40 lbs lighter


soooo I was feeling a bit bad about myself lately. when I try to lose a few pounds, I get so so hard on myself. but it’s nice to look and see how much progress I’ve made in a span of five years. I need to stop being stupid and realizing how awesome I am!!!!!

 not really a progress photo but I literally found these two pictures next to each other. this made me feel better. I want to take a progress picture of my body tomorrow…… won’t be the best picture I’ve ever taken but it’ll be farther then I was in the green shirt!!!

just the face is different. obviously you don’t see my body in this picture but you can get the idea. i’m about 40 lbs lighter here :)

2015 body low on the left, and lil ol meee today 40 lbs lighter on the right!

pretty crazy to look at and I feel slightly uncomfortable posting this but I’ve worked hard to get back into shape and be comfortable in my own skin and it’s finally culminating in this new self love high. 

love and good vibes to anyone else on their own journey or working on their own transformation, whether it be physical or spiritual or both. you can do it, you really can.