, and I love it so.

bad trans headcanon tropes to leave behind for 2018

  • trans man binds with ace bandages until a Good Cis Ally gets him a binder
  • “this is my buff trans wife and i want her to murder me” and other various phrases that make the association that trans woman = violent
  • trans man is in a state of undress when another character walks in on him shirtless, which outs him as trans against his will
  • character who is a man (or uses he/him pronouns) in canon gets headcanoned as a trans woman and then in the trans headcanon fanart she’s drawn even buffer and hairier than in canon just to prove how Obviously Not Cis she is
  • drawing cis characters like regular people but then stylizing your trans headcanons to emphasize the characteristics of their ASAB
  • exclusively headcanoning thin adolescent white boys as trans men
  • headcanoning Real, Actual People as trans
  • referring to adult characters as “boys” if you headcanon them as trans; infantilizing trans men in general
  • not bothering to draw body hair on your cis characters, but always including body hair on your trans women headcanons.
  • having cis love interests say anything along the lines of “i love you no matter what parts you have :)” like they deserve a fuckin medal
  • only writing/drawing trans characters in nsfw situations / fetishization in general

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Batfam ship! I am 5’ even. I have short black hair with green highlights in my bangs. I have hazel eyes that change with my mood. I have bad anxiety but I learned to cope with it well and major trust issues. I like am self conscious since I was bullied a lot growing up. (Hence my love of superheroes even though lately I been routing for the villains.) I love animals and I like science and space. I am naturally curious. Im terrible at math but amazing at learning new languages. I can read Latin.

I ship you with…Older!Damian Wayne!

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  • Damian is more than happy to help you with any math problems you have.
  • He’ll call you pet names in Arabic, and you do the same, just in Latin.
  • He actually helps you learn Arabic and many of the other languages he knows.
  • One of your favorite things to do with Dami is star gazing. He knows all the constellations, and always compares the stars to your eyes.
  • He’s always telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.

Hope you like it, love! ♥

Headcanon Ships-Closed!

I’m running a canned campaign in a sci-fi setting

Totally not-shady NPC: I’ll need you to retrieve my secret cargo from the abandoned spaceship, but it’s very private, so don’t look inside–

Player: Is it a girl in a box?

NPC: …What?

Player: This is a sci-fi story, and there’s a box you don’t want us to look into. There’s only ever one way that ends, and it’s always with a girl stuffed into a box.

Other Player: Hey, we don’t even know how big it is. It could just be a cigar box.

First Player: Okay, you’re right. It could be a bunch of sex toys. How big is the box?

NPC: It’s… uh… six feet long by three feet wide by three feet deep…

First Player: Ugh. Okay, fine. Somebody pack a crowbar and a spare set of women’s clothing. We need to go get this girl out of her box.