40 days of days


I don’t remember my first laugh, but I know that making people laugh was my way in. It was just what I was good at early on, and I went with it. Like a lot of people say, “Oh, I developed a sense of humor to traverse the world socially” — which is a word I definitely use, traverse. 

Happy 39th Birthday, Andrew David Samberg! (August 18, 1978)


I was doing my usual clinic escort work this morning. The anti-choicers are getting doubly aggressive for their “40 Days for Life” season. It was intense trying to be a supportive wall for patients as these people try to shame and harass them with guilt and misinformation. They also feel comfortable with hitting us and then complain to the clinic that we are intimidating and violent.

Today my friend was assaulted by an anti-choice protester. We’ve been hit by these people before so she went to take pictures of their license plates. We can’t engage with them other than tell them to back off and leave the patients alone, but the least we can do is take down their info. When my friend took the picture, this protester actively tried to pepper spray her in the face. Thankfully she missed my friend’s eyes. The spray got her hair and the side of her face instead. Still, the spray burned our noses and throats. It eventually started to greatly irritate and sting her skin. We called the police and of course the protester tried to lie to them and say we pushed and hit her. Unfortunately for her, there were too many witnesses who saw these “Pro-lifers” hit us and pepper sprayed a girl without provocation. The police even saw how much spray she used to assault my friend after she was forced to surrender the weapon. This lady was quickly handcuffed and taken to the patrol car.

It’s been a pretty busy morning.


I like that, in the mornings, I can wake up, take my dog, and go grab coffee and a bagel, then bring back a box to my wife. I like that. I don’t want anything else or need anything. I have a great wife and a great life.

Happy 31st Birthday, Armand Douglas “Armie” Hammer! (August 28, 1986)

Science Dad™ Tony Stark will always be a fav. He, along with babes Peter Parker and Harley Keener, make the perfect lil’ family.

Give me Tony Stark who donates new lab tech to Peter’s school after he makes an off-handed comment about how the lab tech at his school is out of date (he does this anonymously, but Peter figures it out relatively quickly).

Give me Tony Stark who goes to Peter’s school as a surprise and sits with him during lunch while entertaining Peter and his friends with funny stories about his days at MIT with his best friend, Rhodey.

Give me Tony Stark who sends Harley some fancy new tech (cellphone, tablet, a mini Dum-E, etc) every year on the anniversary of when they met (every note is signed, The Mechanic).

Give me Tony Stark who creates alibis for Peter when he has to run off and save the day and who greets Peter after a fight with medical care (he lets Peter sleep in his lab, it’s the only time he won’t blast his music).

Give me Tony Stark who provides verbal guidance (either over the phone or via hologram or webcam) for Harley while he works on a piece of tech to enter into his school’s Science Fair (and Tony sending him an upgraded potato gun when he wins).

Give me Tony Stark introducing Peter to Harley and actually have to sit down while they get to know each other because he is, for several moments, overwhelmed by the fatherly like care he has for Peter and Harley (he will probably never marry and have kids of his own, so this is as close as he can get).

Give me Tony Stark who invites Peter and Harley into his personal lab so he can get their opinions on the new schematics for his arc reactor for clean energy (he even has FRIDAY take down their suggestions and ends up altering the design because, hey, these kids are really freakin’ smart!).

Give me Tony Stark who, together with Peter, tries to create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich (calculating the right amount of butter and cheese) while Harley sits in the background eating the rejects (Tony stops him before he can eat his fifth because he’ll ruin his appetite for ~dinner~).

Give me Tony Stark who designs a mini gauntlet for Harley so he can use it’s stunning ability to aid other kids when they are being bullied (he designs it similar to his watch, but let bulky and hot rod red).

Give me Tony Stark who keeps Peter’s old costume framed in his workshop because he knows it’s something to be proud of (plus, Peter was gonna’ throw it away and Tony wasn’t having that). 

Give me Tony Stark who opens two separate accounts for Harley and Peter so they and their families will be taken care if anything happens to him (he doesn’t tell them, of course, because he doesn’t want to worry them but the possibility will always be there).

Give me Tony Stark who doesn’t censor his mouth around Harley and Peter because “if you can take on some scary as shit baddies, then you’re allowed to fucking curse!” (Harley is yelling “Hell yeah!” and “Shit, Tony’s right!” in the background).

Give me Tony Stark who passes on one of his class rings to Peter when he graduates high school (because Tony knew Peter would graduate a year or so before his classmates).

Give me Tony Stark who lets Harley help him take apart and rebuild one of his classic sports cars (the one Harley has been gushing over) for the hell of it (and not tell Harley that the car is now under his name).

Give me Tony Stark who finally gives in to Peter’s and Harley’s nagging and ends sitting in the middle of his couch with Peter on one side and Harley on the other as they watch Big Hero 6 (Tony doesn’t comment when both fall asleep just before the movie is over and he doesn’t move. He pities his father for never having this.)

I love these!

  • someone: it's october 1st-
  • me: yes this is a very special time for me, an emotional month full of beginnings...
  • them: what
  • me: ...21 days until the anniversary of RED. 23 days until the anniversary of debut. 24 days until the anniversary of Speak Now...
  • them: ...
  • me: ...26 days until the anniversary of 1989. 40 DAYS UNTIL THE RELEASE OF REPUTATION. 41 days until the anniversary of fearless...
  • them: *has walked away*
  • me: ...73 days until the birthday of taylor alison swift: singer, songwriter, musician...