THE PROTEGE (part V/?)

Summary: The reader is captured by Hydra in the middle of WWII, when she was a child. Whilst being put through experiments with the tesseract, she briefly crossed paths with Sergeant Barnes. Little did they know they would meet again.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x enhanced!reader

Genre: angst (with some fluff)


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Warnings: violence, electroshock, mentions of torture, blood.

A/N: I’m back (yayyyy) I gotta inform you guys, that I’ve been writing, and I have a lot of fics ready to be posted :)). I just wanted to thank you guys for the support <3.

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I got up without thinking twice, and I walked towards the cell bars separating us. He turned lay on his side, his eyes shut, wincing in pain.

“Sergean-” I strong shock coming from the collar I was wearing, ran through my body, making me let out a painful cry. I took my hands instinctively to the collar, but I just got them electrocuted too.

I fell on my knees, still feeling the shocks running through my body, even though they had turned off the collar again.

Tears fell down my cheeks while I was trying to catch my breathing, which I found more difficult than I expected. Actually, I felt like there wasn’t air in the room.

“Hey, hey, hey” I heard something crashing against the bars, followed by a concerned voice. “are you okay?” it had been James metal hand, gripping the bars tightly, in an attempt to get to me.

I nodded trembling, finally being able to translate my breathing. I shut and opened my eyes a couple of times to clear up my mind, before looking at him. “you sure?” our eyes met, and I took the chance to observe him.

I nodded again in response to his question, but this time, I did it absently.

Because something had caught my eye.

It was pretty clear that they had tortured him, but what drew my attention were his ears.

Because his ears were bleeding.

There wasn’t much blood, and it was mostly dry, but it was there, staining his earlobes. Had he even noticed they were bleeding? “your ears” I muttered, my voice hoarse due to the loud cry I had let out. “what- what did they do t-to you?”

He let go off the bars touched his ears with his flesh fingers, and just after he removed the dry blood from one of his ears, a thin line of fresh gore came out of his ear. “I-I”

he what? When he looked at his now bloodstained digits, he frowned, and it seemed like he was going to speak, but he frowned again.

“are you okay?” James parted his lips, but he kept his eyes fixed on his hand, like he was hypnotized.

I almost called him from his name again, but luckily, I stopped myself from doing it.

He wasn’t going to answer any time soon, so I sighed, leaning over the bars. And before I could completely rest my back against them, they moved.

I let out a squeal when I hit the cold pavement, barely being able to stop myself with my elbows. It took me a couple of seconds to understand the gate between us was open.

They left it open. They hadn’t make a mistake, that was for sure. It hadn’t been an accident, it had been deliberate.

The question was, why? Why would they let us make contact, if we were probably the most dangerous assets in the base?

And then it clicked.

It was a trap.

There was a trick somewhere.

I looked around and my eyes caught at least four cameras.

I sat up on my knees and stepped out of his side. After grabbing the bars, I shut the gate quicker than I had opened it, backing off until I hit the cold wall on the opposite side.

He was still entranced by his blood, so he didn’t say a word, and I decided I wouldn’t either.



It had been three weeks since we moved the two assets into a shared cell, and, just like we had expected, they had not dared to step into each other’s side.

They had not even talked yet —without taking the first day on account—, apart from the usuals ‘are you okay?’ after every training session and mission. However, it seemed like the Sorceress wanted to talk with the Winter Soldier.

She did not, though.

We also observed that, after a rough training, even if the Asset was still being controlled, he would stay awake, keeping an eye on his protege.

I got into the control room. “how are our weapons today?” The assets were going to be taken out in a few minutes, since they had to get ready for their next mission.

“they have not any kind of hostile behavior” one of the handlers informed me. “we are ready for the guards of cell 2.e to start the extraction.”

I nodded, giving my permission for the handlers to give the order, and, after she had communicated it to the guards, we saw in the tiny screen how two of them entered in cell 2.e.


Her eyes.

Her eyes reminded me of someone, I was almost sure I met this girl before, I just didn’t know when.

She wouldn’t talk either, so I hadn’t been able to get answers I needed just yet.

But I understood. I got why she didn’t want to talk. First of all, when she tried to talk, they electrocuted her. And second, we both could see the cameras.

They were observing us, and this whole thing looked like some kind of experiment.

So we both had come to a silent agreement.

We wouldn’t talk with each other more than necessary, we wouldn’t get into each other’s cell, and we would keep doing things as if we weren’t sharing cell.

But then the guards came into her side of the cell. They didn’t even ask her to get up before one of the guys grabbed their baton, hitting her face with it.

And damn, he did it with enough force to knock her out.

She gasped in pain, her nose bleeding and her lip broken, shutting her eyes when her body met the floor. She was curled up in a ball, and it was taking me a lot of self control not to cross the room and break those men’s neck.

“get up”

Oh, so now he asked. Hit first, ask second. It was Hydra’s main method. And then, of course, hit again.

The other guard trampled her left hand with his heavy boot, making cry out.

I clenched my fist discretely, not wanting to draw the cameras attention towards me. “get up!” he yelled, and the girl flinched, waiting for the hit that we all knew was coming.

But when they kicked her stomach strong enough to make her open her eyes and gasp for air, I lost it.

Before I realized what I was doing, one of the guards was dead on the floor with his neck cracked.

I then grabbed the other one’s throat, lifting him in the air effortlessly. I looked into his eyes, and I saw how the life left him.

But I didn’t care.

For the first time, I didn’t care if I killed someone.

I kneeled besides the girl in no time, holding her as tender as I could, and sitting down against the wall, with her in my lap.

Her fists clenched, one of them gripping the uncomfortable material of my uniform, while her other arm was wrapped around my neck.

Both of my hands where pulling her impossibly close to me, because I knew what was coming, and I was scared.

Scared, because they were going to punish me. Scared, because they were going to hurt her. Scared, because I knew they had finally gotten some kind of response to this sick experiment.

And it all was going to happen because of me.

When I saw the guards getting in with the handlers, I started to shake, burying my face on the crook of her neck. She did the same. “I’m sorry” I muttered, feeling a couple of tears streaming down my cheeks.

“it’s okay” she was crying too. Her voice was shaky due to the hits and the pain.

We waited there for someone to tear us apart, but none did. I didn’t dare to look up, though. I felt safe in the darkness provided by her hair and neck. I felt safe feeling her breathing and her heartbeat, even if her heart was beating as fast as mine because of the fear. I felt safe with her arms around me.

And I didn’t even know who was that girl, nor when she had ended up there. Hell, I didn’t even know her name.

But in that moment, she was making me feel safe.

“pick her up and get up” I heard her handler ordering me. And I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to move, and I didn’t know why this girl didn’t want to either. She had seen the Winter Soldier. She had suffered his rage, but here she was, hugging me.

And I didn’t want them to wipe that memory out of me, not this one.

So I did as I was told to do, finally looking up. “you have a mission, Soldier. You will take the Sorceress with you.”

It’s 1:40 AM. I did everything right before going to bed, sleep hygiene done perfectly. All sleeping pills should be gone from my system and any withdrawal symptoms should no longer appear. It’s been two weeks now and either I don’t sleep at all or get 2 hours maximum. I’m tired. My fingernails are breaking, my hair is breaking and I’m losing almost a handful each time I brush them. I can barely eat. My metabolism is almost non-existent. I start to forget what I’m doing in the middle of something. I don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m dying but all tests show that I’m fine. I’m not fine. 

I’ve been struggling for five years, hoped that hypnotherapy would finally cure me, it seems it won’t. There are no medications that still work for me, exercise is impossible to do when you can barely crawl to the bathroom, all herbs and herbal medicine are pointless and worthless. I pray every night to get at least 4 hours of sleep but it won’t come. 
I’m tired and I’m scared. I feel like life is slipping through my fingers. I have no energy to do anything. It’s just a state of constant vegetation. Every day is the same. I get up from bed with puffy eyes, try to live another day and then go back to bed and stay up all night pushing my face into a pillow desperately trying to hold back tears which just pour on their own.

No one seems to understand. If I got a penny each time someone said “just go to the doctor and stop feeling sorry for yourself” or “you’re just lazy” I would live in a mansion. 

I’m sorry for this rant, I’m losing faith, I’m losing hope, I’m losing everything and I just can’t accept it.