40 year old child

Hi! Are you a middle class white woman called Helen, Carol, Jane, Linda, Susan, Paula, Debby, Melanie, Cathy, Kathy, Catherine, Katherine, Elaine, Vicky, or Sharon? Are you 30-40 years old? Do you drive a mini van? Does your youngest child do soccer? Are you a hypocrite? Do you talk shit about the other soccer moms then when they come over to talk you act like you didn’t then proceed to talk about someone else? Do you have three or more kids? Are all of them horrible? Are you either divorced or “single and loving it”? Are all your friends divorced or “single and loving it”? Do you often go out with these friends at the weekend and leave all of your horrible children with an angsty 16 year old babysitter who would rather be at Stacy’s pool party but is only doing this because her mom said so? Are you a hypocrite? Are you just an all around cunt? Do you like Pinterest? Do you and your friends have a what’s app group chat and post shitty memes and use too many emojis? Do you drive a shitty mini van? Did you go to our lady of mercy’s all girls catholic school? Like your children were you a horrible child too? Are you still a horrible person? Do you enjoy pillows? Do you often look up recipes that you’ll never use? Do you pronounce tortilla as TOR-TILL-A? Do you get your nails done by Tina? Do you blame your ex for everything? Do you blame others for your problems? And finally do you like quinoa? If yes then I have the drink for you!


Fuck Lapis

Is anyone else sick to death of Lapis’s shit? I’ve been watching SU since Jailbreak and for most of that time I could say with certainty that Lapis Lazuli was one of my favorite characters. Granted, we didn’t have much to go on about her personality besides Mirror/Ocean Gem, but what I saw there painted a picture of a tragic victim, imprisoned for millennia in a world she didn’t understand and willing to do anything to get home.

Lapis wasn’t perfect. Yes she hurt people, but she did so terrified that she would be imprisoned again and with no real grasp of how little threat Connie and Greg were capable of. She genuinely cared about Steven even if she didn’t trust him, and she had a softer side, with a gentle nature and a childish sense of humor when she wasn’t being provoked.

Now we have this.

Now, I know a lot of Lapis’s fans are going to jump at the ready to defend her despoiled honor, but let’s look at her behavior ever since she came back. Specifically let’s look at how she’s treated the people she managed to hurt.


The first time Lapis met Greg was in Ocean Gem, when she destroyed Greg’s van with him in it. Mind you, Greg hadn’t attacked her at all in this time, his only action was to run over one of her water clones to keep her from killing Steven and Connie. Thanks to miracle of the three-point seatbelt, Greg survived, but he broke his leg in the event. Did Lapis apologize to him? No. She didn’t even remember him, and she refused to even acknowledge it when he reminded her.


While we’re on that topic, Connie too was a victim of Lapis lashing out at the people around her. When Connie “viciously” attacked her water clones with a tiny squirt gun, Lapis responded by attempting to drown her. And just like with Greg, Lapis didn’t remember and didn’t even try to apologize. In fact, she reacted like this

Connie: Um, Lapis. You don’t remember me?
Lapis: Ummm.
Connie: You almost drowned me when you tried to steal the ocean’s water?
Lapis: I almost drowned a lot of people.

Seriously Lapis? What the fuck is wrong with you?

In fact the only person Lapis has apologized to is Jasper, the one person who doesn’t deserve a lick of fucking sympathy. Jasper, the person who put her in prison, physically threatened her into fusing with her, and who only wanted to use her to kill the people who tried to help her. Jasper, the person who stalked her and then did all those things again mere moments before Lapis apologized

Really Lapis? That’s the one who you owe sympathy to? Not the child you attempted to drown? Not the 40-year old man whose leg you broke after he stopped you from drowning his son?

And you know what? Every single one of her redeeming traits are gone, seemingly having only been artifacts of Early Installment Weirdness. Remember that childish sense of humor I said made her endearing? Now her sense of humor is completely non-existent. Her softer side towards those who are nice to her? She crushed peridot’s recorder after she tried to apologize for something that – in retrospect – she honestly fucking deserved.

Fuck Lapis, and fuck the entire crew for making her into the bitch she is now

“Asexual women are fucking useless because what good is a 40 year old woman without a child and a man? I’m not saying women owe men sex or anything, but sex should just be something that comes within a relationship, and so should children if you are to get married.”

Manslation: The Lord came to me one day and said, “Listen up, Tim, I’m putting you in charge of everyone else’s business.”

I said to the Lord, “Are you sure, Lord? I am but a humble dude bro. I have nothing to offer but… wait, I literally have nothing to offer.”

“Yes, I am sure,” said the Lord. “Look inside your heart and decide for everyone who they are and how they feel. Start with women and your many opinions about how their human worth depends on their sexuality and how they are nothing more than vending machines for sex and babies.”

I asked him, “May I practice with you just once?”

He nodded gravely. I cleared my throat and said, “I’M NOT SAYING WOMEN OWE MEN SEX, IT’S JUST THAT THEY DO ACTUALLY OWE MEN SEX ALL OF THE TIME. … How was that, Lord?”

“You will make a fine Douche Angel, Tim. Go forth with my blessing.”

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hello! I just wanna say i love your art, the sombra+mccree as besties gives me life. but i just wanna say that calling all mc// reyes content as pedophilia is incorrect. its fine if you're squicked out by it + i stand by your right to say ur content isnt romantic, but 1- 'standards' of age diff in relationships are both Western centric and incredibly new, 2- mccree is almost 40 years old, he's not a child, lets not infantilize him, and 3-a father/son dynamic is purely fanon. have a good day!!

ahah ok.

1. just because it’s a new concept/fairly recently accepted as taboo does not mean it’s any less gross. 

2. the vast majority of content i have seen for this ship shows mccree as a 17 year old kid. i’m not infantilizing him when i talk about this.

3. a father/son dynamic may be fanon, but the power imbalance between them is certainly canon. reyes was the leader of blackwatch and made a deal with mccree, where he either worked for bw or went to jail for the rest of his life. again, mccree was at most 17 at the time. he didn’t have a choice in the matter. add in the line “i taught you everything you know” and it’s pretty clear they were not on equal footing. pedophilia? maybe not. but unethical? definitely.

i’ve had a great day so far, thanks. 

“people should be able to write about older characters and younger characters having relationships” ok do u mean a 25 year old dating a 40 year old or do you mean a Child and an adult because those arent the same fucking situations and your language is so vague that it could be taken either way which makes your entire argument not just useless but downright fucking dangerous

i’ve lost 4 followers over this and gotten a few asks which is equal parts a relief and super distressing so let me just repeat: 

if you see a parent/child relationship between a 40-something year old man and an Actual Literal Child and decide that it would be More Exciting For You Personally if they were in a romantic/sexual relationship, please block and unfollow me! if you write porn featuring a 40-something year old man and the Actual Child he is a father figure to, please block and unfollow me! If you ship mcu peter parker and tony stark please block and unfollow me. 

me asking for you to keep this kind of thing away from me is not me telling you that you deserve to die, or condemning mentally ill people to hell for their Fictional Preferences. It’s me thinking that the concept of parental figures wanting to have sex with the minors in their care (regardless of whether or not they act on those desires) is extremely upsetting on multiple levels. I don’t want to come into contact with people who think that it’s fun and cute and who refuse to take another look at why this kind of thing could possibly be Really Upsetting to a lot of people. I don’t care if you quickly googled the age of consent and decided that that was enough for you. thank you goodbye


Update. You should never shame someone for who they ship (unless it’s like a 40 year old man and a child. Children are off limits) everyone ships something different and it isn’t your place to tell them they’re wrong for shipping that. Just be nice to each other guys


Couture Bullet: “Old”

A perfectly preserved suit from over 500 years ago. The wearer’s sworn secrecy shall be kept intact thanks to the stylish, burgundy shawl draped over their shoulder. Soft like velvet, but woven tightly, this suit once in vogue will make you feel powerful and mysterious. 

After what feels like 40 years, Lothar’s Old look. I need to redraw his Child outfit lol. His Guns were called Umbran Prodigy.

“Hey, dude— Any chance you’ve got a light?” Bash lifted his own lighter, waggling it demonstratively. “Mine’s all out of juice.”

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I almost feel glad because that tweet has done it for me, the official twitter account wants to be ageist and disgusting like that? I'm out, doesn't matter when caryl happens they ruined it for me, we live in a world where a sexual predator is the president of the US and amc want to push a 40 year old man with a child, they can choke

This is what I was talking about earlier with a friend. It’s not a matter of Caryl happening or not to me. Caryl might happen tomorrow, they are still trash for allowing that. For allowing people to say that. For thinking is ok to publish that on their official account. AMC can choke.

But He’s The Bad Guy

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Imagine: Imagine being caught making out with Kai, when he’s supposed to be the enemy. (by @imaginevampirediaries)

Pairing: Kai Parker/Reader

Warnings: Aside from a little bit of canoodling, nothing but fluff.

Word Count: 829

Reader Gender: Female

A/N: I just had to.

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Tony Stark's not a Stark

The ages of Howard and Tony Stark just don’t work

I looked it up, because I’m a nerd. Tony was born in the 1970s and Howard was born in 1917. This would make Howard roughly 53 when Tony was born. Since Maria doesn’t have a birthday, we have to assume that she’s in her 50s as well.

But biologically, it’s nearly impossible for a 40-50 year old woman to create a child. Her body just can’t handle it.

So, with science, apparently Tony Stark isn’t biologically a Stark.

Unless he was a test tube baby.

I just had a 40 fucking year old woman actually try to say that IF (IF!!!!!!!!) trumps child went to public school in NYC it would be offensive to feed him for free when taxpayers in our country are paying for his miserable ass family to have federal security because they don’t want to live with Donald Trumps ugly ass in washington and are instead staying in NYC (at the cost of NYC taxpayers and federal taxpayers). Hating poor people makes you honestly so ugly. Girl you may be stunning outside but u and I both know Jesus loved the prostitutes and sinners more than the moneylenders go to fucking church.

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You can be a rape apologist and still be a rape survivor. Case in point cinnemap was raped as a child and thinks gross ass 40 year olds should be able to fuck 16 year old kids.

Yes anon, but the point is that nobody I have contact with thinks raping a child is okay. Hence, not a rape apologist.

The Heat of the Moment
Rated Explicit

It was bad enough that she was only 18 and still in high school. But getting his son’s best friend pregnant from one night of passion was never supposed to be in the cards. Mr. Gold wants to do the right thing. Sleeping with her again probably was not it.

(Verse based on a tumblr prompt. Now a multi-chap WIP)


Part Eight

Some secrets are revealed, others just buried deeper.Gold contemplates the nature of truth. Meanwhile, Belle gets a little help from her friends.


Things had been going relatively smoothly, considering Thaddeus was 40 year old man whose 18 year old lover was carrying his illegitimate child. A child he intended to keep for his own, but had not had the courage to face Belle’s inevitable refusal by asking. A child he had felt flex and kick while her mother rode him vigorously on a chair or a cot.

He was lying to his lover, the mother of his future daughter. He was lying to his son, the best friend of said lover. If he really thought about it too long, he was probably lying to himself. About… a lot of things. He had gotten too good at lying, with so much practice over the years. Because it was always so easy to convince himself they weren’t really lies. Just another interpretation of the truth.

He was fulfilling his deal with Belle by finding a safe, loving home for the baby. Neal didn’t even know he was handling the case, as it were, and had never directly asked. And sleeping with Belle, repeatedly, in almost every position he had been able to imagine… well, as long as no words were spoken between them, it felt as much like truth as anything ever had.

He could ignore the way his heart took off at a gallop at the very mention of her name, at spotting her auburn curls halfway down the street. He could excuse the ridiculous notion of drawing her close, inhaling the sweet scent of her hair, just for the simple pleasure of feeling her in his arms. Lust was a powerful drug, after all. And he had been in its thrall at least once before.

This was nothing more than that. And if he enjoyed the way her eyes would sparkle when she got lost in a tangent of storytelling… who wouldn’t want to see that dreamy look on such a lovely face, really? Who wouldn’t want to know that the mother of their child was as clever and kind as she was beautiful?

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