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First Listen: Elvis Costello & The Roots, 'Wise Up Ghost' : NPR

I realize we are only on Day 33 of my 40 Day Countdown to Wise Up Ghost, but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that NPR has the entire album streaming on its website.

The countdown will continue. A week from tomorrow is still the big day when you can buy it, Music Lovers. Or a week from today, if you’re in one of those countries where new music comes out on Mondays. Or if you’re one of the lucky ones* getting the Deluxe Edition that comes with your ticket to next Monday’s concert at Brooklyn Bowl.

(*yes, I am one of the lucky ones!)



In the 40 days leading up to the release of the new Elvis Costello & The Roots album, Wise Up Ghost, I decided I would revisit Elvis Costello’s entire body of work, starting with his “pre-professional” early demo recordings and continuing all the way up to the present.  

It’s not 100% complete– there are, believe it or not, lots of little things I skipped over or failed to mention– but each major Costello album gets its own day in the spotlight and I also devoted days to some lesser known things that you may or may not have even heard of, things that I thought were worth exploring.

If you’re looking for a “best-to-worst” style ranking, look elsewhere. This is a celebration of a great career that is still very much in-progress, and I personally think the Internet is already filled with plenty of poisonous articles where people pick away and criticize stuff that they themselves would never be able to achieve in a dozen lifetimes. I think it’s possible to be positive about something and still be interesting, and I hope that these posts bear that out. Certainly, I have found Elvis Costello’s boundless enthusiasm for music to be an inspiration, and I hope that what I’ve written over the course of this project has a similar effect on anyone who reads it. 


DAY 42: “Tender Moment”

Believe it or not, there is a a new Elvis Costello record today that has nothing to do with Wise Up Ghost.

This is a song by Steve Nieve from his upcoming album, ToGetHer, due October 8th. It also features a song they wrote together called “You Lie Sweetly,” which on the album is sung by Sting.

You didn’t expect me to quit cold turkey, did you? I don’t know how to not do these posts anymore.

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