40 wolves

Fun Fact: We all know about Vlad the Impaler who gave rise to our “Dracula” but who is a hero in Romania for his defense of Christianity against Islam. However, the Carpathian Mountains are the source of a much older and deeper fear. These mountains were the home to 40% of Europe’s wolves and nasty big wolves they were. As European civilization moved eastward these dark, frequently misty mountains were in the way. The peasantry of Eastern Europe has a culture memory of these frightening man-eating wolf packs which comes down to us in folk stories and fairy tales. It was not uncommon to see a victim with his throat torn out and blood drained. Of course, wolves attacked this way and nothing would empty a body of blood more quickly that a jugular vein ripped out.

I have been alone in the darkness of an Alaskan wilderness which also had these cold moving mists and listened to the mournful howls of the wolves and I can attest to the powerful Jungian race memory of the experience.

Here experience it for yourself. Shut off the lights and listen.