The Contest-Part 7

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Cliff, Emily (OC) other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I felt Jared tense beside me.  For a brief second, I didn’t know what to say or do. When I looked over at Jared, he was opening his mouth to say something, so I kicked him in the shin.  He snapped his mouth closed immediately.

I looked at the interviewer and laughed.  “I WISH we were an item!  I mean, LOOK at him!  I’m flattered that people are gossiping about us already. It’s good buzz for the show.  I must be better at this whole acting thing than I thought.” I winked at Jared and he gave me a big smile. 

The show’s publicist rescued us and said we were needed in wardrobe so we had to go.  We both jumped out of the chairs so fast Jared actually knocked his over. We got out of there as quickly as we could.  I could hear the publicist chewing the girl out for asking me such an inappropriate question.

Jared turned to me as we were walking.  “You are amazing, you know that? You handled that like a pro. She totally blindsided you.  Your answer was perfect.”

“I just told her the truth.”  I said, and I ducked into wardrobe before Jared could say anything.

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1940's Day-Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary: Bucky is beginning to remember some of his past life before HYDRA, though there are some bits that are still fuzzy. Steve and the reader see that there is a 1940’s theme day not far from them, they decide to help their friend.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader (platonic), Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Just fluff


I sat with Steve and Bucky, watching a documentary about the pop culture during the time in which the super soldiers had previously lived. It was interesting to see their reactions, Steve smiled fondly at everything, whereas Bucky could only break a small smile, nodding as he understood some things. It really was a different world back then.

“So, Buck, did that help a little?” Steve asked as he turned off the tv.

“Yeah. Thanks.” he said bluntly as he stood and left the room.

“Bucky-” I called out but stopped when Steve shook his head at me.

We both sighed.

“He seems really sad this week. Has anything happened on a mission?”

Steve ran a hand down his face.“No, I can’t work it out.”

“Maybe he’s just upset that he can’t remember a lot.”

“I hope that this turns around soon.”

“It should do. He just needs time.”

Later that day I was in the kitchen, preparing myself some lunch when something in the newspaper caught my eye. Steve still insisted on getting it, claiming that reading the news from a tablet ‘just wasn’t the same’. Scanning over the page, I smiled, an idea suddenly popping into my head. As soon as that happened, I asked FRIDAY where Steve was, running to his location before shoving the paper in his face. Once he realised what I was showing him, he too smiled, instantly agreeing to my plan.


“Rise and shine, Sergeant!” I yelled as I threw open the curtains.

Bucky groaned, covering his face with his hand, trying to block out the light. He ignored me, pulling the covers up and over him. I jumped into the bed, shaking him again.

“Come on Bucky, at least open your eyes.” I pleaded.

“(Y/N), for once I don’t have any training, why are you waking me up so early?” his voice was muffled.

“Please Bucky.”

He huffed, turning into his back and pulling away the covers. As he faced me, his eyes widened, mouth slightly open. Nothing was being said though.

“What’s got you so surprised?” I smirked.

“You…you look like a girl from the 40’s.” he stuttered.

I laughed at his reaction, he was absolutely right. I had pin curled my hair, bought a 40’s style dress and done my makeup just like the women used to. Steve knocked on the door, walking in wearing an outfit similar to his old SSR uniform.

“Is he still in bed? Best get ready quick, we’re going to be late.” Steve sighed, placing a suit like his at the foot of the bed.

“Late for what? And why are you guys dressed like this?” Bucky asked.

Steve handed him the newspaper we had from yesterday, pointing to the advertisment. Bucky leaned on one of his elbows, looking at what we were so excited about.

“A '1940’s day’? People do that?” he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Of course they do! People love vintage things, it’s not just about that either. They celebrate all those who served in the wars as well, honouring them.”

“So….we’re going there?”

“We thought it might help with the memories.” Steve’s smile fell.“If it’s too much, just say. We don’t want to pressure you.”

“No, I want to. I’ll do whatever it takes to get some of the old me back.”

Bucky woke quickly after that, disappearing to the bathroom to get changed. Steve and I waited in anticipation, grinning widely as he emerged, standing somewhat proudly in his uniform.

Steve drove us to where it was being held. The whole event took place down a long stretch of street which had been closed; there were stalls of clothes, jewlery, memorabilia and food. A majority of the people were dressed like us, all of them different ages, it was amazing to see people getting into the spirit of it.

“I….I can’t believe this.” Bucky mumbled.

I looped my arm in his.“It’s great isn’t it? So, what do you what to do first?”

Bucky was in pure amazment as we strolled around. There were so many people here but he didn’t seem bothered by that. Steve too was feeling nostalgic, I was glad to be a part of this. They had been through so much and never got to expierience their life properly.

Steve was busy talking to old veterans, a heartwarming scene. I turned around to speak with Bucky, only to see that he was gone. Spinning around in slight panic, I managed to spot him amongst the crowd near the dancing. He seemed transfixed, never taking his eyes off them. Steve had told me that Bucky was quite a lady-killer, hard to believe when you looked at him now. Standing beside him, I watched too.

“Why don’t you go out there? Pick up some moves?” I nudged him.

He shyly smiled.“I don’t think so.”

“Why not? Enjoy the experience. I’ll even dance with you.”

He was hesitant.“Really? I…..I’m still not sure.”

“Well I am, come on.” I dragged him into the group of people dancing, not really sure what I was doing myself.

We put our arms around each other, copying the other dancers. We weren’t as enerjectic or fast paced as everyone around us but we were able to dance relatively well. Bucky was always looking about him at first, skeptical about the whole thing. A few minutes Later though, he was really getting into it.

I squealed as he spun me unexpectedly.“Oh my god, Bucky. You’re really starting to pick this up.”

“Yeah, you need to keep up.”

Wayside Inn

                 CHAPTER 1: A BUMP IN THE ROAD

You’re on the way to Stanford where Sam will be attending law school when there’s car trouble, leading you and the brothers to a rundown Inn out in the middle of nowhere. It was only after you settled in for the night that you wondered where the whispers were coming from. With no staff in sight….who was it that turned off the lights? 

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Steve Rogers x Reader

Request:  Hi! I love your imagines and I saw that your request box was finally open! I was wondering if you could do a Steve one shot where it’s Halloween and you dress up in 40s style and he gets a bit emotional? Like reminiscing the past? Thank you so much!

A/n: I think this is the first time I’ve ever gotten a request like this so this should be a lot of fun! Thanks for the request and you’re so totally welcome :D

Genre: Slight Angst, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Slight angst, fluff, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You always had a fascination with the style of the 1940′s. The hair, the dresses, the makeup. Everything about the 40′s just dragged you in like a book would entice a reader. Maybe that’s why you fell in love with Steve Rogers, who was also known as Captain America. Maybe it wasn’t, but either way: the 1940′s was your favorite era of all time. 

You remember when Steve got so shocked when hearing you speak like a 40′s gal, he actually dropped his glass of orange juice. He had asked you where you learned to talk like that, and you just replied that you ‘researched’ the way of the 40′s. However, you knew it made Steve’s day. Even if it seemed like you were the only one trying to bring back the 40′s, you still got excited and were happy about trying to bring it all back. 

Steve greatly appreciated this love of the forties, and liked to show you different music that you didn’t know, showed you movies, and even taught you how to curl your hair like one. However, you never really wore any clothing from the forties. Even if you could afford it, you were pretty self conscious and didn’t want to be laughed at. Being confident wasn’t a strong trait that you had, but Steve liked to reassure you that it was ok.

But you were a woman with a plan. 

Halloween was just right around the corner and you were going to go full out! You already had everything in advance. The dress, the shoes, the accessories. You were going to blow Steve and Bucky, who was planning on going to Stark’s Tower since he was planning a Halloween party and didn’t want to be alone. As Steve walked into the kitchen, you smiled and asked him. 

“Hey, Spangles-”

Steve groaned at the nickname and you giggled. 

“-What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Stark won’t be happy if you don’t dress up.”

Steve shrugged and took a sip of his water, the record player playing a soft tune by Frank Sinatra. 

“Depends. What are you gonna dress up as.”

“Now that, my dear Captain, is a secret.”

Steve shifted his blue eyes to you and pouted. However, you zipped your lips and threw away the key, a grin on your face. Steve huffed and you giggled again, kissing his temple. 

“Hey, cheer up! It’s gonna be an awesome costume.”

“Please tell me you’re gonna get naked.”

Came the voice of Bucky Barnes. Steve glared at Bucky while Bucky flashed a sultry grin your way. You just grinned and rolled your eyes, pushing Bucky out of your way by his nose to get to your room. 

“You wish, Bucky.”

“I do wish.”

You turned and smirked, getting into his face. 

“It’s a god-damn shame that genies aren’t real, isn’t it? Give it up, Barnes. A different, doll-dizzy man’s already stolen this doll’s heart.”

Bucky groaned and turned to Steve, who was grinning in triumph.

“Can you believe this? Listen to her talk, Steve! I haven’t heard slang like that in a long time!”

“She’s fuddy-duddy, Bucky.”

You chuckled and called.

“Bucky, you better get back to your place so you can get ready for the Halloween Party! You too, Steve!”

In unison, the boys called.

“Yes, Ma’am!”


You were nervous. You were wearing a gorgeous, (color) and white polka-dotted 40′s dress with matching shoes, and your hair curled. Red lipstick adorned your lips, and your makeup was very minimal. Pearls adorned your neck, ears, and your wrist as metal bands adorned the other wrist. You didn’t know if Steve was gonna like this. 

You really hoped he did. Coming across clothing like this was hard nowadays, and the shoes were expensive, but actually quite comfortable! With a final misting of perfume, you were ready. Smiling, you couldn’t help but be very excited. You looked like you jumped out of an old newspaper clipping!

Walking out, Steve turned and his eyes widened and his mouth dropped. You looked down at yourself and asked Steve slowly.

“So, what do you think? Do I look the part?”

Steve was still frozen and he smiled widely, tears stinging his blue eyes. He whispered, pulling you close to him.

“You’re gorgeous, Dame..”

“Steve, are you ok?”

He wiped his eyes and nodded a bit, apologizing.

“I’m sorry…but this is just…seeing this…reminds me of so much.”

He sniffled a bit and wiped his eyes once more.

“God, I love you so much. Thank you, Doll-face.”

You chuckled and patted his back.

“Love you too, Steve.”

You then stepped back and grinned. Steve was wearing his army SSR military uniform, the suit looking so spectacular on him and still in perfect condition. You asked him, grinning.

“Did you know I was going as a 40′s gal?”

“You are a 40s gal, but to answer your question: no. This was in my closet. I thought I’d finally put it to use again.”

You chuckled before getting a thought.

“Bucky should wear his, if Fury was able to find it.”

Steve grinned and took your hand, the tears long gone, but a huge smile on his face.

“He is. I forced him to. I didn’t want to be alone in this.”

You laughed and tightened your hold.

“Is it even going to fit? His arms are the size of your head.”

“Are you calling me a fat-head?”

“Maybe, maybe not.”

Steve just rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath.

“You’re such a sassy girl.”

“And don’t you know it! Now come on, Rogers! We got some swingin’ to do!”

Steve smiled widely and replied, giving a mock salute.

“Yes, ma’am.”


anonymous asked:

Can you imagine one night when bucky is supposed to be coming home from a mission, Steve spends the day cooking and cleaning and has on a 40's style dress and heels, he resembles everything of a 40's housewife, he hears the door open and, while expecting bucky thAT'S NOT BUCKY THATS NATASHA!!! but Natasha is just like " hey Steve that color looks good on you have you seen my gun cleaner?" Because c'mon we all know that Steve is probs like the stressed housewife of avengers tower.

OH MY GOD! YES xD I love everything about this! 

anonymous asked:

Hi love. Hope you're doing well :) May I get a BTS (yoongi focused?) one shot/scenario (whichever you'd like) to meeting an older (30's-40's) really well dressed fan at a fansign?? The older male would have sent them lots of encouraging letters under an alias and secretly bought them meals whenever he could. It would be their first face-to-face meeting. Please and thank you! <333

Pairing: Min Yoongi/ (Male) Reader

Genre: Fluff, Sad

Words: 1.7k

A/N: (C/N) = means characters name.

I hope this request was what you were expecting, this one was quite the challenge…..

Also please note that this story is a very touchy subject and I hope it doesn’t offend anybody :) 


“Good show.” Their manager greeted the boys as the made their way back stage.

“Come on Jimin.” Yoongi shouted to Jimin who was sneaking glances out towards the crowd watching them leave. He turned around with a big smile on his face.

As they made their way to their dressing room the atmosphere turned quiet quickly. The boys were exhausted from this nights show. The fans absorb more energy, they thought, but they loved every second of it.

“Did you see the poster that the fan held Jungkook.” Hoseok laughed.

“Of my face? Yeah?” Jungkook answered.

“They think you’re a meme.” Namjoon spoke.

“They think we’re all memes.” Yoongi corrected.

“Ok guys here you go.” The manager handed over each member a bunch of fan mail they received.

They each sat down and took the time to read each letter their precious fans had the generous time to write.

When Yoongi opened his letter he noticed something quite familiar.

“Dear Min Yoongi,

I’m writing to you once again to thank you for all you have done for me. You may not have know this but I get to come home everyday to see my family because you have help me stay strong, you have helped me find purpose in my life and I have never been more grateful. Your music has touched me in so many ways that I don’t know how I would ever repay you. It’s nice to know that we all have each other and that you choose to share your deepest thoughts to inspire so many people. If only I was brave enough to show you my face to say thank you in person. Hopefully some day I can be as brave as you.

Stay strong and healthy, like you made me…

Sincerely, non-spoken letter”

The letter that sat in Yoongi’s hands has once again made him tremble. Brought a tear to his eye like every other letter. Yoongi had has been getting these letters for it seems like six months now. Every letter was so touching in every way. Like he was some therapist listening to every story this anonymous had to say. Between him telling him how his day was or his past nightmares. Just the little things.

Also every letter would thank him which Yoongi was of course honored to hear how a fan is doing well. Yoongi wouldn’t tell the other members because the letters were focused on himself but he sometime would fight with himself to not share because this poor fans life story wasn’t their business, but he felt something different for this fan, he felt a bond.

“Hey you okay?” Yoongi heard Jin ask.

“Yeah.” He hesitated. “I just really love our fans.”


Later that night, the boys were settling into their hotel rooms. Yoongi was rooming with Jin, as Namjoon was rooming with Taehyung, and Jungkook, Jimin, and Hoseok were all rooming together.

“Can we please order-” Before Jin could finish his sentence there was a knock on the door. They both figured it had to be one of the other boys bothering them. Yoongi got up and went to reveal the mystery behind the door. Once he opened it a young lady walked in with a cart full of food.

“Food order for Min Yoongi?” She said.

“Either you’re psychic or this is a mistake.” Jin looked back and forth between Yoongi, the lady, and of course the food.

“Sorry we didn’t order anything.” Yoongi apologized.

“Yet.” Jin pitched in.

“Nope no mistake, it’s all here and paid for.” She started to head out. “Oh almost forgot.”

She turned back. “The order came with this letter.” She handed over a letter to Yoongi.

“Min Yoongi,

Its me again, I hope you don’t mind all these letters but I just wanted to at least show my gratitude with a little treat. I wish I can give you more as much as you given me.

Sincerely, Non-spoken letter.”

“What does it say?” Jin started to get up.

“It’s from a fan.” Yoongi said speechless.

“What? How would a fan even know what hotel we are at, which room we are in?”

“Can you keep a secret?” Yoongi finally wanted to release.

Jin nodded as he sat back down. “I’ve been receiving these letters….and they are very deep and touching and I thought that they were just regular thank you letters but there is something different about these ones.”

“Like how?” Jin asked.

“Well for one, they are all from the same fan….and how much I helped him fight against depression and suicide.” Yoongi’s voice soften.

“Wow.” That’s all Jin could say. He was taken back from the confession.

“I’m very grateful for every letter but now he is sending food….do you think he’s going over board?” Yoongi asked.

“Nope.” Jin pushed the cart to the table. “It’s free food.”

“Yeah but I can’t help but feel bad….I’m happy I’m helping fans but I don’t expect to be rewarded. I don’t want it.”

“Why don’t you send a letter back?”

Yoongi stared at Jin as he dug into the food. He never even thought about it, yet would even get permission to allowed to.

“Theres a return address isn’t there?”

There is…

“Okay.” Yoongi simply said.

As the other members were past out asleep, Yoongi stayed up all night writing his letter. This fan meant a lot to him so he wanted to prove it.

The next few nights the boys actually had off so he didn’t mind staying up.


“Daddy….we’re home.” (C/N) heard his two girls walk through the door.

They came up to his desk. “You got mail.” His youngest daughter said handing over his letters, which were most likely bills.




“Huh?” He stared at the letter that was clearly different as the addresses were hand written instead of stamped on.

He opened the letter and a note slipped out with 4 tickets. He gasp as he read that the tickets said: BTS fan sign: November 16th 2017 @ 4:15pm.

Then he took the folded piece of paper and straighten it out.

“Min Yoongi.” He whispered.

He wrote back….

He thought that this was a dream. The person to help him through his troubles actually responded.

That means he reads my letters…..

He could feel tears falling from his eyes from the first sentence.

“Dear, Non-Spoken Letter,

Thank you so much for all the letters, I’m glad I was there for you when you needed it, even though it was only in my music. I’m glad we have a lot in common and that my words can show you that the future is always bright and that you should never let your deepest darkest thoughts take control. I honestly enjoy every letter and every word of how you are doing and how your day was. I also appreciate the kind gifts you have showered me with but unfortunately I don’t need it. I’m just grateful for your letters and don’t need you to repay me, I’m just happy to be here for you when you need it. Take the time and spend a little money on yourself and your family because you deserve it by staying strong.

I really wish to meet you because I’ve never been so touched by a fan. Please take these tickets and come to our next fan meet. And I would want the honor to receive your next letter in person. Please be brave.

Sincerely Min Yoongi.

“Hey Hun.” (C/N)’s wife walked into the room. “You okay?”

He looked up at his wife stunned. “He wrote back.”


“Yeah.” His wife took the letter and carried on reading.

“Wow.” She said as she was finished. “He cares.” Her face flushed.


“Do you think he’ll show?” Jin whispered as the stage crew was setting up the tables on the stage.

“I hope so.” Yoongi replied.

An hour past and Yoongi and the rest of the boys met tons of diverse fans. They loved how almost every fan had different personalities. Yoongi couldn’t figure out which fan was his anonymous. There was some male fans that have passed and didn’t seem quite off or had letter so he figured none were him.

As he almost got distracted later into the fan sign he heard a shy clearing of a voice.

“Excuse me Min Yoongi….I believe you told me to drop this off.” He slide a letter in front of him. Yoongi finally looked up and saw the mystery to his ‘non-spoken letter’. He was an older fan maybe 30’s or 40’s and was dressed very fancy. He noticed that there was a women with two kids behind him.

He was definitely not what Yoongi was expecting. He figured he was some teenager but he realized that no matter what age you are or what currency or even family. Anybody could be struggling, everyone had a story.

“You are brave.” Yoongi stood up and reached over the table to embrace the fan into a warm comforting hug. Yoongi could feel the fan shaking from nervousness.

“Thank you for writing.” Yoongi said.

“Thank you reading.”

As soon as Yoongi pulled away he could see the viable tears in his eyes. Yoongi felt his eyes water as well.

“Is this your family?” Yoongi asked.

The fan nodded. His wife came closer with the kids. Yoongi reached out and shook her hand. “Thank you….you saved my husband.”

She didn’t hesitate to bring him into a hug as well.

“Last thing I need to know from you.” Yoongi looked at the adult fan.

“Anything.” He said.

“Your name.” Yoongi smiled.

Let’s just say that was a day to remember.

Some people could think it’s ridiculous that a man his age could be fanboying over an idol of some boy group but most people tend to judge before they know the real story. This man has changed his life. This man understood how to live through horrible thoughts that could mind control you and make a difference on how to fight it. Most people are lucky, they could carry on with a happy life and have no troubles but some are suffering, some are struggling, and some aren’t so lucky.

Thats why it’s important to ask for help even if it’s through one song.



Note: omg emotional rollercoaster for sure! thanks for requesting, doll! i hope you like it! .c

Bucky x Reader

Request: Could you do like you and bucky get in an argument (like youre dating and he thinks you cheated. Or ur not dating but he gets mad about something idk, i trust you haha). And bucky accidentally hurts you and tony is furious but then a happy ending

You were sitting in the common room with Bucky and Tony. You were texting Steve, telling him to get trick candles for Bucky’s birthday cake. Bucky’s birthday was tomorrow and you had a huge 40’s themed surprise birthday party planned. You’ve been smiling from ear to ear for the past week or so, excited to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday. You kept it a secret though.

Bucky took notice in your wide smile while you were tapping away on your phone. He shifted in his seat, looking down at your phone. “Who are you texting?” He curiously asked. Tony looked at you, already knowing about the surprise party. You quickly turned your phone off, not wanting to spoil the surprise. “Oh! Just Wanda. She’s at the store and just asked if I needed anything.” You felt bad for lying to Bucky, but it’d be worth it.

Bucky furrowed his eyebrows, but let it go for now. You decided you were going to take a shower so you walked down the hall to your bedroom and set your phone down on your bedside table. You were humming happily, so pumped for the party tomorrow. You had bought a beautiful red 40’s style evening dress, knowing that Bucky loved the color red on you. You already knew how you were going to do your hair.

During your shower, you thought of how amazing Bucky’s birthday party was going to be. You’ve had a hard time keeping it from Bucky, but you wanted it to be a secret. You heard your door shutting from your bathroom, assuming Bucky had come in. You finished washing yourself and got out, grabbing your towel and wrapping it around you. You opened the bathroom door and saw Bucky sitting on your bed with your phone in his hand.

He looked up at you with a blank expression. “Your phone lit up with a text, well 4 texts, from Steve.” You pursed your lips, standing there awkwardly. You held your towel tighter to your body, shifting your weight from one foot to the other. “I tried to unlock your phone but your passcode was changed.” He set your phone down and you sighed. “Bucky-” He interrupted you and stood up. “You know, I don’t like cheaters. If you’re not happy with me, at least tell me. Don’t fuck my best friend behind my back.”

Your eyes and mouth widened in shock. “Excuse me?” Your tone had a hint of pain behind it. Bucky rolled his eyes. “You heard me.” He crossed his arms and you stood there. How could he think you were cheating on him? And with Steve? “I’m not cheating on you, Bucky.” That did it for him. He raised his voice, making you cower back. “Bullshit! You’ve been smiling like you’re some five year old who’s going to Disneyworld! And anytime I’ve tried to see who it is, you hide it! You’ve been so happy the past few days! Don’t lie to me, Y/N!” His words stung.

You shook your head, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. “Bucky, I’m no-” “I told you not to lie to me!” Bucky gripped your shoulders in his hands tightly. You winced in pain and he jerked away from you, running his hands through his hair. You were crying now and your shoulders were stinging. “Bucky, please listen to-” He interrupted you one last time. “I don’t want to hear it, Y/N! I can’t believe you’re fucking my best friend!” You stood close to Bucky, looking up at him. “I’m not fucking him! If you’d just let me explain!”

Bucky shoved past you, moving you out of the way with his metal arm. The force from the shove caused you to fall backwards and you landed on the floor. Your head knocked into your bed post. “Oh my god, Y/N!” Bucky was at your side instantly, but then Tony barged into your room. “What did you do to her, Barnes?” Tony shoved Bucky to the side, picking you up carefully. You groaned and rubbed the back of your head as it throbbed.

You really needed to get changed into some clothes and get out of this towel, so you grabbed some and went to the bathroom, letting Tony and Bucky talk. Your eyes were kind of blurry and you hurried and got dressed. You lifted your hand to the back of your head and looked at your hand. Your head was bleeding. You groaned again, knowing that Tony would definitely kill Bucky now.

You opened the bathroom door and Bucky was sitting on your bed. Tony had his hands on his hips, yelling at Bucky. He stopped when you came out and saw the blood on your hand. “Yeah, my head is bleeding.” You laugh a little, sighing. Bucky stood up and looked at you. “Oh my god, Y/N! I’m so sorry!” He had tears in his eyes and Tony stepped in front of you, blocking Bucky. “Do you think you need stitches? Are you dizzy? Lightheaded?” Tony threw question after question at you.

You shrugged your shoulders. “It’s just a little scratch, I’m fine.” You grabbed a tissue out of the box on your bedside table and held it on top of the wound to stop the little bit of blood. “Tony, can you leave us alone for a few minutes?” Tony sighed. “Barnes, if you ever hurt her again, you’re dead. Do you hear me?” Tony pointed his finger at the soldier. Bucky nodded and looked down at his shoes, feeling guilty. Tony left and you sat down beside Bucky.

You grabbed your phone and opened it, handing it to Bucky. He was sniffling and sobbing and he grabbed your phone. “What do you want me to look at?” His voice broke. “The truth.” You say softly, pulling the tissue away from your head. Bucky wiped away his tears and read the messages between you and Steve. After he was finished, he dropped your phone beside him on the bed and pulled you to his body, holding you close. He cried into your chest, rocking you back and forth.

“Bucky, I’m okay. You didn’t mean to.” Bucky sniffled and pulled away, looking at you. “I’m supposed to protect you, not hurt you. And I’m also supposed to trust you.” He looked down, finding the pattern on your shirt interesting. You sighed. “I’m not mad at you. You just didn’t know. But yes, you should trust me. I’d never do that to you.” You wiped away his tears, kissing his forehead. He nodded and looked into your eyes. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry.” He gently rubbed the back of your head, the pain completely gone.

You smiled and nodded. “It was just a scratch or whatever. Nothing too serious like Tony threatening to kill you.” Bucky chuckled sadly. “I’m okay, though, really.” Bucky gave you a quick kiss. “So, can I see your dress for the party?” You smiled widely, getting off of Bucky’s lap. You felt a little dizzy but you steadied yourself with Bucky’s help. He still felt bad for hurting you. But he’d forget about that completely when he’d see your dress. “You know, it’s supposed to be a surprise..” You trailed off, grabbing the dress from your closet.

Bucky gasped as he stood up and looked at the dress you held. “You’re going to look so beautiful in that, Doll.” You smiled and put it back. “I can’t wait for your SURPRISE party tomorrow.” Bucky frowned, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I’m really sorry, Y/N.” You held him close, resting your head on his strong torso. “We’ll have amazing make-up sex, so don’t worry.” You looked at Bucky and winked. He chuckled and pulled you in for another kiss. “God, I love you.” You smiled. “I love you too, Buck.”

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Marked (Part 9)

Summary: Soulmate AU! Whatever mark you get on your skin your soulmate gets it too but soulmate’s are really rare and one day you get bullied for it and Bucky is there to save you

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,349

Warnings: jealousy, Civil War Spoilers (I altered it a bit tho) it’s also quite sad

A/N: I have to say I really really love how this part turned out! One more to go guys! We are almost at the end of this series and it’s making me really emotional.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8

“Y/N”, the man in front of you said again. He was staring at you, his beautiful blue-grey eyes boring through you, looking at you with so much adoration and love that you had to look away. Never would you have thought that someone would look at you this way. And now he did and you knew immediately that he and you, you’d been more than just friends. 

But still, you didn’t remember him.

“Hi”, you said but your throat was so dry that it barely came out as a whisper. He was still staring at you like he couldn’t get enough of you. He was staring at you like he couldn’t believe that he really got to be that lucky to stand in front of you. Like he tried to memorize every part of your body in case he was going to lose you again. 

“Do you”, the man, you figured that this was probably the one called Bucky, gulped thickly and looked between you and Steve. “Do you remember me?”

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Living With Bucky Would Include:

- ‘Sarge take out the trash please?’
  ‘Rock paper scissors for it?’
-  Bucky complaining about the amount of pillows on the bed but you just throwing them at him
- Braiding his hair whilst he sleeps
- Him attempting to braid yours
- Old fashioned romance
- Him buying you 40′s dresses so you can model for him
- Teasing eachother daily
- Dancing
- Watching old movies and talking through them
- ‘Y/N where are you I want my cuddle!’
- Coming home and talking about your days with each other
- Blanket forts

You’re Getting Sappy (Part 2)

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Part 1

A/N: Here you go w-hunting . hope you guys like :) So the room i had a hard time describing, i didn’t want to waste to much time describing stuff… might have failed lol… but so it’s a huge room and they seperated the bar from the ‘town’, the town imagine captain america the first avenger. I wanted it to be like when he was a teenager. Also I tried to work in a bit of the references, though it was a little hard.

Title: You’re Getting Sappy (part 2).

Couple: Steve x Reader

Summary: You accidentally hurt Steve’s feelings. So to make it up to him you went all out for your man that beats time. Bringing the entire avengers on board you plan on winning him back over in his own time.

Warning: none 

Is you or is you ain’t my baby 

Have I told you lately 

Hang us up = to call quits

Sweetie = special guy

Skirt chaser = playboy

Fink = loser

Hot shot = head man, leader (good term here)

Geezer = old man

Fella = boyfriend

Gal = women/girlfriend

Sappy = Romantic

Part 2

Clint flew in Laura and the kids for the ‘show’ as he put it; even though he joked around a lot about the plan he was extremely supportive and there for you at all moments of the day.

You and Clint sat down in the large room that Tony usually used as the party area, though tonight it was going to be the staging area for plan b, or you’re preferred name for it, 40’s date night. You guys had spent the last past day painting boards and getting decoration that were 40’s related so you could hopefully bring Steve back to his time and do things right.

“So what do you think?” Clint asked as we looked around at the room. You had Tony project a night sky onto the ceiling, there were buldings that you guys took from around Brooklyn where he grew up, and off to the far corner Bruce and Thor helped you put the classic 40’s dance area where there was a small stage and red curtains then the hard wood dance floor.

With a large smile you looked back to him and he could tell you were pleased with the results. “I love it, I think he will too. Do you have your family’s outfits ready? What about Nat’s? Oh how are we going to get a suit big enough for Thor?” Clint stood up and patted your back in his best attempt to calm you down from your slight panic attack.

“Wanda has all the outfits covered and she made sure Thor fits, Tony is a bit too excited to play the 40’s bar tender, and Nat has the set list to play. We have gone over everything and practiced it twice, it’s not that hard and most of it is improvised. So calm down, we got this covered” You nodded knowing he was right, just then Laura came in dressed in her 40’s house wife dress while holding Nathaniel in his little white onsie with overalls and a little hat. “Now look at my boy!”

You got up with him and cooed over the child, you couldn’t help but laugh at just the idea of Steve once looking like this. “Where’s the others?”

“With Wanda and Pietro, their all dressed and ready to party” You nodded and continued to watch the little buddle of joy mess with his hat, upset he was having to wear it. “Wanda wants you both to go get dressed and Bucky wants to see you after you get dressed” Saluting Laura you and Clint went to Wanda.

Pietro ran around with the kids as you and Clint got dressed. Clint wore a deep brown suit with a top hat that matched his sons out fits. You though wore one of the gowns you’d always seen in the 40’s movies during the dance scene in a beautiful y/f/c and the most beautiful strapped heels you’d even lain your eyes on. “Wanda, I don’t know where you got this stuff but it’s amazing!”

“If you think this is amazing just wait till you see Steve” she said coming over to you and fixing your hair. Natasha stepped into the room looking 10 times more gorgeous than normal. She wore a perfect fitting deep red dress with a thin black belt accenting it. “See even your singer looks like she was meant for the 40’s”

Nat swayed her hand in a stopping motion, though she loved the attention from the new look. Though when she saw you her mouth slightly dropped. “If Steve says no to your apology, I’ll take you! You look gorgeous” You laughed hiding your blush. “Don’t worry, I know my songs, the guys are all dressed, including Steve. Though he believes that he’s going to a fund raiser party being thrown by Tony”

You nodded and remembered Bucky wanted to see you. You gave the girls hugs of gratitude and ran off to find the man who helped get everything right for this, it definitely helped that he was from that time era.

Bucky sat off to one of the side rooms by the party room, he had his hands bunched together across his legs as he leaned in seeming to be in deep thought. You knocked on the wall, not wanting to be rude. As soon as he seen you a small grin appeared across his face.

“You ready? Remember everything” He asked standing up, allowing you to see him in his old army uniform, it still suited him like he had never taken it off and for some reason you got the feeling it actually put him more at ease to be wearing it.

“Yup, you’ve been a great teacher. Thank you so much for helping, I don’t think I could have done any of this without your help” You guys started to walk out of the room and to the planning area since it was minutes away from time for him to come in.

You both stopped at the door, his job at this point was to get Steve though he needed to tell you something before he went off. Looking down, avoiding eye contact he started to speak. “Steve is my best friend, he’s been there for me even when I haven’t been there for myself. To see him happy is really important to me; and when I see him with you there is no doubt in my mind that you mean the world to him. Seeing you go through all this just to apologize to him shows me that he means the world to you too” He looked up to you “Please don’t break his heart”

Holding in your tears you gave him a hug without even thinking, “I don’t plan to. Thank you so much” You pulled away and he gave you a small smile before leaving. Going in the room you waited near the front where the ‘buildings’ were and where the Barton family would walk by as if a normal day in time.

Wanda and Vision were standing over toward the wall the separated the dance/bar from the rest of the ‘town’. They gave you a thumbs up, a sign of good luck and reassurance that everyone and everything was set up.

“You know you can’t just show up to a thing like this alone” Bucky said opening the door, signaling everything to start. Nat started singing ‘Is you or is you ain’t my baby’ and chatter started, the people at the bar started dancing. Steve looked around in awe, completely throwing him back in time. “Good thing I took care of that” Bucky said patting Steve’s shoulder and leaving him in front of you as he went off to the dance.

It took Steve a moment to adjust to you, you were naturally beautiful, but seeing you like this brought a whole new glow to you. The dress, your hair, the smile you had on that lit up your y/e/c eyes, all of it brought a huge smile to his face that he couldn’t hide even if he wanted to.

You pulled yourself together after going all googaly eyes over Steve in his old uniform. It was the same as Bucky’s, only the man of your dreams was wearing it. “Hello Solider” Steve looked around again and caught Barton playing with his kids as they walked down the road resembaling the one he grew up on.

“y/n what is this? Did you do this?” You gave him a sweet smile.  

“Me and the others” You grabbed his hand and started walking slowly toward the dance, “I’m not ready to Hang us up sweetie.” He looked at you a little confused, all words he had heard before, just not in a really long time. “I didn’t mean to chuckle at you the other day, I was so relieve that you weren’t ending us and so caught off guard by what you said it just fell out”

Steve squeezed your hand lightly and brought it to his lips, placing a kiss on it. “You don’t know what that means to me.” You both walked into the dance quarters and it took Steve back a moment. Everything was so perfect, just like they had them back then. Bucky was off to the side talking with Thor, all the guys in uniforms (Except for Bartender Tony) and all the girls in dresses. Natasha started singing ‘Have I told you lately that I love you’ and he looked down to you with a huge grin.

“You’re not no skirt chaser like some guys I meant” You nodded your head over to the slightly drunk Pietro and you both laughed “or a Fink. You’re a hot shot and I can’t believe a guy like you would like me”

He brought you into a hug and laughed, “I should be saying that to you, I’m a geezer, I don’t fit in, and most people think I’m bossy. Having you in my life has brought so many new experiences and joys” He pulled away from you and motioned around the room “You brought me back to a time that I didn’t even know I missed, something else I can share with you” He laid a kiss against your forehead.

“So does that mean you’ll be my fella?” You asked looking up to him and he looked down to you.

“Only if you’ll be my gal” You nodded quickly and laid a kiss on him.

Tony laughed as he poured a beer for Thor, “You’re getting sappy, Cap! Didn’t know you had it in you!” he called and Thor joined in with the laughing, though all the other members looked to you guys like you were right out of a romantic movie.

“Then let me be sappy!” Steve called out, looking to his friend with a huge smile before looking back to you. He put his hand out to you “Can I have this dance?” Nodding he held you close and swayed with the music, singing with it lightly so only you could hear “Have I told you lately that I love you? Well darling I’ll tell you now” 

Date Night!

This was requested by the wonderful @once-a-shervel so I wanted to make it extra special! 

 If you want me to do this idea for all the Avengers let me know! 

 My requests are open! So get asking! I hope you enjoy it! :3

 Steve - Beach Date!

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When Steve gets back from a long mission, He likes to treat you to a surprise date night! Steve takes you to one of Tony’s privet beaches so it can just be the two of you. He brings a picnic basket filled to the brim with your favorite food that you eat over while sitting by the campfire. Steve ends up dragging you into the sea for a swim which results in the pair of you having a water fight. And let’s just say you win! You spend the rest of the evening snuggles together under the stars while Steve tells you stories of times he and Bucky went to the fairground.

Bucky - 40′s Style Date!

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Bucky wants to show you how they used to do it back in his day. He claims that not everything modern is better then old traditions. One night you come from work to find a 40’s style dress with a note attached to it. “Be ready by 7 Doll x” it read.  At 7 there was a soft knock at your door, You opened it to reveal Bucky in his best suit with his hair tied back in to a perfect man bun!. He takes you to a old hall that is decorated with fairy lights and white lace drapes , the hall is filled with old cute couples slow dancing.A slow song begins to play and Bucky leads you to the dance floor. You don’t notice but by the time the song ends its just you and Bucky on the dance floor with the couples admiring how in love the pair of you are reminding them of their younger selves. After dancing he takes you to his favorite dinner and you order burgers and milkshakes! Over dinner Bucky tells you stories of how he used to save Stevie before he became the super solider

Sam - Surprise Date!

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Sam wants you all to himself, He wants to show how important you are to him. One night you are sitting on the couch watching Tv when he comes from behind and covers your eyes telling you that he wants to you something. Sam leads you to the roof of Stark Tower where he has laid a blanket surrounded by candles and you can see all of New York  with buildings lit up light like stars in the sky. You spend the evening wrapped in each others arms with Sam telling you stories of the pranks he has played on the other Avengers including that one time he died Bucky’s hair pink.

Peter - Movie Night In!

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You are excited when Peter invites you around for the night. When you arrive he tells you that his Aunt May has gone out for the night and its just going to be you two. He walks you to the living room and tells you to make yourself at home while he finishes dinner. After 20 minutes you hear hushed cusses and panicked tones coming from the kitchen before Peter emerges with a face covered in ash and a panicked look. You can’t help but giggle at the adorable sight and tell Peter to wash himself up while you order pizza. When Peter returns he repeatedly apologizes telling you that he wanted to make tonight as perfect as he could. You shut him up with a soft kiss and tell him you find his effort simple adorable and the night would perfect as long as you are together. The pizza arrives and you spend the snuggled on the couch watching your favorite movie.