40 book challenge


40 books tower challenge!

@readaroundtherosie tagged me in her I dare you-video to build a booktower out of maximum 40 books, and I used 40! It stood for quite some time before falling down and terrifying me because by then I had faith in it…

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40-Book Tower Challenge!

@mariethelibrarian tagged me to try to build a book tower out of a maximum of 40 books. And would you LOOK AT THAT, I managed the full 40! And it didn’t even fall down. :D

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Book 6/40 - Unwind

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

After reading the Hunger Games trilogy and loving them so much i was looking for something similar to feed my want for more and in this case i was not disappointed!

Unwind is set two generations in the future where, after a pro-life / pro-death war, a compromise has been set up whereby rather than aborting a child while in the womb the parents can have their child “unwound” when they become a teenager. When a child is unwound it means they are completely taken apart and all of their parts - their organs, limbs, blood etc. - are used like a kind of forced organ donation register. The story follows three teenagers who have all been registered to be unwound but have managed to escape. We follow them on the run from the juvey cops as they try to survive to 18 when they will no longer have to be unwound.

The book was extremely absorbing and read the entire thing in one hit. There are quite a few similarities to The Hunger Games but not so much as to stop it standing as it’s own book and own story. The very idea of the book is extremely chilling and all too possible. The characters have real depth and you find yourself loving the ones Shusterman wants you to love and hating the ones he wants you to hate. There were a number of twists and turns in the plot (although a couple were somewhat predictable) and there is one part in the book that some people find so disturbing that it ruins the book for them. Personally, although it was pretty unnerving i feel it was completely necessary and didn’t take away from the book at all for me. The pace was quick and the style was easy to read. If you loved The Hunger Games then you’ll love this book, i definitely recommend it.

I give it 8/10

Also i’ve decided to challenge myself to try and read 40 books this year instead of 25 seeing as i’ve read 6 books in less than a month already.