Hi friends! So I’ve thought more about the October Movie-Every-Night thing and I think I’ve worked out a good concept! So some things to address 

  • Date/TIme: Monday through Thursday nights I will definitely be showing movies. Fridays are down for a maybe, and weekends are out mostly because I’m usually not by my computer/out lately. I’m hoping to start the movies anywhere from 8:00 - 9:00 PM (east coast time).
  • Movie List: I’m not planning on posting the whole list of movies I’d like to watch simply because I’m finicky and love to change my mind. I will however, be announcing what movie I plan to show probably in the mornings so that anyone who wants to watch that particular movie will know!*
  • Trigger warnings: Most of the movies I want to watch are the opposite of scary but there are a couple of “scarier” movies on the list. As far as warnings for other things, I will try to post any for the movies I’ve seen, but some of the movies I haven’t seen, so! I suggest looking up the movies before hand if you’re concerned.
  • Where: I will be showing the movies on Rabb.it, in my rabb.it room. Which brings me to:

Some Requests

  • Because of the limit on rabb.it and also my comfort level, this will be Mutuals Only 
  • Again for my comfort everyone should either use their url as their rabb.it name, or just your name if I know it
  • Because there might be a lot of people in the room, video/audio will be off!
  • However, the chat will be on! I won’t be able to check it but everyone else can chat in it :)

*If there is a movie that you really want to watch with the gang let me know and I can add it to the list!

Okie dokie! I think that’s it? Um, lms if you’re totally gonna watch movies with me :)