Springfield M1898 Krag-Jørgensen rifle

Designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen and manufactured by the Springfield Arsenal c.1898-1904 for the US Army - serial number 310635.
.30-40 Krag five-round ‘half-capsule’ fixed magazine, bolt action repeater, magazine cut-off, sporterized stock.

open magazine on a Krag rifle

The most distinctive feature of these rifles were their strange box magazine, which allowed to user to basically dump up to five rounds of ammunition in it at any point of time, with the bolt closed and another round chambered if necessary. That feature was called a capsule magazine by its creators, with earlier prototypes having a ten-round capacity and wrapping around the action even more, hence its name.

my midterm went better than i thought it would! i panicked partway through because i couldn’t remember the fucking formula or structure of DMSO and then i sat there for 5 seconds and actually fucking reasoned it out like a rational person would

and i remembered the structure of acetylacetone, and the structure of triphenyl phosphine, and the formula for spin-only magnetic moments, all of which i’m prone to forgetting, so all in all, not bad!


40 DAYS OF MY FAVORITE MFU EPISODES- DAY 8:         The Hong Kong Shilling Affair (S1 E24)

This is the only episode in this list that I’m not sure whether I’ll enjoy it again (all the others I have watched repeatedly). I remember there are a few cringe-worthy moments, and I’m quite annoyed by the innocents of the week (I apologize if I say that a lot). However, I’ll still put this down because of the ending!! I watch the last few minutes again and finally realize what Illya means when saying “he’s safe now, in the arms of the law”. It actually says that Illya is in the arms of Napoleon :D And that scene when Illya’s eyeliner is too obvious XD    


Twenty One Pilots :: Las Vegas Emotional Roadshow : Mandalay Bay Events Center : Feb 18, 2017