Billboard determines their Hot 100 through RADIO AIRPLAY, SALES DATA, and STREAMING DATA. Here’s how to boost those numbers.

1. PURCHASE the song on iTunes. GIFT it to as many people as possible, if you have the funds to do so. 

2. STREAM the song on Spotify. (Here’s a 40 hour playlist. Do NOT mute the track, or it will not count.)  

3. REQUEST the song at as many radio stations as possible.

Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource one. (Thank you littleshitlou.)

Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource two. (Thank you wereonmywaytothesun-stuff)

Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource three. (Thank you blowholeharry)

Nielsen Monitored Stations (the ones used for Billboard - VERY important). (Thank you areyougoodwithyourhands)

Masterlist of USA, UK, Canada, and Australia radio station request forms. (Thank you, areyougoodwithyourhands)

Links to the Twitters of worldwide, Austrian, Canadian, French, European, Mexican, and American stations. (Thank you, one-d-af)

Links to popular US radio station Twitters. (Thank you, twaslouis)

4. SHAZAM the song.

5. In order for inclusion on the Billboard Trending, as well as keeping up public awareness, TWEET about the song. You need to include @OneDirection, #DragMeDown, #NowPlaying, a LINK to the song, and use various terms associated with the song and song playing, such as “music,” “song,” “track,” “LISTEN.”” 

Example tweet:  #NowPlaying @OneDirection #DragMeDown Listen on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/track/70OTIpw8x8UXUsuCHW9i1i

List of example tweets.

Malec Week

Day Two: Into the Future
Some dying Alec headcanons for you guys :)
•Alec doesn’t die of old age

•He’s only 40 when it happens

•It’s a demon they had only seen in Edom, and it comes out of nowhere. It sneaks up behind Alec and attacks him when Jace has his back turned

•They have to call Magnus to portal him back to the Institute because he’s in too much pain for them to move him

•Little One comes with Magnus, even though his father begs him not to come. He wants to be there because he knows that it’ll be the last time he sees his father

•Magnus and Little One are the last to say their goodbyes

•Alec is barely conscious at this point, but he manages to tell them both that he loves them

•Little One hugs his father before he leaves the couple alone because he knows that they need this time alone

•Magnus is sobbing at this point

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Alexander. You were supposed to have another forty years. You weren’t supposed to leave now. I’m not ready to let you go.”

“You had to let me go eventually. And you have someone else to live for, now. You have Little One. Your life can’t end just because I’m not in it.”

•And Magnus knows that Alec is right but he’s never loved like this before and he’s sure it’s never going to happen again and he just wants Alec to live and be happy and be with him

•They share one last kiss and it tastes like blood and tears

•Magnus ends up in the small infirmary bed with Alec in his arms

•He doesn’t sleep because he wants every last moment with Alec that he can have

•It’s two in the morning when Alec dies, and Magnus doesn’t let him go. He just holds him until Jace and Izzy run into the room, tears streaming down their cheeks because he’s gone

•Alec Lightwood is really gone

Art Student Ash

Requested: nope but i’ve had this idea for some time now.

a/n: ashton gets no love from my blog so i decided to write a little imagine for him, hope you all like it and as always requests are open!

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“y/n! wake up! your alarm has literally woken up the whole apartment complex EXCEPT for you!” you woke up startled to find your roommate Jesse jumping on your bed apparently trying to wake you up.

“okay, okay i’m up, what time is it anyway?” you say turning your alarm off.

“it’s 7:40! You’re going to be late to class if you don’t hurry, and i don’t think you want to give a bad impression to your professor on the first day!” you immediately jump out of bed, you had 20 minutes to get dressed and across campus to your first class this morning, this is what happens when you stayed up late binge watching Netflix.

“holy shit i’m never going to make it on time!” you rummaged through your closet and threw on a pair of leggings a sweatshirt and a pair of converse, you had no time for hair or makeup so you just put your hair in a bun. You went into the kitchen where Jesse handed you a cup of coffee and some granola bars, “thank you! see ya later!” you grabbed your backpack and keys and made your way across campus. You were somewhat comforted when you saw you weren’t the only one rushing to get to their class, but who could blame you guys? 8am wasn’t the ideal time to have class but you were an art major and this art class was only offered at 8am so you had no choice but to take it.You got to class the two minutes to spare and as you walked in you realized you were probably the last person to show up seeing as almost every chair was filled except next to this blonde haired boy with thick glasses and a buttoned up shirt. You quickly walked to the empty seat as your professor came in after you.

“hi, is this seat taken?” you asked the blonde haired boy shyly.

“no go ahead love!” he says with a slight smile on his face but not looking up from the notebook he was scribbling on. You sat next to him taking out your own notebook while the professor introduced himself and spoke about all the requisites for this semester.

“okay guys now that i’ve gone over everything i’m going to go ahead and waste no time and assign you your first art project, seeing as it’s the first project this semester i’m going to let your creative minds flow and let you guys choose what you want to do but there is only one rule, you have to do this project with a partner, just so you can learn more about each other and socialize.” you mentally groaned, you knew no one in this class and seeing as you were practically late this morning you knew it was going to be hard finding someone who’d willingly be your partner. You looked around and mostly everyone had a partner except for you and mr. blonde hair next to you but before you could say anything to him he spoke first.

“hey, i don’t know anyone here and i’ve only spoke to you, do you want to be my partner for the project?” you were completely mesmerized by the way he spoke and his eyes almost staring into your soul, you couldn’t form a coherent response. He took your silence as you didn’t know what excuse to say to turn him down. “it’s okay if you don’t want to? Just say no.” he says ruffling his curly hair nervously.

“oh no, no! Sorry i just spaced out, i’d like to be your partner, i don’t know anyone here either and you seem like a nice guy, sorry i didn’t catch your name?”

“oh right, my name’s Ashton!” he smiled widely sticking his hand out.

“y/n” you say reaching out shaking his large hand.

“okay i have to go to my next class right now but here i’ll give you my number and you can text me so we can figure out where to meet yeah?” you scribble your number on his notebook and give him a quick smile before heading out to your next class.

“hey y/n how was your first daaaaay, i didn’t get to ask you last night, i got home pretty late?” your friend Jesse says as you grab a piece of toast and plop on the chair beside her.

“exhausting but nonetheless fun, you?”

“it was good a few hot guys so i can’t complain, did you have any cute guys in your classes?” you laugh at her response, typical Jesse, only interested in boys.

“i don’t know? i don’t think so? i wasn’t really paying attention to the boys..” you say, immediately after your phone dings letting you know you had a text. Your smile grows ear to ear realizing who the text was from. “hey y/n it’s Ash from art class, just wanted to know if you wanted to come by my place later to figure out what we’re going to do for the project?” “yeah sure i’ll drop by after my last class.”

“huh, that smile would like to say otherwise!” Jesse says wiggling her eyebrows “stop, he’s just my partner for an art project, don’t get your panties in a knot” you say getting up to go get ready for todays classes “is he at least hot?” “bye, jesse! i’ll be home later!” you run off before she can interrogate you some more. Today you actually made it to all your classes on time but they seemed to drag on, you were quite excited to work on your art project, mainly because Ashton was your partner but you didn’t admit it. You went into the library to get a few books to use as inspiration and walked to the address ashton had sent you. You decided to dress a little more decent seeing as the first time you two met it seemed as if you’d gotten ready in the dark. You wore a t-shirt dress with your converse and your hair up. Once you made it to his apartment complex you quickly found his apartment number and rang the doorbell. You were stunned when he answered the door, he was shirtless with only a pair of tight black jeans, hair in a bun, and no shoes. His hands were full of different colored paint and beads of sweat were formed on his forehead. 

“hey y/n! come in, come in!” he says wiping his sweat with his arm and following behind you.

“sorry for the mess i was going to clean up a bit, i didn’t really think you’d be on time to be honest” he giggles putting on a white tee. 

“wow okay, it was my first time ever being late actually, besides who willingly gets up before 8 am?” you say as you follow him into his room.

“i do actually”

“well you’re probably the only one.” in his bedroom you saw he was a huge fan of the same artists and bands as you. he had paintings and band posters and photos of graffiti all over his room, which wasn’t the cleanest either, there were markers and oil pastels scattered everywhere and pages of doodles all on the floor.

“wow, you have so many things in here, i can look at your walls all day.” you say running your fingers on some of the paintings on the walls.

“yeah, i basically love all form of art, that’s why i’m an art major i guess?” he says sitting on the floor. You sat beside him going through his sketches and doodles, he was quite good.

“i’m an art major too!” you say with a big grin on your face.

“we have so many interests in common..”

“we could be soulmates” he says staring at you.

It had been about 3 hours and you two had thought of nothing for the project, actually you two were so caught up lying on his floor talking about everything and anything that you both had forgotten about it, not that you were complaining. You looked over to see it was already 11 pm and probably dark out so you were now thinking how on earth you were going to get back to your place without getting murdered.

“holy shit it’s late..how am i going to go home now?” you groan getting up from the floor, Ashton getting up as well.

“i can walk you home if you’d like, wouldn’t want you going home alone with all these creeps out right now.”

“i’d say that you didn’t have to but i’m actually quite terrified to walk alone” you chuckle nervously.

“no it’s fine y/n, i don’t mind. Here i’m sure it’s quite cold outside so you can borrow my sweatshirt.” he puts one on himself and leads you out the door off his apartment grabbing his keys. You both walked to your apartment continuing your conversation about both of your interests. You finally reached your apartment door and you both stood in silence not wanting to say goodbye.

“welp we didn’t get anything done today.” he says ruffling his curly hair.

“hey, we got the socializing down? maybe we can try and get the art portion started tomorrow if you’d like?” you say playing with the sleeves of the sweater.

“definitely, i can spend every day with you and never get bored!” his words made you smile and blush slightly.

“i could say the same, well i have to go now or else i’ll be late to class.. again” you laugh. He bursts into laughter, his infectious laugh causing you to laugh even more. 

“Alright i’ll let you go, i’ll see you tomorrow and i’ll text you to see where you want to meet up yeah?” he pulls you into a warm hug and gives your forehead a quick peck.

“see ya tomorrow!” he yells walking back to his apartment. You stood there until you’d lost sight of him, you went inside and immediately to bed. You realized you’d forgotten to give him his sweatshirt back but you didn’t mind, it smelled just like him which made your stomach do flips and make you smile ear to ear.

The next morning you woke up to your alarm and to a text from Ashton.

“hey we’re skipping class today, meet me by the parking lot at 8:30, i’m taking you out for breakfast and to find some inspiration for this damned project lol!” you smiled like a loser at your phone. You immediately hop out of bed and into the shower to get ready.“jesus christ this boy is full of adventure, how am i going to keep up with him” you say giggling to yourself. You quickly showered and got dressed for whatever adventure this goofball had in stored, and you couldn’t be any more excited.

yayayay, this was v fun to write let me know if you want me to continue or if you want me to write anything else! as always stay rad! x

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What's wrong with Maks looking older? It's not like he's a twenty something, the man is almost 40.

No he’s not 20 something..he’s 35 not almost 40 but he looks older than he did just 7 months ago..at least that’s what I think



TODAY is the first day that RADIO AIRPLAY counts in determining the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It is super important that we make a HUGE radio push. It accounts for 30-40% of a track’s position in the charts.
1. REQUEST the song at as many radio stations as possible.
Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource one.
Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource two.
Automatically generated tweets to radio stations - resource three.
Nielsen Monitored Stations (the ones used for Billboard - VERY important).
Masterlist of USA, UK, Canada, and Australia radio station request forms.
Links to the Twitters of worldwide, Austrian, Canadian, French, European, Mexican, and American stations.
Links to popular US radio station Twitters.

SALES DATA accounts for 35-45% of a track’s position in the charts. It’s the biggest piece, so PLEASE make sure to:
2. PURCHASE the song on iTunes.
3. GIFT it to as many people as possible, if you have the funds to do so.

Streaming accounts for 20-30% of a track’s position on the charts. Use a playlist, plug in your headphones, and just let the song play. Do NOT mute the track, or it will not count.
4. STREAM the song on Spotify. Here’s a 40 hour playlist. 

5. For inclusion on the Billboard Trending, as well as keeping up public awareness,TWEET about the song. You need to include @OneDirection, #DragMeDown, #NowPlaying, a LINK to the song, and use various terms associated with the song and song playing, such as “music,” “song,” “track,” “LISTEN.””
Example tweet: #NowPlaying @OneDirection #DragMeDown Listen on Spotify https://play.spotify.com/track/70OTIpw8x8UXUsuCHW9i1i
List of example tweets.

I spent the weekend in Sebastopol, California at Foocamp. This photo is from Saturday morning’s 40 mile bike ride to the Pacific Coast. Foocamp is Tim O'Reilly’s annual gathering he hosts where he invites roughly 300 people he believes are doing the most interesting things with Internet-related technology right now. It’s really about getting them all together, introducing them to each other, and creating an open forum to mutually learn. There are folks from the White House, small tech companies doing fascinating things, large companies with scale, artists, independents, etc. There’s a strong hardcore geek contingency who add a layer of deep understanding of their field. It’s definitely the geekiest conference I attend.

You show up Friday evening at the O'Reilly corporate campus and the bar opens. After dinner, in a big tent, we all take turns individually standing up saying your name and three words you’d use to describe your interests. It takes an hour or so and it’s always entertaining. After the introductions, a big physical grid is put up with hour slots on one axis and rooms on the other. Attendees are encouraged to claim a spot and lead an hour long discussion at some point in the weekend of whatever they think will be an interesting conversation.

It’s by far the best structure for a conference. This year was my 5th or 6th year going to Foocamp. Every year, a theme typically emerges. Healthcare, drones, the maker movement, AI— they’ve all been themes. Last year’s highlight was the small team of rock star technologists who swooped in to fix healthcare.gov. This year’s highlight, for me, was an hourlong discussion on why text messaging is the future hosted by Matt Webb of interconnected.org fame. Only about 15 people were in the discussion including Stewart Butterfield, the CEO and founder of Slack and Flickr, Trei Brundrett the CEO of Vox Media, and the head of product at Skype from Microsoft. We were all asked why we were there and I thought Stewart’s answer was best: “because the future of my business depends on the premise.” Slack is one of the latest companies to be valued over a billion dollars and it’s popularity and usefulness is on fire. The Sherpaa team uses it daily.

We all agreed that asynchronous text is the future. First, it’s just so convenient and slips so easily into our busy, multi-tasking lives. We’re social creatures and communication is literally our lifeline. SMS is my go-to place for communicating with the most meaningful people in my life. It’s noise-free. It’s also universal. Everybody in the world with a phone has access to it, one of the main reasons why FedEx chose it as the technology they’ve invested the most in to communicate with their customers. It’s just so damn scalable. It’s also analyzable and can be used by either humans or bots leveraging natural language processing.

But the most interesting thing about asynchronous text messaging to me is the concept of messaging as a platform with embedded widgets that allow you, via a messaging-like interface, to communicate with services and actually do things. It’s similar to how you can order food or a taxi via the messaging interface in WeChat in China.

Healthcare is a perfect application for this kind of functionality. Healthcare, at its core, is just communication over time about your health. It’s a discussion you have with and between healthcare professionals with data that trickles in over time from your physical exam, imaging, lab tests, medications, your subjective feelings about your health over time, and many others. Sherpaa’s product has been on this track of asynchronous text-based communication with data widgets scattered throughout the interaction since its inception three and a half years ago. I cannot wait to see this product a year from now.

In ideating and designing any of the healthcare technologies I’ve ever created, I’ve always taken inspiration from other industries and applied their best features to healthcare. I’ve always had a soft spot for asynchronous communication. Sherpaa was founded on it. And, like Stewart said, the future of our business depends on it. And so does the future of WeChat, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Slack, Facebook, and countless others. Sherpaa is in good company with rock solid precedence.

Sometimes a technology is invented that, although super simple and basic, it’s just a fundamental invention that changes things and will never go away. It can be somewhat improved, but it will be with us forever. It’s endlessly nostalgic. Wheels, electricity, and text messaging. They’ll always be here. And I’m having the time of my life building on a fundamentally important foundation, bringing it to healthcare, and creating the future with something so primitive.

What possibly evil fic should I write first…..

Inuyasha having to pick between saving his baby or his wife?

Kagome never returning down the well? All of it was just an illusion? She wakes up and she’s still stuck in the modern world?

Kagome’s mom sadly looking through her daughters stuff, that she left behind in the room, after she chooses to live in the feudal era? Touching Kagome’s hand print indentation that she made when she was just a little girl in daycare, that was pushed under the bed full of dust, and she slowly strokes Kagome’s baby hands in the clay and cries?

Sesshomaru forgets to visit Rin and it’s been 40 years?

Kohaku losing his mind in a brothel because the memories are haunting him and only the bitter taste of sake can take away the pain?

Shippo’s fox demon school has a parents day and he’s too embarrassed to ask anybody so he sits there alone?

Why are these prompts progressively getting weaker…?

Why can’t I write evil?

Oh my god?

Kids, go to school. Just. Just fucking go to school. If the alternative is sitting in your room jerking off then fucking go to school.

Yeah the school system is fucked up and there are piece of shit bullying kids and the teachers can’t to anything to actually stop them but like, if you can’t afford some kind of private school or whatever then just fucking go I’m sorry I wish I could make it better but I can’t.

For every prodigy who dropped out of high school but still became a success there’s a ton of miserable people who are in their 40’s and wish they finished. Not having that high school diploma will make any problem you face in life ten times worse.

soooooooo here’s a summary of my day

  • numerous people came up to me to say they liked my dress and/or face
  • i went to a 40′s fashion exhibition and a man actually sat down and watched me like i was part of the exhibition
  • i was asked if i was a burlesque dancer
  • but the best part: i was approached by the manager of a pin-up/vintage clothing store and got her details wHICH could lead to a job??? w ow??


Interesting developments over here in whoreland this Sunday. 

Someone I went on a “date” with months ago. It was a painfully awkward chat (and I can make conversation with just about anyone). But I stuck it out because I’m a trooper and played nice for 30 minutes. He’s been texting me every so often since then, and I typically don’t reply. But yesterday he texted me a joke that was actually funny and so I responded with my approval. He asked if the joke were funny enough to take me to dinner. I explained that I believed we were looking for different things. He disagreed and I asked him explicitly what he was looking for. He told me some generic nonsense. And so I kindly told him that a man in his 40′s should be with a lady in her 40′s, and not a lady in her 20′s.

Whelp things took a different turn then I expected. I was actually about to lose patience and block him ((I’m tired of explaining to men that they don’t deserve a hot, much younger lady because they’re “nice guys”😒)). So now we’re going shopping I guess! He even wanted to go today but I had other plans (being gross and not washing my hair 😸). Of course I will take him up on it as soon as possible before the offer expires, so probably in the next few days. I made a quick clarification that he did NOT expect intimacy for Italian lingerie by skillfully wording something about male entitlement 😎.

Of course I would prefer cash to lingerie, but I’m grateful for the small victories. Especially in August, for some reason summer has always been my slowest season, particularly August. So I’m excited and this is a promising turn of events. Too bad I can’t remember his name for the life of me 😰😬

((also I referred to myself as a saint Bernard… I bet you thought the SB part of my username was for sugar baby. Nope! It’s samanthajonessaintbernard, buuut I considered that too much of a mouthful!😸 I’m so mature))

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Imagine adopted by Peggy!Erik in the future. Iron man Tony bothering him. So Erik playing "stop hitting yourself" as if they're not both grown (if not elderly in one case!) Men. Angie not stopping it because it amuses her. Peggy sighing and uttering a "Be nice to your cousin, Erik" as Tony whines and protests that using special powers isn't fair! Erik who used to make tiny toys float to entertain baby Tony.

Erik who’s been playing that game since they were kids. Tony who still has the same reaction of “Aunt Peggy, make him stop!” Doesn’t matter that he’s 40. Angie cracking up because these two are even more amusing than her baby cousins. Any of them. No matter how old she is, there’s always a baby cousin somewhere. Big Italian family. Peggy just shaking her head at how undignified it all is, but doing nothing because boys will be boys, at any age.

I’m a pretty princess This is me before getting my new anatometal flowers. Wearing 16mm Pink Ivory tunnels by southshoreadornments, majesty black (heavy metal version) by maya, 6mm silicone eyelets by Kaos, and all the opals in my face are anatometal. I’m very lucky to be able to own such gorgeous jewellery by some of the best in the biz. I feel like a princess every day thanks to those companies! Also, wearing a hair scarf in the 40’s/50’s ‘turban’ style is my new thing, requires no effort and looks amazing :)

10 People I Want to Get to Know Better…

Rules: Re-post and Tag 10 people you want to get to know better. I was tagged by wheretherealityat

Name: Grace
Nicknames: Gracie
Birthday: August 6
 Star-sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Height: 5′10
Sexual Orientation: 🐂
Average Hours of Sleep: haH
Lucky Number: FIVE
Last thing I Googled: “ the difference between will and shall" ( I’m the most boring person in the world tbh) and before that it was something like “ how long until diet coke makes all my teeth fall out”
First word that comes to mind: pizza bc that’s what I’m eating but also FUCk bc I just got sauce on my fav sweatshirt
How many blankets I sleep under: like 4 or 5, because I sleep with the windows open and it’s like 40 degrees at night, I dig it
Favourite Fictional Character: SCULLY AND STELLA AND BLANCHE AND BEDELIA ( and Michel Gary Scott)
Favourite Famous Person: Gillian duh
Celebrity Crushes: Gillian duh
Favourite Animes: Never watched it
Favourite TV shows: Oh god ok ummm x files, the fall, sex & the city, the office, broad city, OITNB, Seinfeld, friends, ummmmm there like 30 million more but I can’t think.
Favourite Musicians/ Bands: None in particular, I listen to most everything
Favourite Games: SPONGEBOB BATTLE 4 BIKINI BOTTOM I got fuckeD UP to that game circa 2003…. Other than that n/a…
Last Film Seen in a Cinema: trainwreck
Dream Holiday: ummm probably somewhere in Europe, maybe Paris or London perhaps.
Dream Job: a writer of some sort, or a professor.
Wearing Right Now: leggings & sweatshirt (also pizza sauce)
Last book I read: Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion

And ok ummmm I dnt even know ten people irl much less here but let’s seeeeeeeee

walterskinners wholeperson xfilesshitposts and whoever else wants 2 do it :)))))